8 Reasons why I love and hate PlayStation Plus

Ben Salter of MMGN: I only recently got PlayStation Plus. Already I find myself tormented over both loving and hating the concept. On one hand, it feels like it should be great value, but I’ll only be able to judge that after a full year. On the other, I don’t own anything, and if I already have many of the discounted games, what am I paying for?

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cloud4951882d ago

I definitely agree with all the points made in the article.
I've been wary of the stuff I buy on the PS Store just in case it becomes free on Plus.
But Plus is such an amazing value. Sleeping Dogs released in August of 2012 and now it's free on PS plus (For EU at least)
I've been very happy with my PS Plus Subscription so far.

sinncross1882d ago

Everything he hates about PS Plus is stuff everyone would naturally consider before getting it (I would think).

they arent that bid a deal... i knew the 'risks' when I joined and do not egret my decision one bit.

xursz1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

Day one member here. The magic of PS+ for me is that I get so much stuff but I only try about 80% of it. I only ever play to the full extent less than half those games. The sub for that much content is worth it. The convenience of cloud saving and auto updates, plus huge discounts throughout the year makes the whole package a win. A lot of the discounts on Plus are often too good not to be taken advantage of.

And I don't really care if a game I already own goes free on ps+, because there's guaranteed to be much more available that I don't have but thought about getting at one time.

nukeitall1882d ago

I think this PS Plus is unbelievable value, but it also undermines the industry.

If you hate used game sales, this is way more damaging. Why you ask?

a) because it actually serves to lower interest in purchasing new games

b) it monopolizes users time i.e. they start playing cheap games that are almost free instead of playing high quality games

This might be a new business model for games in the future. Rolling out mediocre cheap games, that eventually get licensed to PS Plus.

That said, PS+ has great quality with the type of games they released recently.

YoungPlex1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

"I’m never going to buy a game on PlayStation 3 again. Especially digital games, assuming they’ll roll onto PlayStation Plus eventually. If I really want something now, I’ll buy it on another platform, and play it on PS3 or Vita later."

I don't totally agree with this however, he does make a good point. I only recently have had a chance to take advantage of PS Plus and am already regretting some of my purchases that I made earlier this month. I recently picked up Platinum's game Vanquish on PS3 and no sooner than a few weeks later it happens to be free on PS Plus, which kind of pissed me off because I had no clue they were putting it out for free; same thing happened with LBP2 and DarkSiders. Don't get me wrong I'm really liking it because of the free stuff, but I wish they would let you know ahead of time, at least a month, as to what they will be releasing. I'm just going to be a little more cautious as to what I purchase, be new, used and digital, from now on. I'm still buying Last of Us and GOW day one and really don't care if it's free 6 months down the line, those games will be epic and I ain't waiting.

Ultr1882d ago

on the other hand I bought Vanquish on release day.
Now I get it digitally, I think that is uber cool.

If you did not get it on releaseday, you already payed only a small amount of money and you get it phisical.
Same with darksiders, Just cause, infamous, lbp
Love to have em digital now :)

miyamoto1882d ago

Nothing lasts forever
play them affordable PS+ games as long as you live

Fyflin1882d ago

PS+ is fantastic value but I have to admit, I spend a hell of a lot less on the store than I used to! There's always a chance that a certain game will be free at some point so I deliberately hold off for a while.

I definitely agree with the point made about hard drive space too, it's a pain having to juggle games (especially on the Vita). First world problems I guess.

Redempteur1882d ago

I don't care if a game get affordable on PSN+ later ...if it's game i really want to play i'd buy it day one because i'm not waiting 9 or more months before it gets PSN+ available.

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