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Last week, the Playstation 4 was announced with some exciting promises for the next generation of consoles. However, the recent unveiling leaves Nintendo in an awkward position. Find out with Retry Quit if the Wii U risks becoming irrelevant.

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LOL_WUT2035d ago

"Nintendo remarketed the Wii U to a more gamer-centric audience. The problem was that there was just not enough software to keep the hardcore interested, and the increase in technical specifications came only to match the current generation of hardware."

Good read ;)

PopRocks3592035d ago

Stick to commenting on Sony articles. You'll lose less bubbles that way.

Anyway, the Wii U, if anything is an "in between" console as far as specs go. Criterion already proved the platform is stronger than the previous generation of consoles. By just how much, who can say?

I have no fantasies about it being on par with PS4, the latter has four times the RAM among a souped up GPU/CPU that effectively make it easy to develop games on. However, suggesting that the Wii U is just another 360 because of that is ludicrous at this point.

Wii U can punch out some good looking games, it just doesn't have the same graphical potential as the PS4.

DivineAssault 2034d ago

dreamcast was "in between" too & look what happened.. If publishers start throwing in the towel for em, they will find themselves in a pretty bad situation.. I just hope wii u can handle down scaled nx multiplats (if they even get em).. If it cant, then they will have a difficult time getting good AAA games.. Relying on 1st party again

Qrphe2034d ago


The DC was definitely not in-between. There are some multiplats that ran better on DC than they did on PS2 on the early years.

Link0792034d ago (Edited 2034d ago )

wiiu cpu has ibm edram as level 2 catch IS CUTTING EDGE TECH its the future of IBM cores and wiiu LEADS THE WAY its top secret tech its stuff nintendo and ibm seem to want to protect

THE 32MB EDRAM alone has over 140gb bandwidth that is 4.5 x xbox 360 and its 3.2 x bigger also NOT NEXT GEN LOL xbox 720 edram is rated at 100GB bandwidth LOL AT WIIU WEAK XBOX STRONG SEE MY POINT THEY MAKE IT ALL UP TO SUIT THERE MS AND SONY WORSHIP CLEAR FANBOYING

The 2 main things for power in modern chips are Bandwidth RAM and features,the wiiu smashes the 720 in both,even ps4 with 174GB of bandwidth on its gpu fails to come close to wiiu in this area which is one of the main factors for powerful graphics.

32mb 140gb plus,, 3mb edram say 512bit bus 35gb plus,,,sram could be anything 20 to 50 gb whatever theres easily 200gb of fast ram on that custom gpu ,it wouldnt be there DOING NOTHING expensive ram is used to push POWERFUL PROCESSORS VERY HARD

retryquit2035d ago


Nintendo really have some work to do if they want to keep up!


Link0792034d ago (Edited 2034d ago )

Microsoft have more like because the wiiu gpgpu has over 200GB of fast bandwidth ram and thats just the 70% that we know of,ps4 has 174GB less than wiiu but still 74GB more than 720.

Genuine-User2034d ago

And you have no idea of what you're talking about. Lol

xursz2034d ago

Don't know if I should bubble for Funny or Trolling. Tough call.

At this rate if Nintendo doesn't pull an ace from their sleeve they will eventually lose all third party support. And I hope this doesn't happen but it's going to take more than a few good games to secure a leisurely spot in the market. Decade old Zelda port and incredibly niche Pikmin isn't going to do. I do have high hopes for Monolithsoft's RPG game, though.

ssb31732035d ago

In my opinion, it may be a bit soon to count the Wii U out. I want to see what both Nintendo and Sony have at E3 before I judge for myself. Personally, I quite like the Wii U. It's fun and had some really good games coming out for it such as Zelda and Lego City. The Wii U may not be as strong as the PS4 or the next Xbox, but as long as it has great Nintendo games then i'd be very happy with my purchase. However that said, I would rather if Nintendo created a few more new IPs this gen. Not only that, but they should advertise the console more as it's been ages since I have seen a Wii U advert on TV.

E3 will be interesting, all the big 3 have to perform amazingly as the competition this year will be fierce. I look forward to seeing what Nintendo and Sony come out with.

retryquit2035d ago

Definitely not saying the Wii U is out of the game just yet. But when you look at the Playstation 4 and some of the great functionality it's touting, then compare that to the Wii U... well, it shows how much foresight Sony has put into make the PS4 future-proof, at least for the next 5-8 years.

More than before, it has to be about the games for the Wii U to keep people interested.

I totally agree with your point that Nintendo needs to get a bit more creative with some new IPs. Mario can't wave the flag forever.

BenRage32034d ago (Edited 2034d ago )

I like to use the 3DS as the analogy. It's under powered compared to the Vita, yet it's selling better. Nintendo doesn't need to have be on par with the graphical capabilities of the PS4 or the nexbox in order to be successful. It will always come down to games and Nintendo will deliver like they always do. It's just a matter of time before some of the big guns from Nintendo's arsenal get released. I do agree with you, Wii U needs some new ip's, but 3DS has been getting a ton of them, so maybe the Wii U will as well.

mcstorm2034d ago

@ssb3173 I agree that Nintendo need to give us some more IP's on the WiiU but they don't need to be new ones. I want an FZero, StarFox, Pokémon and a few other games we did not see on the Wii to show off what the Console and Nintendo can do.

Nintendo will be fine this gen as they will have the right mix of games to support everyone.

One thing I would like to see Nintendo do is Push Metroid up against Halo and KillZone in terms of the MP and to also try and give us a Game that can match Forza and GT. ( I know the last one is a long shot but seeing what Nintendo can do with some games ide love to see them do a sim).

I am enjoying my WiiU at the moment and I think once the 1st half of this year is over we will see what the big N and the 3rd party's offer.

People are forgetting games like Sonic Allstars, COD BO, Tekken Tag 2 AC and others were all ports of a 360 or PS3 version.

Where when you look at NFS most wanted the developer decided to make a version of the game that can show what the WiiU can do and rather than poring the game they worked on it and so far from the videos ive seen ive been impressed.

I also am enjoying MarioU which for me seems to the hardest 2D Mario Game to date and ZombieU is not your normal FPS game as you have to think about what you do rather then run and gun.

People also need to remember that the last 3 gens have not been successful on how powerful the console is its been on what it offers. The Wii offered something different to the PS3 and 360 so a lot of people got a wii and a 360 or PS3.

The gen before that the PS2 had the lest power but the most appealing games for everyone.

The gen before that was also the same with the PSX. One thing that also helped the sales of the 3 consoles was chipping them to. It was hard to crack the PS3 and even though it has an impact on games sales the console sales will be up because people buy them to get them chipped.

I know quite a few people who got a wii and had them chipped but don't know anyone with a chipped PS3 and very few with a chipped 360.

Fan boys will always back there console because that's what they do but for me I want Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo to all do well again this gen because for me all 3 have pushed each other over the past 6 and 7 years to try and out do each other and offer some of the best games we have ever played.

Mr_Writer852034d ago

The ONLY reason the Wii sold well was because they sold out the hardcore.

The Gamecube had MUCH better games then the Wii, so why didnt that sell the same numbers?

Because the hardcore left Nintendo for consoles with better games. Which the PS2 had, and you can't deny that.

So Nintendo went with a gimmick to tap into a new market. It worked fair play to them, but at the same time they soldout the loyal fans.

They tried it again witht the WiiU, but the casuals dont 'get' the WiiU like they did the Wii. When people bought the Wii they bought it because kids could play it, and they could join in. Along with other gimmicks like the balance board.

But none of them care about the WiiU hence why the WiiU isnt doing that well.

They have lost the grip on the casuals, and have turned to the hardcore again. The problem is, the hardcore Nintendo fan population is even smaller then it was back in the day of the GC.

mcstorm2034d ago

I have to disagree. The WiiU has sold more than the PS3 and 360 in its 1st 3 months. There are no new games out for it at the moment and people know the 1st 6 months of a new console (Apart from the Wii) sales are slow.

If the GameCube did not have better games than the PS2 that is my point. The N64 and GameCube were not really supported by the 3rd party's and this is why sales were low. It was the Same with the Xbox.

Nintendo looked at the market and knew they could not go toe to toe with Sony and MS with the Wii so took it in a different direction and it worked for them. The had some of the best core games as well as a lot of none core easy pick up and play games.

This is why MS brought Kinect and Sony gave us Move because they wanted a peace of Nintendo's market. Sony flopped in that way because it was to complex for the none core to use the Move yet Kinect was simple and games Like Dance Central were the new Rock Band as well as Kinect sport a step up from Wii Sports.

Sony dropped a lot of things last gen from what they put in the PS3 hardware to losing 3rd party support on big names like GTA.

It did force them to look at what they are doing and give us some amazing games like LBP, KZ, UC but other games like LBP Karting, PSASBR were not at the quality of Super smash bros and Mario Kart.

This time round sony are going in hard and I am glad they are as it will force Nintendo and Microsoft to also go in hard and as a gamer not a fan boy that's a big + for me as I will own a PS4, WiiU and Next xbox just like I had a 360, PS3 and Wii this gen.

The WiiU will not sell as many as the Wii did but I see all 3 having close number at the end of this gen. Who sells more im not sure but it wont be as big of a gap this time round as it has been with the last 3 gens.

xursz2034d ago (Edited 2034d ago )

@ssb3173 I'm scratching my head wondering why you got that amount of disagrees. I agree with you 150%.

+well said for logical non bias opinion. We don't get enough of that around here.

Just to add, I would love to see Nintendo put some confidence in new unique IPs. It's honestly my main gripe with their business plan right now. I know they must have the talent to do so but they need to show gamers they want our money. We already played Mario Kart, Super Smash Brothers, and Zelda on all of our old systems. And like my earlier comment said, I have high hopes for Monolith's ARPG but if I'm not mistaken that's a second party studio so these deals only go so far.

*edit: I'm liking mcstorm's thoughts about Nintendo pushing hardcore MP. Although third parties would easily be able to fill the hole for the racing genre (albeit not as well as first party studios of Sony or MS).

Bumpmapping2035d ago

Wii U the lost the graphical war but Nintendo does have some great titles coming out lot more to announce.Nintendo gonna have to kick it in full gear by E3 keep gamers interested in it this year.

Link0792034d ago

The graphic war hasn't even began ps4 graphics could pass for ps3 from what i saw.

Tito082034d ago

While Wii was nothing more than a Gamecube with Motion controls!

CalibriSerif2034d ago

i would really like to read the article but the background color and the white text really is uncomfortable to my eyes. I hope its just me.

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