Grandma Kicks The Crap Out Of Kinect

Super PolyPixel - “Whoo! Yeah! Yeah! Whoo!” are the intense words this grandma spouts as she plays Kinect Kickball. She really is quite physically active for an 80-year-old. I thought she might bite it at about 18 seconds in and land hard on that coffee table. Watch the video and see what happens. Whoo! Yeah! – I’m going to be saying that while karate chopping everything today.

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Muffins12231252d ago

See this the audience Microsoft is going after...

The_Infected1251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

The guy on the left at the 3 seconds mark. Seriously does MS not see how stupid this looks! It's stupid and makes everyone look like monkeys. I just wish they'd drop Kinext for next gen.

3-4-51251d ago

How don't these companies understand that using motion in games is a CHORE. We don't want to do chores or have to work....we want to relax and be mentally stimulated and delighted by all the great music, cool art styles and amazing gameplay.

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omi25p1251d ago

Yeah i see a happy family being together and a elderly women having fun and exercising.

Microsoft is pure EVIL.

All i hope is microsoft can combine this with more CORE new exclusives ips. Then i will be a very happy omi.

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DeadSpaced1252d ago

It's great that people of all ages can play games suited to them. However, I found myself very concerned for her health..

StrongMan1251d ago

This is who MS abandoned us hardcore gamers for. Take a long hard look at this and think about it.

Count1251d ago

It is silly to try and distinguish yourself as anything more than simply a gamer.

omi25p1251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

Right now id rather be a member of that family than a miserable person on a website complaining about the family having the ability to play on the 360.

I love the fact i can sit and play core games like Crysis 3, halo 4, Dead Space 3 and more. Then be able to play with all the family and look dumb.

Gaming isn't just about being alone in a dark room anymore (I prefer the core games BTW)

fOrlOnhOpe571251d ago

Bet she's down for day one for the Nextbox lol

onyoursistersback1251d ago

Lol....she will stand in line next to the Xbox fan boys, come launch Day!!!

MasterCornholio1251d ago

Better watch out shes a real kicker.


just-joe1251d ago

Grandma's off her meds again.

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