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Rumor: Uncharted 3 multiplayer going free-to-play

GE: "Uncharted 3's multiplayer appears to be heading down the free-to-play path." (PS3, Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception)

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Godchild1020  +   634d ago
Sony did say they were moving to a free to play mode with some of there games.
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Abash  +   634d ago
Yeah, this is part of their long-term strategy with the PS3 after the PS4 is out
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kingfetish17  +   634d ago
Haven't played UC3 MP for months. Can't wait for TLoU MP!
CalvinKlein  +   634d ago
this would be great I wanted to buy uncharted 3 just for the multiplayer. I liked uncharted 2 multiplayer alot.
Godchild1020  +   634d ago
A free to play Model with some of their games. Corrected my mistakes.
Root  +   634d ago
So this could be the Uncharted surprise....the one which has been hyped up for ages. Sorry but if it's true that's lame...well for people who got hyped over the announcement anyway.

I was expecting something less...predictable
-Alpha  +   634d ago
It is. It was up on the PSBlog, I saw it, but I think they took that part down (probably waiting for ND to announce it first).

The game is so tricked out for the F2P model, so it makes perfect sense
ritsuka666  +   634d ago
Free is a bad for consumer now? lol only on N4G.Anyway, F2P mode is future for both Pc and consoles games.
BoNeSaW23  +   633d ago
No. F2P PC gaming will not last long with the high piracy rate or will die in favor of P2W.

Console F2P secures future purchases of the IP franchise and/or brand.
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Bladesfist  +   633d ago
Yes the piracy rate on free games is crazy... I really hope you are trolling BoNE because that is the dumbest comment I have seen in a long time.
DirtyLary  +   633d ago
He's saying F2P is the future DUE to piracy killing games.
r21  +   634d ago
Cool, cant wait :D
DarkBlood  +   634d ago
so wait how does this work do we get access to the goty edition maps and the works?

im trying to figure out if thats the case would i get access to those extras with my regular copy?
StrongMan  +   634d ago
How can you not respect Sony. Only Sony lets you play the multi player portion of AAA 92 Metascore rated games for free.
-Alpha  +   634d ago
Uncharted 3 has a lot of DLC that they will continue to charge for, F2P opens up that revenue potential significantly. Just business.
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SheenuTheLegend  +   634d ago
it deserves much more money than any other multiplayer out there....
just a few bug fixes n believe me kitty nothing is better than this
HammadTheBeast  +   634d ago
Killzone 3 MP however has every map and mode. Except Lvl 10 is the cap.
SJPFTW  +   633d ago
Because barely anyone plays UC3 and KZ3 multiplayer. Probably not even in the top 10 most played games on PSN. Free to play is attempt to keep them alive.
SDF Repellent  +   633d ago
Strongman, you work for Sony or something? Everything coming from you is like an Obama's speech. I have All the Uncharted and sadly, hardly anyone is playing on the server, so why not give it for free. I do praise Sony for that though as I have really enjoy my time for the DC Universe game, which is also free.
Silly gameAr  +   634d ago
I kind of suspected it.
BLKxSEPTEMBER  +   634d ago
Blah...U3 MP was lame and felt like a third person cod with all the perks and crap.U2 MP was much better.
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EbeneezerGoode  +   633d ago
AGREE!!!!!!! I played loads of UC2 MP but just didn't get into UC3 MP. Shame I used my online code to even activate it (then sold the game for less because of that).

The online pass was totally pointless if they are going to give it FREE to everyone now!? W*****S
Ultr  +   633d ago
Disagree, I played U3 a lot more because its more fun

be happy man, its not like they are taking something away from you, they just give it to others. be happy for them
EbeneezerGoode  +   633d ago
@ultr _ I don't care either way about the free MP, I just don't like online passes, is that OK with you? :)
Root  +   633d ago
So true

Gimmicks RUINED Uncharted 3

U2 was more about skill

They need to change this in Uncharted 4, put a focus on the classic playlist.
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BLKxSEPTEMBER  +   633d ago
nigelp520  +   634d ago
I enjoyed Uncharted 2 better than 3 honestly. I cant even finish it.
BattleAxe  +   634d ago
I agree, although I did finish Uncharted 3. The pacing of Uncharted 2's multiplayer was much more enjoyable also in my opinion.
nigelp520  +   633d ago
Do people still play?
LOGICWINS  +   633d ago
I didn't finish Uncharted 3 either. I had no desire to do so. UC2 was incredible single playerwise though. As far as multiplayer, I liked Uncharted 3 better. Guns felt like they had more umph and sprinting makes a HUGE difference.
EbeneezerGoode  +   633d ago
Definitely agree. I did finish 3 cos I like to finish all the uncharteds (as one of my favourite series on PS3), but it was so linear and focussed on set pieces vs 2 which was epic and beautiful to look at. It already looked 'next gen' at the end of 2 when you were fighting your way out of the tree place along those golden stone platforms (nice DOF there)...

3 was good, great in places (the ship in the rain, the water jetties etc) but far too much of it took control from the player's hands for the sake of 'look at this flash cinematic' - essentially it took my least favourite parts of UC2 and ramped them up for 3 when I'd hoped for a return more to Uncharted 1's self - pacing and exploratory style.

I hope UC4 on PS4 goes back somewhere between 1 and 2 to nail it, because if goes more like 3 that would be a sad thing. That stuff like walking through gaps in the wall.. slooowly.. in 3 etc? was made to 'look good' but NOT play good and I hate that!!!

I remember at first not liking 2 as much as 1 as I felt it had shifted too much emphasis onto gunplay over exploring but I finally came to love it as it had a good balance and pacing, and the shooting was actually very fun and addictive. 3 Didn't feel anywhere near as good - exploring nor gunplay - felt rushed, while the set pieces were ramped up.. the whole 'am dizzy/drugged' sequence went on far too long, as did the rooftop chase and prologue, as did the ending with everything collapsing - more that it was barely interactive.

I found they took more control away from the player for the sake of presenting a movie like story and that is never good imo, I prefer to make my own memories as much as possible not sit there with my controller on my lap - useless - watching some dev's fantasy play out on screen... GIVE ME CONTROL, that is why I bought a GAME not a FILM!! :)
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Skate-AK  +   633d ago
This is what i thought when they said they had a big announcement.
Canary  +   633d ago
Wait, since when did Uncharted make people pay for online? I don't remember that all in U2.
Godchild1020  +   633d ago
You had to purchase the game to play the MP. On Tuesday you will be able o download th online portion of the game for free.
Canary  +   633d ago
Well... that kind of makes sense. Of course you have to pay for the game in order to play the game.

So this means, what, they'll just be offering the MP side of the game off the PSN for free as a kind of demo?
ironmonkey  +   633d ago
Ill get it since i lost my activation code and you have to pay 9 bucks to get one. I use to dominate the mp but now its full mexicans playing. Not being racist but the majority of people on it are mexicans and its hard to communicate.

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