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Submitted by GoldenElf 1084d ago | opinion piece

Did Sony Announce PlayStation 4 Prematurely?

Tynan Muddle at writes: "Sony thrilled and excited many gaming fans last week when they finally took the covers off their upcoming console, PlayStation 4.

I just can’t stop asking myself: why?" (PS4, Sony)

Knight_Crawler  +   1084d ago
Yup...scared of what MS has to show with the 720 ;)...Just Jokeing.

But this not Sony's style to be the first to announce a console - makes you wonder why the sudden change in strategy.

I also think this is good for MS because they do not have to rush this gen and they also get to see what they are up against which IMHO is going to be hard to beat because Sony showed some exciting stuff and games at the PS4 conference.

Edit: @ Dylia..totally agree and wish I could get my hands on a PS4 right now.

Never bought a console at launch but that will change this year.
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Dylila  +   1084d ago
no. the ps4 should be on sale now and cant release soon enough
deadpoole  +   1084d ago
Sony's Playstation Brand has always been and will be about delivering top-notch, jaw dropping and innovative gaming experience. Their goals are defined, clear of any doubts and know what their gamerbase (spreadout worldwide) wants and their expectations.

Sony's announcement about PS4 is considered to be at the best time because first of all it is an extremely slow month for game release, nothing new exciting was available or being released therefore PS4 got all the undivided and distraction free attention from gamers, gaming websites, newssites, media etc. on its announcement.
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NewMonday  +   1084d ago
*leaks were coming thick and fast as more developers get dev kits, the only surprise was 8G of ram and even that was rumored. So Sony just acted to get as much hype from the spec news it can before it disseminates.

*Sony going first and showing better specs gives the 720 an impossible task to impress with hardware alone(after the leaks that give the PS4 50% advantage in the GPU, and 8g of slower DDR3 ram with only 5g available for developers on the Durango) , now they will have to show their hand.

*Sony stopped the negative speculation about locking used games.

*using Blow as a poster boy, Sony gave a big call to developers to show what they got in the upcoming GDC
Diver  +   1084d ago
These high school kids with websites should shut up. After all the crying about next gen taking too long peeps write this? Enough already.
badz149  +   1084d ago

seriously? that's the best you can come out with?

they are aiming for holiday 2013 release so how is a February reveal in any way "premature"??

wanna talk premature? Wii U reveal was premature! a full year and a half reveal before release and a bit of spec release just a couple of months before the release itself! THAT was premature and THIS is not!
Mounce  +   1083d ago
I think by these kind of questions...

Vita was released prematurely.

If Vita was released say, NOW....with PS4 hype and integration of PS4, then people would buy Vita now and wait just the 9/10 months for the PS4.
greenpowerz  +   1084d ago
Sony didn't show us anything. They simply boasted specs they want after changing old ones and slapped together some demos running on PC with the new PS4 target specs.
ThatXboxGuy  +   1084d ago
You sound scared
Qrphe  +   1084d ago
>being this mad

You're even arguing against facts at this point
majiebeast  +   1084d ago
Greenpowerz is a very insecure little boy dont mind him. That is why he is in every Playstation 4 article. He is actually Aaron Greenberg.
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2pacalypsenow  +   1084d ago
So the hardware specs basically the Ps4 and a few games 1 that was on Pc with ps4 specs was nothing?? right......
Karpetburnz  +   1084d ago
You butthurt?

please fill out this butthurt report form.
xursz  +   1084d ago
Can somebody please link me to a legit source which says they were running any of those games on PC?? I keep seeing people say this but they used the same Dualshock4 for all the demos, and I know for a fact they were running PS4 OS because the Guerilla dev uploaded to FB with the share feature.

It was all run on the PS4 development kit as far as I can tell.

*edited typo

edit2: Sony didn't announce first either... I feel like Nintendo deserves some credit here..
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badz149  +   1084d ago
you want link? there are practically NONE because these guys are talking out of their back! they just can't believe PS4 is a very capable machine even with live gameplay!
Gamer1982  +   1084d ago
PS4 announcement wasn't really to show off the games or the power but to let people know they are making it. To appease developers who were dying to talk about it. It was basically a "yeah were making a ps4" while building a massive hype train around it. No doubt there new advertising agency were behind this and its a step in the right direction.
Silly gameAr  +   1084d ago
Man, these types of articles have been popping up all day. First it was "hurry up with the next gen!" Now it's like "was it to premature". Or, "Does anyone know that the PS4 was announced?" "How much attention did it get compared to a freaking iPhone?"

I swear this site makes my head spin.
greenpowerz  +   1084d ago
All day? These articles have been coming out since the day after the reveal.

Seen by some as a desperate move almost admitting both companies know MSFT has the better machine

These are the oringal PS4 specs Sony was going with just weeks ago until A dev the other day admitted Sony changed them to match MSFT's rumored specs.

See how all the other leaked specs match what Sony showed at there reveal except for the upgraded RAM etc.

Something doesn't add up and deep down smart fanboys know this. Sony has a track record for being deceitful with past PlayStation launches
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Silly gameAr  +   1084d ago
Oh, so it only takes a couple of weeks to change the PS4's spec and have it prepared for mass market a couple of months after that. OK, got you.

And, I wasn't talking specs anyway. I tend to avoid those articles. As long as it plays games and does what I want it to, I couldn't care less about Sony's OR MS specs.
ThatXboxGuy  +   1084d ago
Oh yeah, you scared.
DoesUs  +   1084d ago
So your happy to use VGLeaks when it comes to PS4 specs but not when it comes to Durango specs? Gotcha. Because the Durango specs are "old internal docs" and PS4 is about an hour old? Gotcha. Take a good look at them Durango specs, because they're right. Worse mem and worse gpu, and no amount of workarounds (esram) can make up the substantial difference. But hey, keep cashing the MS cheques, clearly they are paying you a small fortune.
Bathyj  +   1084d ago
Man, for someone who doesnt like Playstation you sure do talk about it alot.

You dont even realise that since you love trolling so much that PS4 has already given you hours of entertainment.

And the article I read on Edge said they had at least 4 but they wanted 8. I guess they got want they wanted, and so did all the devs they talked to.

How can you think yourself a gamer and think thats anything but good news?
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StrongMan  +   1084d ago
Nope but they did force MS to scramble franticly to try and match the power and features of the PS4 and announce it in a few weeks.
smashcrashbash  +   1084d ago
Don't answer greenpowerz.He has been droning on and on about how there is no PS4 and it was running on PC and blah blah blah.He has no proof but a bunch of guesses and internet rumors.We heard about the PS4 from the source itself and he would rather listen to the internet ramble on as if they are Sony and know better. The same kind of people that jumped to say Sony's stocks 'plummeted' because it fell 1%. Oh wow that is a puzzler.Here is a thought.Maybe SONY thought that 8 gigs was plenty too or how about the developers they asked thought 8 gigs was a good idea.

Not such a big conspiracy is it.Why did everyone opt to use discs for games after Sony did it.Because it wa a good idea. So what, Sony must do less to satisfy the fanboy crap people keep going on about who is copying who. Who gives a $hit? Sony is using 8 gigabytes of RAM that equals to more RAM for developers to work with. That is a good thing.And you theory that the PS4 does not exist is ruined by the fact that third parties are already going to support it.If Sony didn't have an exact system or time to release it the third parties would never have gone with such a deception. Give me one good reason why Blizzard, the console haters themselves, would go alone with such garbage? Or their investors? Do you think any one of them has time to go alone with such nonsense? If Sony only showed first party or even second party games your insane theory might make a glimmer of sense. But third parties would never go along with a non existent console.They wouldn't have even bothered.
smashcrashbash  +   1084d ago
And to add to it stop with the premature announcement. It was the gaming community who kept on going on about how Sony should get the lead out and announce a new console. You have lost all rights to claim that it was announced too early. You wanted it. You got it.
mochachino  +   1084d ago
DivineAssault  +   1084d ago
nope, perfect timing.. Peoples appetite will grow & word of mouth will grow since the seed has been planted.. (they still have some time to make slight modifications if need be) Then when E3 comes around, everyone will be super pumped & see games/services in even later stages of development.. Then after that, fully polished up great games will be available by holiday time & people will go nutts trying to get it..
Statix  +   1084d ago
Yeah, the timing isn't really that premature, if you look at the history of console announcements. I don't remember exactly, but PS3 was announced, what, 2 years before it actually came out?

Revealing a new console and then launching it ~9 months later is pretty damn quick, actually.
juandren  +   1084d ago
Wtf is it with these Australian websites and the negative PS4 articles?
GoldenElf  +   1084d ago
Read the article and its conclusion.
TheKayle  +   1084d ago
well i think sony should show it ..more close to all the hype will go on MS

the only thing that could happen and be positive for just if ms dont have a powerful console as much ps4 is

if ms console is on par..or maybe another marketing fail for sony....the hype will move just on MS
If r on par.. is already pretty clear it will have more ranged function in his OS....add apps..voice recognitions..cable tvs...a decent music service..kinect to control the interface..etc etc

if ms console is more powerful than the already a gg

if is have to catch up with software....and i mean HARDCORE games
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PS4isKing_82  +   1084d ago
I love all the negative ps4 articles myself actually. It just shows everyone's worried and scared of Sony and ps4. So they have to attack it so fast cause they're really worried they're crappy Xbox is going all causal and leavin them with no games to play. At least they still have kinect tho and xbl fees to keep them entertained lol
xursz  +   1084d ago
Ugh I was kind of with you until you went ahead and smeared crap on xbox. Yes we do have the same 5 trolls in every Playstation 4 article clinging for dear life to any possible negativity they can conjur but who cares? What effect does it really have? Realistically PS4 is aiming to touch 100 million homes and how many of them actually visit gaming websites enough to give a damn about the opinion of a few lifeless trolls? The only thig they're doing is failing to support their own brand by spending way too much time trolling. It's a pathetic, hopeless cause imo. We will all admit that even in PS3's early failings it still managed success with over 75 million established users.

TL;DR - If Sony has learned anything, and unless the console market suddenly falls off a cliff and dies, they will manage to top that easily. And no amount of lifeless trolls can do a thing to stop it. Sorry but that's the truth and I don't care for agrees/disagrees on this comment.
Rip-Ridah  +   1084d ago
@ xursz
Well I don't care WHAT you think about the agrees/disagrees on your...comment. You'll take this agree and like it! Just cuzz I wanna piss you off, take this *Well Said* bubble, too!! SMH!! Some people...I'll tell ya!!
aiBreeze  +   1084d ago
We won't know if it's premature until the xbox announcement and the initial run of sales leading up to Christmas. I think it's a bold move by Sony and I hope they have enough new stuff to show at E3 to keep the spotlight on them.
Statix  +   1084d ago
Maybe they got some inside knowledge that there would be a surprise Xbox 720 announcement pretty soon, and they wanted to beat Microsoft to the punch.
jay2  +   1084d ago
Sony wonf let ms get the jump on ms
insomnium2  +   1084d ago
come again...?
first1NFANTRY  +   1084d ago wanna repeat that again without drooling all over the keyboard?
a_adji  +   1084d ago
No one can call that an announcement of the ps4.

Sony showed concepts, CGI and little actual in game graphics.

Nevertheless it was a good show but you can't announce something that has made no appearance.
vega275  +   1084d ago
IMO yes they did. but they kind of had to. people think it's to get the jump on MS. but that wasn't really the case. i honestly think they had to from their shareholders and try to restore some confidence within the company to try and turn their financial situation around.

sony has been taking loses for the past 5 years straight. their shareholders and consumers are losing faith in them to turn the company around and this was their chance to try and do so.

the system isn't really finalized, the share button looks like a straight gimmick that many will not care about. no B/C for ps3 games as well as PSN games, and some of the games shown was multi-plat games like destiny, squarenix game(which no one said it was exclusive) diablo 3(which will likely be on the x720) watchdog and capcom game shown will also be multi-plat. the only game they had that looked decent was KZ4. everything else was trash or multi-platform
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fOrlOnhOpe57  +   1084d ago
"Oh PS4 , you're such a tease on our first date, but you're so big and strong and muscular" *blushes coyly* lol
sway_z  +   1084d ago
After 7 years of current hardware, it can never be too soon to show PS4 hardware...

Sony showed just enough to get tongues wagging...and the E3 event will be the real revelation.
jgfydsf   1084d ago | Spam
stuntman_mike  +   1084d ago
they have supposedly been working on PS4 for 5 years you would have thought they would have a console to show by now? but we will see all at E3.
SpinalRemains138  +   1084d ago
You're inferring that it doesn't exist because they didn't show it to you.

It exists. In its final stage too. They were being clever is all. They wanted less focus on what it looks like and more focus on what it's for.

Indeed we will see the case in June.
stuntman_mike  +   1084d ago
Have you seen it then?
clintagious650  +   1084d ago
The ps4 announcement event beat every e3 ms has had for the last 3 years & if u ask me why? Its simple. GAMES & when i mean games its games for ALL TYPE GAMERS. Not just kinect games that is focused on casual gamers which is what ms has been focusing on MOST for the passed 3 or 4 years.
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Jdoki  +   1084d ago
I think of the life cycle of a console as being chapters in a book. You have the Intro, chapter 1 and so on.

Sony announcing this now gets the intro out the way - they've effectively freed up two+ hours of E3 time to tell us whats in chapter 1 - which should have a lot more meat to it. Unless MS announce the next Xbox soon they will need to 'lose' at E3 at least 2 hours doing what Sony have already done.

The only misstep Sony could make is if they just rehash the Feb reveal at E3, and lose momentum.

It seems like Sony have planned the PS4 launch with a huge degree of detail, more so than the PS3 launch debacle - so all those armchair experts should just sit back and enjoy it, rather than fish for hits.
sway_z  +   1084d ago
People who were disappointed Sony didn't show the PS4 console at the Sony Event would be saying the total opposite if Sony had shown it in full...they would probably say....

'Why did Sony show everything at the they have nothing to surprise me with at E3 and MS will clean up'.

Some gamers are like cattle, just there to make up the numbers and follow the mass...they have zero understanding of Business or Marketing Strategies...and because they have learned a few buzzwords...suddenly they believe they are the leading authority.

I can understand why some tech savvy PC users are annoyed at this demographic, so long as it has nothing to do with hating because it's a console.
#22 (Edited 1084d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
stefan771  +   1083d ago

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