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Prey 2 May or May Not be Revealed on March 1st, Fans Receiving Screenshots in their Emails

Earlier this month a site popped up online that had a countdown in alien numbers, and was assumed to be Prey 2 related. The website has since been updated with Bethesda and Human Head logos. Subscribers have also reported receiving screenshots from the game in their emails. (Next-Gen, PC, Prey 2, PS3, Xbox 360)

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Summons75  +   922d ago
Hopefully it will. Prey was a great game early in last gen. Great gameplay and puzzles, unique twist to fps's and it was long. Starting to think it got held and turned into a launch game for next gen.
Root  +   922d ago
"Hopefully it will. Prey was a great game early in last gen. Great gameplay and puzzles, unique twist to fps's"

Exactly but after what we've seen this dosen't even look like a Prey game, looks like a new IP

I mean at the end of Prey it said "to be continued" yet we play as a new character...wtf

Hopefully they've changed it so Tommy is the main character again
Summons75  +   922d ago
You can easily directly follow something with a new character. The bounty hunter demo looked great and they said tommy would show up and I was skeptical at first too. However if they did scrap that and are following tommy again it'll be interesting to see how they go about it and what comes back from the original game. I'm interested either way because prey was highly underrated and it was one of my favorite fps games this gen. Though I understand the people complaining about motion sickness with the extreme angle changes but it what made the game great so I hope it comes back.
Root  +   922d ago
Yeah but it's not the same with the old character being a part of the next game as an NPC, I want to play as him, I want the new world to revolve around him not a new character because I know for a fact Tommy will just give you "go fetch it for me" quests when you'll sit their and think "Why don't you do it".

It's Tommy's story not anyone elses. If they want to do new characters how about spin off games for handhelds or maybe comic books.

The problem is the new character in my opinion

In Prey we have a cool native American, we learns to not only care about his needs but others aswell. A native American as a main character...it's not done that often.

In Prey 2 we are supposed to be play as a generic looking, bald space marine bounty hunter.....yawn...boring.

With Tommy at the end of the first Prey, Elhuit comes to him 6 months later and says that despite people on Earth not knowing what he's done, other people have and she wants him to go and meet them...then when he goes through the Portal it says "to be continued" so I'm sure they could easily give Tommy a new threat to face, I mean the universe is massive and theres bound to be a new enemy hiding behind any dark corner of space.
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BuLLDoG909  +   922d ago
you do realize that prey 2 is basically a completely different game to the first is almost every way, shape and form ?, the only similarities are the first person view.

hope this gets released soon, we've been waiting long enough for it.
Tr10wn  +   922d ago
This feels just like Morrowind when they didn't even know when the game was to be release and suddenly they announce a date which was a week or two after the announcement lol
Godchild1020  +   922d ago
What a great way to bring back Prey 2 and release it on next gen hardware. I hope it comes to current gen hardware as well.
azshorty2003  +   922d ago
I really hope this game is still in development. I was very disappointed when it was cancelled.

Although at the same time, I'm a little disappointed to hear it might be more of a direct sequel instead of the Bounty Hunter looking game we saw. But I guess something is better then nothing.
Root  +   922d ago
"Although at the same time, I'm a little disappointed to hear it might be more of a direct sequel instead of the Bounty Hunter looking game we saw."


Where did you hear that...this is fantastic news if true. It did end with a cliff hanger the first one I would love to see it continue.

They should just take that Bounty Hunter idea for a new IP
MrDead  +   922d ago
Awesome. I still love playing this game, I can't think of another FPS like it I hope they expand on the portal and micro gravity play as that’s what set the original apart.
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