Crysis 3 Nanosuit Upgrade Modules Locations Guide

GameDynamo - "In order to get the most out of the game, you'll need to collect as many Nanosuit Upgrade Modules as you can. Heck, you might as well get them all! With that goal in mind, we've devised the following Crysis 3 Nanosuit Upgrade Modules Locations Guide in order to make that task a lot less of a chore."

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HeavenlySnipes1914d ago

Lol a lot of the upgrades are useless. I only unlocked the hacking one, and the 2 stealth upgrades. You're rarely going to need the armor ones if you're playing on Supersoldier because you'll die within seconds in a large firefight

konnerbllb1914d ago

I started the game on supersoldier because I know once I beat it I won't be doing another playthrough.

Yes the more upgrades you get the better on that mode.. and even then it's better to just stay invisible and use the bow rather than risk absorbing damage from every direction.

Deputydon1914d ago

Better question, why do you need a guide anyways? Open your visor and the location pops up on the screen. Simple as that.