GameStop President Tony Bartel Talks PlayStation 4 And Next Gen Consoles

With the Wii U out and the PlayStation 4 confirmed for a holiday launch, the groundwork is being laid for a next gen battle this Christmas. Microsoft, which is rumored to hold its own Xbox Next, or Xbox 720, event this April, should have a new console on shelves this fall as well. Tony Bartel, president of Gamestop, talks about next gen gaming in this exclusive interview.

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jagiii1673d ago

Gamestop is already taking lists for people wanting pre-orders.

danny8181673d ago

Its a list to get news not preorder

BanBrother1673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )


No it's a list to get onto the list to get the news to then have to get onto the list of pre-orders to get the console ;)

P.S: List

HammadTheBeast1673d ago

This guy has such a corporate face.

tigertron1673d ago

In the UK, GAME has already started pre-orders with £20 deposits.

Lucreto1673d ago

Gamestop in Ireland are doing the same.

mistertwoturbo1673d ago

That big girl at 0:27 is really into kinect.

HammadTheBeast1673d ago

They both look like fools...

cedaridge1673d ago

My name is on the list.

Sarobi1673d ago

I traded in an old iPod and a few games and racked up a pretty large sum of GS Credit.. I'm going to try Pre-ordering at least one of the next two consoles (being that I've never ever pre-ordered a console.. so this is all exciting stuff)

YoureINMYWay851673d ago

Ps4 is 1299.99 doesn't play ps3 games...sounds like a great deal

andrewsqual1673d ago

As long as it plays all the PS4 exclusives who cares, will buy it for 1999.99

GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME1673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

it's funny you say that, because even though you were exaggerating, a gaming pc could cost that much and it doesn't play ps3 games, and lots of people buy those.

Virtual_Reality1673d ago

It will play PS3 games through Gaikai.

mistertwoturbo1673d ago

Oh yeah people are going to buy a PS4 specifically to play PS3 games and nothing else.

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PS4isKing_821673d ago

Ill be pre ordering mine from best buy or amazon.

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