The Future Of Gamer Movies

In the last ten years, video games have really taken a turn for the better. And not just because of the enhanced technology, games are gathering respect from all kinds of people. The IP’s have evolved and developed further than anyone imagined they ever could. Some games are so visually stunning and emotionally gripping, that I consider them more like interactive movies. Yet when it comes to transferring a game into a major motion picture, we hesitate slightly and go, “Ehhhhh...”

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NewJersian1942d ago

Before a few not-too bad game movies, they were so bad that even when one wasn't too bad, it didn't have a chance.
This piece is very well written and the style is similar to my own. Also, Mewtwo was a jerk.

YoureINMYWay851942d ago

Film is dead...need to hire new people and teams and "real" gamers to direct them

ApolloTheBoss1942d ago

Only a gamer can make a great gaming movie.

1942d ago