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Xbox 720 Will End RROD Reputation [RealGamerNewz.com Podcast]

In the following episode of RealGamerNewz the crew meets up with a few friends to discuss the next generation of gaming as well as some upcoming titles and the absence of certain other titles from PlayStation 4′s heavyweight debut.

Published on Feb 24, 2013

- Intro
- PS4 Specs + Functionality, DualShock 4 Specs
- Microsoft Xbox 720: When? What? How?
- Will Modern Warfare 4 Compete With Battlefield 4?
- Respawn’s New Title Absent From PS4 Debut
- Destiny Impressions + Info
- Xbox 720 Will End RROD Reputation
- Xbox 720, Kinect 2, DualShock 4, PS4, PS Eye 4
- Virtual Reality: 3D, HD, 4K, 3D Cameras, PS Move (Next-Gen, PS4, Xbox One)

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GraveLord   956d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(6)
StrongMan  +   956d ago
Only time will tell. We'll see.
The_Infected  +   956d ago
They will take the led circle off so you can't see the rings no more. Lol
PFFT  +   956d ago

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MysticStrummer  +   956d ago
New color, new shape... RRoD problem solved!!! :D
SheenuTheLegend  +   956d ago
they patented new color this time
JeffGUNZ  +   956d ago
Can't you even put together ONE grammatically correct sentence?
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Chaostar  +   956d ago
I hope it does, I'm sure MS learned their lesson well.

It's at the beginning of the new consoles life that that very reputation could hurt them most though, as gamers who were burned with RROD steer clear of the next xbox until the coast is clear, so to speak.

Let's hope it doesn't effect sales too badly.
Knight_Crawler  +   956d ago
I think they have and by Sony announcing the PS4 first and maybe releasing it before the 720 just shows that Sony is in the same position that MS was in this gen where they had to release first in order to capture a fanbase - Sony is known for a company to take its time and let the other come out first but why the sudden change? could it be that maybe they know what MS will announce with the 720 or could it be that they are not taken MS lightly next gen and want to strike first.

The 360 has made a name for it self in America and around the world so no need for MS to rush this time...they have loyal fans that will buy the 720 regardless the specs.

Edit: TBH i was one of those people who thought that the 360 was going to be the next Dream Cast and get murdered by Sony - RROD and poor sales of the original Xbox and the dominance that Sony had with the PS2 made it clear that Sony had this gen in the bag, but MS some how managed to take away allot of fanbase from Sony and Sony wants them back so they are going hard at MS next gen.

This console war between MS and Sony always benefits us the gamers and I am excited to see what MS can bring with the 720 because to top what Sony showed they have to bring it.
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Armyntt  +   956d ago
It looks like both consoles are going to be like comparing apples to apples. Both are going to be very similar tech wise. Whats under the hood is going to be basically the same thing from alot of reports. Some reports are saying M$ is upping the RAM to even the field with $ony. Then again alot of the N4G experts are saying on the forums its too late for M$ to do that even though they it last gen. Its all speculation at this point and again its not just the car you drive but how you drive it.
Godmars290  +   956d ago
If this does become about apples to apples, its then going to become about exclusives and accessibility. That means, because of XBL being an extra charge, both are going to go to Sony.

MS will still likely own marketing, but anyone who actually looks at the systems will/should know the difference.
Armyntt  +   956d ago
Regardless ill be buying both day one.
haggishurler  +   956d ago
It is one of the reasons I am buying playstation, that and Sony has better exclusives in my opinion and free multiplayer.
Rageanitus  +   956d ago
Sure there will be no more RROD,but if they keep with the same design principles and using low quality parts, we might have another faultly product.
JeffGUNZ  +   956d ago
You realize the slims have really no issues and the problem has been resolved?
sway_z  +   956d ago
I expect both PS4/NBox to have teething issues...seems the more things do, the more things mess up.
PS4isKing_82  +   956d ago
I read an article earlier that Microsoft has renewed the project gotham racing trademark. So it looks like we'll be seeing a new gen pgr soon. That was one of my fav games on Xbox. Hope the new dev in charge makes a quality product that lives up to the name.
ALLWRONG  +   956d ago
MS already fixed the RROD like 5 years ago
Jek_Porkins  +   956d ago
Didn't the Xbox 260s come out in 2010 and end all that? I love how people are quick to say "What is this 2007?" when people mention the PS3 being doomed, or they act as if the PSN hack was ages ago, yet these people harp on RROD which was really only something really bad in early model 360's from 2005-2007.

Lets turn the page shall we?
StrongMan  +   956d ago
What's an Xbox 260?
Jek_Porkins  +   956d ago
That would be a typo, surprised you wasted your last bubble on that though. Figured you'd want to troll Microsoft some more.
Hicken  +   956d ago
Perhaps if it weren't so frequently glossed over, people might be over it by now. To this day, people STILL downplay just how widespread the RROD was, and how long it went on.

I certainly hope the 720 can get the bad taste of RROD out of people's mouths, but that's frankly gonna tank a couple of years; it was roughly two years before Microsoft had the RROD under acceptable control, so I'll be waiting about that long before I really make my decision.

Do I want one? Sure. And a Wii U, too, right along with a PS4. But I need proven reliability out of Microsoft first.

Edit: @Jek

Who the hell said anything about the PSN hack? How do you find something that hasn't even been discussed here odd? Is there something wrong in your brain? I certainly hope Sony's fixed their security issues; so far, that seems to have been taken care of, and well. And unlike the RROD, it didn't cost ANY of Sony's consumers any money out of pocket.

As for what happened, I don't think other companies would have offered anything as short as a 30-day warranty to start with; do you? Hell, even the cheap electronics you get from the dollar store have 90-day warranties. I wouldn't say there were no CREDIBLE sources for rates, but don't you think it's telling that even Microsoft never divulged the REAL rate of failure?

Much of this goes towards you as well, Jeff, but I'll add some things. For example, why is it that whenever the RROD is brought up, people want to bring up their singular experience as being the majority. Well guess what: knowing multiple people who have been through 3+ 360s is a large part of why I haven't bought one yet.

How many people, especially at the outset, were just told they had to get another system because their 360 was out of warranty? It was, after all, TWO YEARS before they added that extended warranty. We may not have any concrete numbers, but we know it wasn't isolated.

Again, the two of you are seeking to minimalize the impact it had. Just as many have been doing since its start. Just as even Microsoft did by initially denying there even WAS a problem.
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Jek_Porkins  +   956d ago
Microsoft made the first Xbox and it was bulletproof, they made the second Xbox and it had major issues for the first couple of years, Microsoft took a huge loss and added a 3 year warranty for every single Xbox 360. Hell one time my brother spilled water all over his 360, called support and told them it was RROD and sent it back in for free, and got a new Xbox 360 in 10 days.

Realistically the whole RROD thing has gone out of everyones mind with the exception of fanboys from the other camp. The Xbox brand has almost triples since the trouble, and the new Xbox 360s hasn't had any problems.

As for downplaying it, there was never a credible source for actual numbers, doing a random phone survey of 1000 people isn't exactly conclusive. I wonder if any other company would have offered free 3 year warranties?

I just find it odd that you think Microsoft needs to put more time behind this problem (2007) and Sony doesn't need to put more time behind their PSN hack?
JeffGUNZ  +   956d ago
@ Hicken

The reason it wasn't the end all of end alls is simple, Microsoft stepped up, admitted their was a problem, and extended the warranties for 3 years. When my original Xbox 360 RROD, I sent it in, paid NOTHING, and had a brand new xbox, with 3 months free LIVE amd 1600 microsoft points within 10 days. When a company stands behind its product and does stuff like that, people don't really get mad. I had the same 360 since 2007 and recently got a slim just for 250GB HD and a slicker feel. Still use the old 360 for netflix and DVD purposes for my guest bedroom and it works like a gem.
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steve30x  +   956d ago
Nobody knows how many failures the next consoles will have. If they don't design the case for the consoles with enough ventilation to keep the console cool enough then there will be failures.
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tristanwerbe  +   956d ago
Amigaengine  +   956d ago
The more high tech and power hungry they go the more likely they are to fail. Both Xbox and PS have seen issues and imagine both will see failures in the next gen as well.

The RROD thing was awful plain and simple but imo no worse than the early PS2 failures. Went through 3 PS2,2 PS3 and 3 Xbox 360's. So in my eyes neither company is innocent with this crap.

Want something that will last buy Nintendo, gaming machine built by a gaming company.
Upbeat  +   956d ago
Want something that will last buy Nintendo, gaming machine built by a gaming company.

Thats because the wii had grapics my nokia 33-10 used to produce.

Want a real gaming machine ? Buy a PC
Amigaengine  +   956d ago
Always somebody to chime in with the PC argument when this thread is about consoles.

Troll much ?
C-Thunder  +   956d ago
But if they fix it, how will they maintain their sales numbers???


I'm sure neither console will have troubles like the RROD, at least not to that extent, always a chance for electronics to break, but I'm betting they'll be within industry standards.
PFFT  +   956d ago
No console is prefect unfortunately. So yeah there will be defective systems on both sides. Here is hoping its a small margin though.
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yweiuiqwur   956d ago | Spam
InTheLab  +   956d ago
Heh...please. I'm still pissed about the NES blinking and the amount of oxygen I had to blow in those damn cartridges....

Anyway, the media forgave MS almost as soon as it happened, and that's all that matters. I still shake my head whenever one of them jokes about how many 360s they've ran through...as if that s*** is funny. It's not.
SpinalRemains138  +   956d ago
That's because you thought you were blowing oxygen into the cartriges. What you were actually doing was blowing saliva onto the contacts and rotting the contacts of the NES slowly but surely. We all did.
NateCole  +   956d ago
It better. Experience 3 failures but fortunately it was covered. Still really really annoying.
quiddd  +   956d ago
Isn't the RROD a big reason Microsoft got that lead in the first place? Please had to buy a third, fouth and fifthe XBox cause their prior one red ringed. Those still counted for their sales.
tristanwerbe  +   956d ago
Do you even know what your talking about?
quiddd  +   956d ago
Not saying that XBox isnt quality but the older XBox360 was well known for it propensity of breaking down. There were even articles about it. People were on their fourth or fifth XBox360 because of it. That including having a year head start might have contributed to its individual sales numbers.

For example the poster below by the name of kb0 states that he ..."cant go through 8 XBoxes again."
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kB0  +   956d ago
Or they might be switching colors. LOL but seriously they can't screw this up again...I can't go through 8 Xboxes again!

:) still looking forward to owning both consoles!....and hopefully the Wii.U if they get their act together:D
legendof117  +   956d ago
I doubt either console will have free online.
SpinalRemains138  +   956d ago

It will ultimately sell much less because of this, and will be known by its new rep. The tiger petting, dance central, pay for data twice machine.
JeffGUNZ  +   956d ago
Hey, send me the link with the new xbox where you are getting all your data. Oh, that's right, they have no announced it yet. You must be Silvia Brown. Nice to meet you Silvia Brown.

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