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Aliens Colonial Marines Apology from Gearbox this Week

The Facebook petition for Aliens: Colonial Marines claims it has received word from their industry sources that Sega or Gearbox will give out patch details as well as an official apology sometime this week. (Aliens: Colonial Marines, Gearbox Software, PC, PS3, Sega, Xbox 360)

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ApolloTheBoss  +   760d ago
Refunds or GTFO.
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BanBrother  +   760d ago
Refunds will not undo the irrefutable harm done to the Alien canon.

I will accept no less than them developing a time machine, and not just undoing this travesty of a game, but back before Randy S***ford was even able to suckle the milk from his mothers bosom.

NERD RAGE disengaged ;)

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Psychonaut  +   760d ago
The E3 Demo was years older and was from the Gearbox build. It was used because they had Timegates build by then and knew they were shit in trouble.
Sono421  +   760d ago
wait so um.. what happened?
Winter47th  +   759d ago
Damage is already done and lesson learned. I will never, NEVER believe anything Gearbox will EVER show me as long as they're still in business.
Perjoss  +   759d ago
"wait so um.. what happened?"

They were given the chance to make an amazing game for a franchise that might as well been created from the start with an eventual epic video game in mind. And somehow they managed to mess it up and really disappoint fans.
hay  +   759d ago
Just refuse to accept it as a cannon. It's an insult to any intelligent person.
Godmars290  +   759d ago

More like they showed an epic-level game which had great effects and cleaver AI, but then released something sub-par.
aCasualGamer  +   759d ago
I don't want to go overboard on this whole issue, mind you that i already have on certain occasions, but what i will say is that it was a really really stupid move from them to just "go with the flow" and not try to correct it.

I mean, think about it, these developers are really clever, they are some of the brightest people in the world. How they can just let stupid shit like this happen, for no apparent reason is mindblowing. For people saying "they did it for the money" i say, what money? Alien isn't selling shit, heck it's even got a discount the same week of release at PSN. They just crushed whatever tiny bit of trust they had with gamers, and whatever they do next gamers will always remember how they got screwed over.

I mean, from a business standpoint, it was so stupid. From a moral standpoint, it was even worse. What did they gain? I don't get it. I just don't get it.

Why didn't they come out and just delay the game and say:

"Hey, we have to be honest with you... our fans. This game won't fulfill the promises we made if we release it now, so we will delay the game until further notice so we can go back to work and do what we do best, make great games. We don't want to fool anyone into thinking we won't do our best to make this a great game, we will.

Sincerely Gearbox ..."

I mean, whatever the relations were with SEGA Randy Pitchford and other project leaders could've just said "hey the game isn't ready, the product isn't finished". What are SEGA going to do, just drop the project after all the funding? Hell no. So it was just the stupidest move from Gearbox and SEGA to come out with a product that was shitty. If SEGA said, "we wan't you to release the game" Gearbox could've just countered with "the game isn't finished, there are pieces missing" or whatever excuse they could concoct. It just stupidity and stupid decisions all over this whole thing.

WHY?! I simply don't get it.... guys, i'm lost for words.
The_Infected  +   760d ago
That's the thing once a company does this kinda crap their reputation take a big dip. I doubt anyone will ever look at them the same.
admiralvic  +   760d ago
Not only that, the press / community will constantly bring it up, like we see with Capcom.

Every preview will have a note saying "it looks good, but after Aliens I would only take it with a grain of salt."
Every demo "fantastic game, but Aliens also had a good demo that was completely different."
Jakens  +   759d ago
Can not resist.

"Aliens Colonial Marines Apology from Gearbox this Week"

Pre-order Now!...and no guarantee on the quality of that either.
jaymart2k  +   760d ago
That season pass should be free, but who'm I kidding.
TekoIie  +   760d ago
Nah they're keeping this one classy...

They are actually announcing that they will SOMETIME IN THE FUTURE apologize....
rogimusprime  +   760d ago
I will gladly help Randy end his life. Seppuku style.

All I wanted was some frantic blasting xenos, "horde mode" style, and I get a steaming pile of $hit.

Make a new game called "colonial marines: were sorry edition"
g2gshow  +   760d ago
hey as long as you say the magic word all is forgotten i don't remember the last time someone attempted to treated me like a fiver year old
TheGamerDood  +   760d ago
Good luck trying to get that refund. lol
FantasyStar  +   759d ago
Don't underestimate angry gamers, they have colored cupcakes!
Irishguy95  +   759d ago
They should give refunds...and release the game for download - free
3-4-5  +   759d ago
Is it dumb that I no longer have any urge to play Borderlands 2 because of this. I played 1 and liked it, and was thinking of maybe getting this in a month or so but I don't think I want to give my money to a company who obviously doesn't deserve to Develop games.
ApolloTheBoss  +   759d ago
Nope not at all. I didn't play BL2 either cuz I was planning on getting the GOTY edition but after this i'm not even buying the third one.
jagstatboy  +   759d ago
Borderlands2 is a great game, you're missing out. Just buy it used if you think that will help.
Root  +   760d ago
What can you really say in an apology after this

"Yeah sorry we f***** you guys over but since we have your money now I think we should just move on and start a new"

I know it sounds harsh but I really want Gearbox to suffer from this, least then it gets the message out to other devs never to do this sort of thing again

" will be making an official statement this week on what happened to the game between the demo, and its official release"

So basicaly more lies....
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47  +   760d ago
They will suffer. They're not gonna make much from this game.

This should be a lesson to all you idiots though, next time, read reviews, watch previews and listen to people who have played the game BEFORE you drop your cash on a game. If you ended up paying full price for this, you have NO ONE to blame but yourself. Gearbox or Sega didnt force you to buy this game. Personal responsibility folks, you are indeed allowed to have it.
Root  +   760d ago
Oh no people like that can't be reasoned with

They think that if you judge a game before it's out your a "hater" or a "whiner"

Same happened with RE6, dmc, FF13, RE5, Lost Planet 2 etc
Draco  +   760d ago
I love it. You review sheeple are whats wrong with gaming today. Its why everything is vanilla and COD cloned. "If a game isn't a 9/10 its not worth even trying." And how can you have personal responsibility if you let random internet strangers make your decisions for you? What else in life do you forfeit?
FantasyStar  +   759d ago
Is there a review outlet that's trust-worthy anymore? I'm more in favor of forced-refunds in this case.
KillrateOmega  +   759d ago
Spot-on, bro.

I found out over the weekend that my step-father had bought this game. I hadn't told him about its reviews, because I never anticipated him buying it. Now I'm pissed at Gearbox, because now my step-father has paid good money and has to play this shit. Disgraceful.
Myst  +   760d ago
Well if they plan to patch the heck out of it I still don't know if that will fix it for most of us. Giving away dlc especially that which is in the Season pass pretty much spits on those who got it. Not really sure what they can do at this point...

on a side note I think I will watch that South Park episode again.
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JohnApocalypse  +   760d ago
Apology not accepted
stragomccloud  +   760d ago
Patch a practically new game and we'll call it squarezees.
Plagasx  +   760d ago
How about just giving us the game we saw in the demos??

My respect for them will be FULLY recovered if they did that.
MooseyXTC  +   760d ago
Halt all Boringlands DLC until a new, "Director's Cut" version of the game is released at $40 using all the concepts and graphical capabilities of the original version.
Shut your offices down.
Those are my two requests.
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Dfooster  +   760d ago
They can patch some things but the game was fundamentally crap. They can't patch the lack of tension or the fact this should have been a squad based shooter.

I suggest sega start afresh with a developer who gives a shit about the aliens universe and fox should wipe this travesty from the official aliens canon and everyone should cut their loses with this game
porkChop  +   760d ago
It was originally a squad based shooter. That's what they announced it as.

But yeah, I played through the PC version on my friends Steam account. So glad I didn't buy it. No amount of patching can fix that game. They can patch some of the graphics, and maybe adjust the lighting, they can patch the bugs and glitches, but those "fixes" will only go so far.

The game is flawed all the way down to its core design. No matter how much they patch the game, it will only ever be the equivalent of putting some bacon strips on top of a huge pile of dog shit.
UnRated  +   760d ago
Too late for an apology from Gearbox and Randy Pitchford.

Gearbox is getting really good at apologies lately. When they ripped off the Borderlands art style and intro from an animation called Codehunters and when they one of the Gearbox artist's copied Olly Moss' work.
Chard  +   760d ago
Hopefully this bodes well for the Wii U version.
pbasson  +   760d ago
Lol, 8gb patch, thats bigger than the game itself. However much negative this game got, aleast we go one positive, Hicks lives. Those fuckers at Fox killed him off.
cleverusername  +   760d ago
Apologize for what? There's nothing wrong with the game and anybody that says there is is nothing but a graphics whore!(Well that's according to the people who defended it anyway)
Trekster_Gamer  +   760d ago
You must have only played PONG to make a comment as ignorant as that?

I know of what I speak, I have played through the game in it's entirety as painful as it was and only because I am a diehard fan of the movie Aliens.
aLucidMind  +   760d ago
I'm pretty sure his comment was sarcasm, poking fun at those that are so blind to the flaws of the game and the vast difference between the demo and the final product.
cleverusername  +   759d ago
And you must've been playing with the other people disagreeing when they taught the rest of the class the concept of 'sarcasm'!! Mr 1 bubble!!
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acmegamer  +   759d ago
How could you not know he was being sarcastic? Lol
spicelicka  +   760d ago
I don't understand why this game was even necessary. The last alien vs predator game was pretty awesome and the alien portion of that game was a pretty satisfying experience on its own.
NeoTribe  +   760d ago
First of all anyone who thought this game was gonna be good deserves there lost cash. There hasnt been a good alien games since..... Well.... Ever... Next time wait a day for the reviews noobs.
Brownghost  +   760d ago
They cant keep riding the borderlands success train.
VTKC  +   759d ago
hear hear. It reminds me of Scamcom in how they ride on Resident Evil and Street Fighter trains. Just churning out whatever they please and expect people to buy it. Well Gearbox hasa made it on my list with Scamcom in the companies I will not be giving any money to.
madpuppy  +   760d ago
You know what is really annoying, in that early gameplay video where Aliens, Colonial marines is supposed to be unfinished but looks multiple times better, you have Randy Pitchford, speaking in that (oooh,ahhhh look how cool we made this game) voice, implying that the best is yet to come.
and when the game comes out, it is a SAD JOKE how different it looks, and when people call R. Pitchford out for this pathetic attempt to wow us with something that was just smoke and mirrors, he gets all indignant. crying "I don't like being called a lier" Like he doesn't run Gearbox software or maybe he told the team of devs, "I don't want to see anything your doing with this game, surprise me after it is released!!!"

What a Douche...
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ACEMANWISE  +   760d ago
Since the first update I haven't noticed any major issues with the game.
evilhasitsway  +   760d ago
they will suffer plenty one by not making enough on the title and two gamers will be weiry about buying any game they devolpe.
SSJBen  +   760d ago
The utter ridicule in this is that they have to "set a date" to actually say sorry, where they could have done easily right away on their FB, official website or even twitter.

Setting a date? Wtf?
Makes one think if they are going through a hundred excuses they can come up with and then choose the best one on the list.
Fairchild Channel F  +   760d ago
Well cut them some slack. After all, it takes time to craft new lies and BS to explain their old lies and BS.
MrUndrhill  +   760d ago
The gaming scandal of this console generation: Aliengate.
HonestDragon  +   760d ago
Skeptical gamer is skeptical. We shall see this week for sure, though. *looks on in uncertainty at Gearbox*
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hadouken007  +   759d ago
I had pre ordered the game and paid for it in full,saw all these bad reviews and, changed my purchase to God of war ascension, and I usually make my own judgment on games I purchase, but when u got development saying it's crap, it's gotta be bad.
Dragonshardz  +   759d ago
Well, they certainly took their time... not that it will change anything.
Bigkurz85  +   759d ago
This is why you shouldn't pre-order games friends. Or even if you do, please wait for some of the reviews from legitimate sites before you shell out your hard-earned cash.

You just never know with these things.

I can't even remember the last time I was unable to buy a game at launch/day 2 just because I hadn't pre-ordered. There's just no reason to do it. TO me, that extra DLC piece of armor just isn't worth the risk of being swindled by companies looking to get your money before everyone realizes the game sucks.
isa_scout  +   759d ago
I mostly agree with your statement, but sometimes pre-ordering is worth it because of the DLC. Games like The Last of Us, and God of War you can pre-order with confidence because of the quality of the developers behind the titles. Even the Aliens game should've been with a developer like Gearbox at the reigns. What Gearbox failed to tell it's consumers though is that they actually subbed the game out to multiple different developers, and I'm sorry if you hand the game over to the guys that made Section 8 you know long before the game comes out that you're giving fans a sub-par game. I usually pre-order then wait for the reviews, if their good I pick up my pre-order, and if their not I just go in the day the game releases, and get my money back instead. Wish I'd have listened to my instincts, and taken my pre-order off, but I'm such a huge fan of the Aliens franchise that I thought that maybe I could still enjoy it. Wrong. First time I've ever done that, and I got burned big time. Never again.
H3ADWOUND81  +   759d ago
Ha.. That's funny, gearbox shafting everyone's dubbed "aliengate".
givemeshelter  +   759d ago
The game is a major letdown and no patch will save this horrendous game.
ALLWRONG  +   759d ago
Games like this sure don't help the publishers fight against used games.
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