Three things Platinum Games could do to vastly improve Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance [TGV]

It’s no secret that Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is easily the best title 2013 has seen so far and far and above Platinum Games‘ best work, but it’s not quite perfect. Damn close, though!

After careful thought and knowing that little can be done to rework the story, cheesy as it might be, here’re three suggestions to the fine people at Platinum to take an already great title into Ripper Mode.

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Genuine-User1881d ago

Anyone that thinks this was better than the new DMC needs to get their head checked. This game is the ultimate button basher, I completed the whole game under 5 hours. No skills required.
It's not a bad game but certainly not as good as DMC.

Kanzes1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

no skill required? do you really think you can beat all the bosses without learning how to parry?

Genuine-User1881d ago

I agree, you can't but parrying is probably the final thing on my skill list. Point towards the enemy and press the square button, as easy as that.

Temporary1881d ago

lol...Genuine played it on Casual Baby difficulty. Cause I beat it on hard, and currently working on Very Hard, and it's not NEARLY as easy as he says.

Yeah once you get used to the parrying system it gets easier (duh), but it's NOWHERE near as easy as you make it sound. You're just talking garbage to make yourself look competent on the internetz... cheers to you mate. Keep lying.

oriononer1881d ago

S rank Revengeance mode and then talk to me about skills.

Genuine-User1881d ago

That's a fallacious argument. The fact remains, this game can be completed by button bashing.
Except parrying of course.

oriononer1881d ago

So your point is that it can be completed by button mashing, but also can't be completed by button mashing...hmmmm.

SAE1881d ago

Go squeeze your self. That's just your opinion. I prefer this game so i don't need to check anything. I completed DMC and i don't want to play it again but i still want to play rising again. I feel like i still didn't play it . Good feeling i didn't get it for a long time ago...

oriononer1881d ago

Rising has awesome replay value. Most people don't realize that with Platinum games your first play through is really just to level up and get a feel for the game. The real meat of their games is in the higher difficulties and the exploration of the subtleties of their systems. A disappointing amount of gamers these days rush their way through normal mode without exploring what's there and then try to spout off about difficulty and such.

This game is a call back to an old school sensibility that I have missed since DMC 3. Monsoon alone is a more interesting battle than anything encountered in Ninja Theory's reboot. I love this game. Now please Platinum, just patch in weapon swapping and I'll be a happy camper.

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Captain Qwark 91881d ago

i preferred the demo to revengeance more than dmc. that said they were both excellent demos and both seem like killer games. i will def pick them both up later this year

HiddenMission1881d ago


Fact remains you can button mash in DmC for a win...just depends on the difficulty settings...see what I did there I turned your own argument against you.

No skill really some one really loves him some DmC and hates everything else lol

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alegolo1881d ago

It's a great hack n slash, the only thing I disliked a bit was the camera....maybe if they put the view a bit further it could be an improvement, but it's a very fun game anyways.

KillrateOmega1881d ago

The only problem that I had with the game was camera and even that was only occasionally. Just beat the game and it was an awesome, high-octane experience.

I liked the story and the way it was written. It worked well for the over-the-top craziness of the game.

Convas1881d ago

'Dat Armstrong fight! O.O'

KillrateOmega1881d ago

I know, right? It was so ridiculous and epic! The music (The War Still Rages Within) only added to awesomeness :)

KillrateOmega1881d ago

Sorry, I put down the wrong song. It's really 'It Has To Be This Way'. My bad.

RazMaTaz01211881d ago

Dmc over this? A game made by a british piss poor 'pint of lager' studio ran by the chav known as Tameem? DmC is already a short lived title. It sold poorly. It had alot of promises behind it by the devs which didnt materialise, the games true ending lies within the DLC of vergils, and its a game many didnt even want. MGR is a worthy game, yes, its not the most conventional title but it is a spin off, unlike Capcom who have now rebooted an excellent series to a POS chav fest. MGR is a quality game all round, excellent action, and plentiful of replay value, and plentiful of fun. Dmc was just platforming repetitionn that killed majority of the instinct of the game.

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