PlayStation 4 / Kinect 2 Another Step Towards Virtual Reality

Microsoft and Sony are making huge advancements from the experimental technology shown this generation to the next generation concepts that are now being revealed for the PlayStation 4 and soon the new Kinect 2.

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Killzoner991672d ago

I think the PS4 is a leap towards virtual reality but Kinect 2 is a joke.

CapsLocke1672d ago

And I think that both Kinect 2 and PS Eye are jokes compared to the immersion of Oculus Rift. Just watch the reactions from testers:

Knight_Crawler1672d ago (Edited 1672d ago )

OMG! Shut up and take my money.

Why haven't I heard about this Oculus Rift thing before...why hasn't anyone submitted an article about this?

Wow I am amazed and cannot wait to buy one.

Surprising that MS, Nintedno or Sony have not purchased this company as yet - huge potential to be something special and also could be huge if paired up with Kinect.

Did the MS leaked document have something about MS releasing some glasses in 2014?

MrDead1672d ago (Edited 1672d ago )

I wonder if they could add something like the light on the PS4 controller onto Oculus so it can also track your head moving forwards and back.

Kinect and PS Eye aren't jokes they just offer us different options and bring us variety.

theWB271672d ago

That's funny seeing as they haven't shown Kinect 2. What's next weeks lotto numbers?

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HITANDRUN1672d ago

Your gamertag says it all, you want virtual reality, go buy a dog and go outside sometimes instead of kissing [email protected] @SS.

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FlyingFoxy1672d ago

Are they serious? the only impressive tech by word only and details is Oculus Rift, now that's the biggest step toward good VR i've ever seen.

I'll pick one up for my PC whenever it comes out, Illumiroom and Kinect do not impress me though.

gazgriff2k121672d ago (Edited 1672d ago )

oculus rift is the future. hopefully ill be playing killzone on ps4 with a rift, 7.1 headset and ps move maybe with that gun attachment thing WOW

also maybe ms can use kinect to track your body in real time so you can see your body in VR and nintendo might hook the rift up to the wii fit board to simulate walking and running

Clover9041672d ago

Oculus Rift is the next step. Check it out on YouTube if you haven't seen it yet. Love how enthusiastic everyone is after they try it. It's the real deal.

NewVegasTroop1672d ago

i want to live long enough to see gaming become something like Sword Art Online... CAN NOT WAIT FOR THE THIS!!!

1672d ago
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