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Submitted by New-Breed 1082d ago | article

Skyrim: Dragonborn on PS3 Runs Surprsingly Well

Skyrim has had a rough time on PlayStation 3, having suffered from frame rate issues, freezing, ballooning save file sizes and various other game-hindering glitches. Not only did PS3 owners have to deal with these problems, once new content was announced they were then informed that the DLC was not ready for their platform and it required further development before it could be brought to the console. Following a lengthy wait, Skyrim’s Dragonborn DLC has finally arrived on Sony’s system, but many aren’t too eager to pick up the add-on content, despite favorable reviews for the competing console’s version. It’s understandable that Skyrim fans/owners would expect Dragonborn to be a buggy mess like the main game was, but I’m here to bring you some good news: Dragonborn runs surprisingly well on the PlayStation 3. - JPS (PS3, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim)

NukaCola  +   1082d ago
I here this is good DLC, but I don't want to fork out $20 for it. I got a full filling with Skyrim but may try it in the future.
Dark_Overlord  +   1082d ago
It was half price for the 1st week or so on the PS store :)

Myself, I'll wait for the GOTY/Complete edition
Larry L  +   1082d ago
I bought Dragonborn and I will buy Dawnguard since they're only $10 a piece even though I actually traded in Skyrim a long time ago. Bethesda content RARELY goes on sale, so I took advantage of the sale/s know I can eventually rebuy Skyrim on the cheap.

As for this "GOTY Version" people keep saying they're going to wait for. Sorry, the GOTY Version has already been announced and it doesn't come with any of the DLC. It comes with physical stuff like a Collector's Edition.

So I would suggest taking advantage of these ssales for this content while you can. Unfortunately, you not looking into it ahead of time caused you to miss out of the half off discount for Dragonborn, which I doubt will EVER happen again. I far as I recall, the Shivering Isles exspansion is still priced $30 digitally, lol. Which is hilarious when the whole GOTY Edition costs $20 new at retail.
Dark_Overlord  +   1082d ago
"As for this "GOTY Version" people keep saying they're going to wait for. Sorry, the GOTY Version has already been announced and it doesn't come with any of the DLC. It comes with physical stuff like a Collector's Edition."

You do realise that isn't the GOTY edition? That's the Premium Edition you're referring to.

Given Bethesdas previous track record on the current gen consoles, its pretty much a given that we'll see a GOTY/Complete edition in future :)
Energy-HL  +   1082d ago
Im hoping they release Skyrim Goty on PS4 thats the only way I would get it on console.
Red_Orange_Juice  +   1082d ago
Ive read opinion it runes better than on 360 lol
TheSaint  +   1082d ago
I have the 360 version and it does stutter a fair bit, especially when there are a few things going on, not really game breaking though.
himdeel  +   1082d ago
I got the game for free so I am getting all dlc for half off. So far waiting to play the game until now has been nice. No glitches for me on the PS3 version.
MasterCornholio  +   1082d ago
Whah? After all the issues that they had with the console?

yewles1  +   1082d ago
You still believe that crap? XD
GraveLord  +   1082d ago
I'm sure there's a simple explanation for everything. It must have been Microsoft! They payed Bethesda to make the game shitty on PS3! I know its true because my friend has an uncle who is friends with a bunch of Bethesda developers. Trust me.
krepler  +   1082d ago
That seems very unlikely. You might think it would convert PS3 gamers to jump over to the 360, but how about the gamer getting fed up with the developer and boycotting them on all future releases??

No developer would purposely create a buggy game and risk loosing customers, no matter what "reasonable" offers made to do so because they would loose so much more in the end.
cleverusername  +   1082d ago
My friends uncles next door neighbours dogs vet knows someone who told me not to trust you!
Blastoise  +   1082d ago
I'm disappointed by how many people bought this DLC.
xPhearR3dx  +   1082d ago
So you bitch and moan Bethesda can't do anything right and you get no DLC. Yet, when it launches, your mad people bought it? What's the point of complaining about not getting the DLC, but when you get it you don't want to buy it? You had a wait longer than every other platform, big deal, you got all DLC 50% for the first week of release.

No matter what Bethesda does, you PS3 kids always complain.
Blastoise  +   1082d ago
Couldn't care less about owning the DLC, I never asked for it.

I got a piece of crap copy of Skyrim that barely worked, there's not a chance in hell I'm ever going to support Bethesda by buying their DLC

This is why I'm dissapointed, so many people on Playstation got screwed over yet people seem to be shrugging it off any buying their DLC anyway.
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sexybeast69  +   1082d ago
Don't group us all together. I love Bethesda, even though they never did get the cell quite down. Hopefully the PS4 will be better. Guess we will see.
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   1082d ago

I don't think he's annoyed about the DLC being late. He's annoyed because Skyrim on the PS3 was a complete joke and should never of been released in the state it was in, and people are still supporting Bethesda by buying this DLC instead of standing up for PS3 gamers and boycotting it.
xPhearR3dx  +   1082d ago
Well not everyone got a piece of crap version of Skyrim. Some people didn't have any issues. Yes, a lot of people did, but there were some that didn't. Why should someone fell they disappointed their community by purchasing DLC for a game they didn't have problems with just because you had problems?

Developers make mistakes, they're only human. There's nothing wrong with a developer trying to redeem themselves and earning fans trust again. If all the Skyrim DLC for PS3 works and runs smoothy, why should they be criticized when they were trying to give the fans what they want. Had they gave up and not released it at all, or released it and it was unplayable, then yeah hate away.

Instead, Bethesda worked on making sure it ran smoothing and giving the PS3 guys what they deserve and on top of that offering 50% off due to the long wait. You're entitled to nothing, be glad they even tried unlike some developers.
Blastoise  +   1082d ago
"You're entitled to nothing, be glad they even tried unlike some developers."

Well, when I pay £35 for a game I believe I'm entitled to a game that works
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belac09  +   1082d ago
dont put us all in the same category, i am a ps3 gamer and i love skyrim and i am buying all the dlc, i have nothing against bethesda.
Yo Mama  +   1082d ago

"Bethesda worked on making sure it ran smoothing and giving the PS3 guys what they deserve and on top of that offering 50% off due to the long wait"

BULLSHIT. They did NOT give us PS3 owners 50% off because we had to wait. They gave 50% off to 360 owners as well.
aquamala  +   1082d ago
Skyrim is the #3 most talked about PS3 game on gamefaqs, behind Metal Gear Rising and Ni No Kuni. so PLENTY of PS3 owners are playing this game and want this DLC, people on sites like n4g bitching about Bethesda are the minority.
TheSaint  +   1082d ago
So you'll never be buying a Beth game again then?
krepler  +   1082d ago
I've always read that Skyrim for PS3 was terribly buggy. For me, the worst I've experienced was a lock up which required a restart, maybe 10 times in the year that I've played it... and that Grand Healing spell wasn't purchasable from Collette after completing her restoration quest. Haven't played in a while so they might have fixed that one since. There were also some dragons that didn't play nice but all in all, I had a pretty good experience with it!

Like Dark_Overlord, I'll get the DLC when(if) it's included with the GOTY edition.
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lashes2ashes  +   1082d ago
You got pretty lucky lol. Near the end when going for my platinum trophy I had massive slow down, dragons flying back words and it crashed about every hour.. But I still got my dam trophy lol.
Larry L  +   1082d ago
Trust me, as someone who's played both version EXTENSIVELY, that was all internet propaganda that the PS3 version was worse. Unfortunately it DID have the "bigger" problems in terms of the lag over time, and then when that was fixed there was the freeze from going under water (which I'm afraid to even test to see if it's fixed).

But other than those 2 major issues.....when it comes to MASS AMOUNTS of small bugs and glitches that ruin the experience, the 360 version was FAR worse. It slows down alot during combat, which was really all platforms, dragon ALWAYS flying backwards, which I've never seen on PS3 in the 300 or so hours I've played. Skeletons of slain dragons all piling up in whiterun when I entered the town, until I started a new game after 1.6 I had about 200 dragon skeltons piled up in there. The closest thing like that on PS3 is when I'd fight a dragon at the mage school, it's skeleton would never fade out.....but at least I fought it there. Also, durring almost every extended 360 playthrough, just randomly my armor and damage rating would just permanently drop to 0 even though I was still equipped. I'd have to reset the game to make it go back and hopefully it wouldn't happen again before I got tired of playing. This sucked since I have auto save disable to avoid the menu lag. I've lost hours. Invisible enemies where a big issue when I was playing on 360 as well.

I got none of these issues on PS3. Understand that most people on the internet will just lie to make things they don't like look bad. And there are groups who campaign together to all scream the same things. Remember years ago when Xbots hit so hard with one of these campaigns after a PS3 update that the mass reports fooled even Sony into pulling the update until the realized there was nothing wrong with the update?

Remember LAIR.? I'm not saying it was good, even though I liked it, it was like a next-gen Panzer Dragon mixed with DrakenGuard. But there were about 3 million people on the internet telling everyone how bad it was from the day it released.....yet it only sold like 10k copies in it's first 3 It's's SO easy on the internet. All you need is a group of people loyal to the cause.
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gazgriff2k12  +   1082d ago
i feel sorry for all those people who apparently had game breaking problems on ps3 i had it crash on me 3 times in 500 hours of gameplay and a couple of funny glitches one was i indestructible horse following me around in rage mode for a while and a fight with a dragon skeleton
Yo Mama  +   1082d ago
You'll never make me believe that Bethesda miraculously figured out the "problems" with the DLC content for PS3 as soon as they had released all three on the 360. What a coincidence. For that reason alone, I will not be giving them anymore of my money. If I ever do own the DLC, it'll be because I bought it secondhand.
PS4isKing_82   1082d ago | Bad language | show
ziggurcat  +   1082d ago
too late. bugthesda's not getting another dime from me.
yweiuiqwur   1082d ago | Spam
Mikeyy  +   1082d ago
I'm sorry soo many people had problems with Skyrim, but I've had 0 major issues with my PS3 copy.

Only the occasional freeze.

I've bought all the DLC released sofar and I love it. Dragon Born works flawlessly, and Hearthfire works fine also.

The people who have the major save file issues must have ignored all the steps that was posted a while back when they fixed the bloated saves glitch.

Make a new save and stop saving over the old bugged save you have.
Energy-HL  +   1082d ago
Skyrim Goty PS4 please.

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