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Final Fantasy Digital Collection Bundles Nine FF Games, Limited To 2000 Units

Final Fantasy Digital Collection includes digital copies of Final Fantasy 1 all the way up to Final Fantasy IX so you can play the entire series on PSP or Vita. (Final Fantasy Digital Collection, PS Vita, PS3, PSP)

majiebeast  +   418d ago
153$ for 9 digital games a soundtrack cd and some art... If there is someone that knows how to ripoff consumers its Square enix. I bet this is to fund Final fantasy the bravest 2 now with more micro transactions.
Godmars290  +   418d ago
Lets see...
Nine games that usually $10 each on PSN, unless 1-6 are cheaper, that's $90 which leaves $63 for the soundtracks. Yeah, likely a rip-off.

More so when considering its all digital, and they introduce the "limited" run bull crap on something that's download only.

They're just grinding anything good about the games into the bedrock, nevermind beating like a dead horse.
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3-4-5  +   418d ago
Yea most FF games on PSN as of yesterday are $10 with a couple of them being $20 i think.
Kamikaze135  +   418d ago
Can't say I blame them. If people are dumb enough to buy these bundles, may as well make a profit from it.
brish  +   418d ago
The problem is if someone falls for it then discovers they were ripped off square could lose a customer permanently.

... in unrelated news games sales continue to decline!
Root  +   418d ago
If they did a pysical collectors edition with unique items from each FF game or had one ultra quality replica from just one game of your choice. Buster Sword, Gunblade, Yunas Staff etc then fair enough

But a digital pack....how can you do digital CE
Skate-AK  +   418d ago
Maybe they will send you a lil CE piece of paper to show off haha.
MooseyXTC  +   418d ago
"Replica Gunblade"
Oh baby... Don't tease me with that idea, dammit.
DanShadow27  +   418d ago
Aren't all these games already on PSN?
kingPoS  +   418d ago
How is it limited if it's digital?!?! That's like the equivalent to running a movie in theater ... only to never have it released.
MooseyXTC  +   418d ago
Limited downloads? What?

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