CyberConnect2′s Shadow Escaper Has You Flee During Day, Fight At Night

CyberConnect2 are releasing an original free-to-play game for iOS and Android devices, titled Shadow Escaper.

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sypher1166d ago

Hopefully they put it on PS Mobile too. So i can play it on my vita :D

r211166d ago

Game does look fun but that horrid VA XC

Fullmetalevolust1166d ago

Temple run with some major kick!! I'd love to see it on the vita.

princejb1341166d ago

this is temple run anime style
i feel like ios games are mostly all the same with different characters

yweiuiqwur1166d ago SpamShow
cleft51166d ago

From Asura to this game. Kind of sad but I hope the game does well. Would love to see them get another chance at making a console game.

sypher1166d ago

They make all the Naruto games too :) constantly dishing those out!