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Submitted by MaideninBlack 1082d ago | news

Square Enix Is Cooking Up Another Tech Demo For “Next Generation Hardware”

Several recent job listings suggest that Square Enix is working on a new tech demo based on its next generation Luminous Engine. (Luminous Engine, PS4, Square Enix, Xbox One)

majiebeast  +   1082d ago
Why make games when you can make tech demo's. Knowing Square enix this is what they teased at the meeting.

I love how Square enix still thinks they can get away with that, when most people are really fed up with how they treat fans. If they did this kind of thing before FF13 i wouldve been a bit hyped, now i just want to throw rotten tomato's at the guy.
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Nitrowolf2  +   1082d ago
Why make tech demo's when you can just walk up on stage and say "there will be more Final Fantasy"
bicfitness  +   1082d ago
There's a phenomenal amount of hubris involved for SE to throw that name around and think that it still means what it did 5 years ago.
Riderz1337  +   1082d ago
"Please be excited"...

PirateThom  +   1082d ago
Be excited for a series we have managed to completely ruin and destroy all hype for.
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Root  +   1082d ago
If he came onto the stage at the Sony meeting and announced Versus with a new trailer AND THEN said be excited for E3 then fair enough
ChozenWoan  +   1082d ago
Give me a reason to buy a $E game this gen and then I'll be excited. The only SE game I've played in years was FF12, and that was because I had a backwards compatible PS3.

It's sad when you tell people to take your money and they still give you the run around... yet ask you to get excited for the sake of getting excited. Now if Tetsuya Nomura had gotten up on stage at the end, then I'd be very excited.
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dasbeer88  +   1082d ago

Try a Square-Enix game called NIER. That game is actually quite good. Plus the OST for it is incredible!
animegamingnerd  +   1082d ago
i never understood why show tech demo's just games you have in developerment tech demos i think are a waste of time
SugarSoSweet  +   1082d ago
agreed and i'm happy more ppl are speaking up ever since Square merged with Enix they've really treated fans like garbage always putting up countdowns to announcements like their games are THAT special. Forcing us to spend money on a full movies just to play demos pimping the FF13 and FF7 name and making crappy spin offs nobody gives a shit about

The story lines in FF10-2 to FF13 have been GARBAGE so has the characters

God I love Square Soft but I HATE Square Enix
dasbeer88  +   1082d ago
SquareSoft died when its key member, Hironobu Sakaguchi stepped away from the company so he could create his own studio Mistwalker (the creators of Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey, The Last Story). Since then, the future of Square has been a sinking ship.
mistertwoturbo  +   1081d ago
It is all Youchi Wada's fault. That guy has been consistently degrading the company.

The only SE game I enjoyed this entire generation was Sleeping Dogs, and even that was barely their game.
EverydayGuy  +   1082d ago
I thought FF 13 was a tech demo.
konnerbllb  +   1082d ago
It certainly didn't have any good gameplay or story.
Knight_Crawler  +   1082d ago
Will be intresting to see which 3rd party developers will come on the Xbox stage at the Xbox Event that MS is hosting.

I dont think they will use the same people that Sony used for the PS4 announcement so I expect:

From Software
Insomniac Games
CD Projekt
Activision is the exception as they have to show something Call of Duty becuase COD is huge on the Xbox.
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Jek_Porkins  +   1082d ago
I was thinking Rock* as well, Microsoft has deep pockets and could easily have managed to get some timed content on the next Xbox.

Could be part of the reason GTA was delayed. Obviously Activision will be there in full support of the next Xbox, maybe Microsoft locked up maps again?
DonFreezer  +   1082d ago
Facepalm.If they did this and that before FF13 bluh bluh bluh.Are Sony fanboys so butthurt that even after 5 years they can't realise that FF13 sucked from the start of it's production line and not because of the Xbox 360.
aceitman  +   1082d ago
Maybe ms asked them to do one.
Cocozero  +   1082d ago
They obviously don't want to show the same tech demo at MS's press conference.
Blackdeath_663  +   1082d ago
i can't find it in me to get excited about anything square enix says or produces anymore. they havent got anything to show for all the reputation they have built or the promises they've made. just more HD remakes of games for a time gone by. they have failed miserably previous gen FF13 and FF14 didn't really live up to expectations. i actually prefer that they don't release versus untill they are confident they can get it right. releasing that game and messing it up is not a good idea.
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PirateThom  +   1082d ago
I am very interested in what the old Eidos studios are doing, but Square Enix Japan are basically doing nothing of note.
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1082d ago
Just give me next gen Dues Ex.
Chrono  +   1082d ago
I hope it's a next gen Chrono game.
TheOneWhoIsTornApart  +   1082d ago
I would very much like that.
Nemesis4567  +   1082d ago
More Tech Demo's Square? Really? I'm starting to think Versus XIII was a tech demo.
aiBreeze  +   1082d ago
FF7 remake or GTFO.. actually scrap that, just GTFO please.
konnerbllb  +   1082d ago
Pretty much.

They wasted this entire gen. They only had to do one of two things to rake in cash.

1. Remake FFVII
2. Build a universe as entertaining and immersive as FFVII or FFX.
aiBreeze  +   1082d ago
It's not just that though, they keep making bad decisions that is dragging the Final Fantasy name through the mud. And another tech demo? Whoever is responsible for these sort of decisions must have some sort of grudge against Square and want them to fail or something. Former fans (sadly I think most die hard FF fans fall into this bracket currently) want to see games to get excited about not fancy graphics that will be wasted on another lightning game or something else as absurd.
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GiantFriendlyCrab  +   1082d ago
Has square Enix been take over vy Yakuza?, they are all greedy bunch.
ScubaSteve1  +   1082d ago
is it going to be the same tech demo that you will show twice
AllroundGamer  +   1082d ago
they will make a prerendered FF8 video and everyone will be like "omg omg FF8 remake is coming!" aaaaaand there will be none...
AngelicIceDiamond  +   1082d ago
Don't want to see anymore tech demos to be honest everything is all would of, could of, should of, at the moment.

But its ridiculous to claim my console got blah, blah, blah's tech demo. Even though its multiplatform.
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tigertron  +   1082d ago
Maybe they should use the man power to finish Versus instead?
uuaschbaer  +   1082d ago
Aside from the obvious lol and outright despair ... Square-Enix's devotion to realism (graphics-wise) is somewhat to be admired. After all, the old RPGs never particularly tried to look unrealistic, it was hardware limitations that made them so; given new hardware it makes sense to invest some substantial effort in making your fantasy worlds as believable as possible.
uuaschbaer  +   1082d ago
Square-Enix' problem isn't that it makes too many tech-demos, but that suddenly it seems incapable of telling a riveting story through an enjoyable game. Gameplay has to be tested; maybe their reliance on tried-and-true RPG gameplay elements in their successful years made them forget that deviations from a local maximum tend lead you downwards. SE wishes to experiment but all it does is hypothesize and ignore the results. Its management will one day realize that you can't make a good game by winging it, hopefully before it goes bankrupt.
tiffac008  +   1082d ago
Well lets hope the next tech demo actually becomes a game because FFXIII Versus is still in vaporware status.
azshorty2003  +   1082d ago
No games, just tech demos.
jakmckratos  +   1082d ago
No mo' demos.Real Tangible titles we desire and will make your fans and stockholders incredibly happy. Kingdom Hearts 3...FF Versus XIII...or hell announce a Next-Gen beast battle game that you showed off at the meeting BUT FOR GODS SAKE STOP MAKING JUST VIDEOS YOU WHORES! It's video GAMES..if I wanted just a video I wouldn't have a system!
yweiuiqwur   1082d ago | Spam
Summons75  +   1082d ago
Ps2 was a ff8 tech demo
Ps3 was a ff7 tech demo (which people stupidly blew out of the water)
So ps4 should get a ff9 tech demo?

Lol that would be interesting to see though it won't happen.
e-p-ayeaH  +   1082d ago
ff6 :) now that would be the shit
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tarbis  +   1081d ago
FF6 was already tech demoed in PS1. So, FF9 sounds about right for PS4. =D
XeNoStRatoS  +   1081d ago
STOP the shit with techdemos SE, deliver games and not just publish games which haven't been developed by your devs.
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   1081d ago
I think Sony (through other Companies) is using the Demo's to avoid the false impression that the 1st round of games may give the PS4.
-Most will be Ports that originally started on last Gen or maybe PC ports that will luck better but not best.

They want to be clear to their fans and the public where the system can push graphics and that the system will push these kinds of Graphics.
And they should want to show other developers how easy it is to create high-end graphics on the system.

The Demo will more than likely either reflect Square's first or NEXT game on PS4.
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LAWSON72  +   1081d ago
Square is a great publisher but a terrible dev nowadays. They released a mess called ffxiii2 which was worse than xiii which was okay. They also like to not release hyped games that alot of fans want

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