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PS4 Stuck With Discs "for the Foreseeable Future"

Despite its increased emphasis on connectivity, Sony won't be going all-in with a digitally distributed future. (Next-Gen, PS4, Sony)

Update Sony Sees a Disc-Based Future is the correct title, it was never intended as flamebait. This was the title from the first source here http://www.escapistmagazine...

SandWitch  +   501d ago
It would be interesting to see a Gaikai-only model for something like what, 99 bucks?
majiebeast  +   501d ago
You wouldnt need a ps4 if Gaikai takes off cause it could stream to a lot of devices.
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SandWitch  +   501d ago
You would if you wanted to play PS4 exclusives. Gaikai won't stream PS4-only games to non-PS devices I believe.
Mr_cheese  +   501d ago
@GynGa good shout, I never thought about that.
deadpoole  +   500d ago
[PS4 Stuck With Discs "for the Foreseeable Future"]

And there is nothing wrong with that. Downloading games and content from the internet is slow, expensive and in some place not even an option (considering as Sony PlayStation userbase is present all over the world), therefore in order to keep the gaming experience equal and available to gamers all over the world, discs are gonna be utilized as a high storage medium and for the delivery of the content around the world.
morganfell  +   500d ago
I was all set to attack IGN for another ridiculous title when I realized the person that submitted this piece, Dms2012, changed the title, obviously to generate more heat and layout flamebait.
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Diver  +   500d ago
I thought changing the title of a article from the source was against n4g rules.

I should become a contributor so I can make up flame bait titles.
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DragonKnight  +   500d ago
@morganfell: I'm reporting this piece. It shouldn't have made it through the approval process. It's this kind of lazy approval that makes things worse here.
badz149  +   500d ago
I think many are glad that the PS4 will still use physical copy
and Sony did promise that there will be simultaneous digital releases too, right? so, win-win! I prefer a physical copy by far but I do download games off PSN sometimes when I found a good price for it and those cross buy Vita games too! :-) so yeah...I am embracing DD more now but still think physical copy is still very much needed!
_-EDMIX-_  +   500d ago
So...I guess your Sony and you forgot about the PSPGO.
CustardTrout  +   500d ago
You ever use OnLive?
They were er, not good.
WitWolfy  +   500d ago
Didn't you learn yet!?!?! anything that isnt made by Sony according to these fanboys are crap!
morkendo23  +   500d ago
you are right ONLIVE is sh'tty as hell had a try out cancel service 15 min. later.............

on topic: glad that monkey off our back about digital only games for ps4 until now i had no desire to buy ps4. now that physical disc. being used im back on the fence but before i buy ps4 i need to see more games than multiplayers,first person shooters,zombie shooters type games. i cant see myself another 7 years playing the same format call of duty,boarderline,mass effect,uncharted,zombie island,killzone those games was fun but milking those game is dying out now for me. how about: run n gun'beat em up style games.

if the future of gaming is like Destiny,Killzone,Mass Effect,Alien Wars,Assassin Creed only (killing)and blowing bodies apart..... time to lay rest my controller. will not spend another 7 years playing the same games over and over...........tried them all eventually i got bored. i'll past on them this gen. look for more entertaining games on ps4 such as GT6,R/C,NFS,RIDGE RACER 7,MARVEL VS.CAPCOM 4,STREET FIGHTER 5,VIRTUAL FIGHTER 6,TEKKEN 6
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Mr_cheese  +   501d ago
"The one area in which the PS4 may fall short however is digital distribution, a field the industry is supposed to be inching closer to every day."

It is pushing digital distribution and with the purchase of Gaikai, i assume its going to be pushed heavily....

On another not, I like having the disk option. I don't like the idea of all digital because I love the physical product. I swear all these websites are just clutching at straws for hits on a current topic.
Rainstorm81  +   500d ago
Sony was pushing DD this gen with day one digital.

On top of that it was already announced every PS4 game will have a digital release....but with every one not having unlimited Internet access discs are necessary.

_-EDMIX-_  +   500d ago
Gaming will never go fully digital for several reasons.

1. Games get bigger ever gen, not smaller. MGS4 was like 40 gigs, Max Payne and LA Noire where like 35 to 40 gigs etc. Can you imagine what next gen games will size up to?

2.Bandwidth not growing faster then gaming. I say this because, we went form 5 and 7gigs with PS2, 9 gis with 360 and well over 40 and 50 gigs with PS3 (also PC and 360 if you count more then one disk, ie Mass Effect series, Max Payne etc all had a bunch of disk) Now Bandwidth is not to a point where I can just download a 40gig game easy (the reason I own max payne on PS3 and not PC...really don't feel like keeping my PC on for days on end for a huge 35gig download. Mind you have have the fastest internet for my area. So what happens when Max Payne 4 comes? LMFAO, it won't just be 40gigs...it will be like 100gigs or so. Download it? LOL! Lets say my speeds double (so did my game size buddys)

3. Even if they doubled, I have to take into effect that my bandwidth is capped, meaning 2 games downloaded and my internet can be cut off or I can be charged more JUST from downloading games. (mind you at the fastest speeds)

4.We can talk about internet speeds all day....means nothing if you don't have the fastest and even less if you don't have internet period.

5. Thats what Bluray is for buddy. Get ready for third party publishers on PC to adapt Bluray really soon. I like Steam and all but....not getting my next gen games from Steam. Getting the retail version which would hopefully be on Bluray and on a single disk.

Those reasons alone, DD future will never happen. It will always be just an option.
Bladesfist  +   500d ago
Well my speed has increased 10 times since last gen. I can download an 8gb (the average size on steam) game in under an hour. DD will happen in the future as it is cheaper, better for the environment, improves the performance of your game (games load faster of an HDD/SSD), more convenient than going to a shop or ordering online and waiting ages. Your games do not become damaged and can be redownloaded. It is only a matter of time. Saying it will never happen is naive.
Awesome-Xanto  +   500d ago
I'm glad there is someone here with some sense. People keep going on about the digital future and Gaikai... but fail to realize that the internet is getting WORSE not better. Caps are the new norm.

The only good large internet services right now are Verizon Fios (which is no longer expanding) and Google Fiber which lets face it will be many years before it makes a significant impact.

To those out there thinking there going to use Gaikai to stream games on the PS4 with a cap... your going to be in for a rude awakening when you get your bill. Unless it's used just for old games and renting... I don't get why anyone would want it anyway, who wants to pay for brand new games that you will never own and will lose when they remove it from the cloud. Makes no sense.

Games are getting larger and the internet is getting worse... Bluray will continue to be the best way to deliver games.
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SAE  +   500d ago
My network is unlimited but have limit 60GB to be specific. The speed should be 24Mb/s but i only get 1Mb without downloading anything. That's the best network in my country T_T

So i'm with you buddy. I only want 10mb/s for my vita so i could play ps4 games on gaikai...
mochachino  +   501d ago
I live in Canada which may as well be a 3rd world country in terms of bandwidth caps and internet pricing so I welcome physical media, without it I'd use of my monthly allowance downloading a single game.
smashcrashbash  +   501d ago
Why do people say 'stuck with discs' as if that is a bad thing?
mandf  +   501d ago
It's done to take a shot at Sony and gain hits. Xbox has nothing to talk about so shooting off at Sony is the journalism standard. Go look at all the failed articles. So much hate for Sony.
Qrphe  +   500d ago
The spin-machine at wor
madjedi  +   500d ago
It is a bad thing and it isn't at the same time.

We really do need to move away from discs or optical media, by the ps5's era. Because even at 6x br's it's still a slow medium if you compare it to flash memory's speeds.

I'd say maybe half the ps3/360's that died was do to a optical drive failure.

It's a useful legacy tech, but it does have drawbacks that can be troublesome.

1st it's another moving part a obvious point of failure, 2nd it produces heat.

As far as the digital downloading taking over bs, you will see the consoles using a game cartridge similar to the vita games. Long before digital is that widely used/kills off discs.

" It is only a matter of time. Saying it will never happen is naive."

Yeah 15-20 yrs from now who cares, plus you will always have people that want a physical copy. Not everyone has access or can afford the bandwidth needed. A fact the pro digital crowd always forgets.

" improves the performance of your game (games load faster of an HDD/SSD)" A hdd's won't be much a improvement over disc speeds, it's still slow as hell, ssd's have low capacity to cost ratio's and the aren't as reliable as hdds. Ie os's kill them.

"more convenient than going to a shop(such a difficult task to do) or ordering online(hint because it's either cheaper or not available locally) and waiting ages(4-7 days is ages lol)." Talk about the instant gratification generation.
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2pacalypsenow  +   501d ago
Why would people want digital only? it wont make game cheaper ,we will have to pay more for oder games , DRM, You wont own anything just a digital file that your are basically just renting (Diablo 3) I hope games dont go Digital only
OneAboveAll  +   501d ago
Stuck with discs? Since when is that a bad thing? Who the hell actually wants an all digital platform? Prepare to shell out more money for a bigger Hard Drive and NOT be able to trade your games in.
CalvinKlein  +   501d ago
thats good the games will be more GBs than ever and would take up alot of HD space and take long to dl. The bluray drives are faster now too/
nix  +   500d ago
i still prefer physical discs. i have vita and maan... each game is like minimum 1 GB if you're getting the digital version. that means you'll have to invest heavily on those memory cards and they are so freaking expensive. but having said that let's see how the cloud gaming can change things.
Smashbro29  +   500d ago
Stuck? Why is it "stuck" if anything I'm afraid at one point we'll be "stuck" with only being able to stream the legacy games.
DivineAssault  +   500d ago
i still want physical media.. I like getting my box & book.. sometimes collectors editions too.. Its still too early for full cloud gaming & all digital media.. Its getting closer but not everyone is fortunate enough to have internet & im sure some of those people are gamers too..
Bathyj  +   500d ago
I think it was Phil Harrison (but dont quote me) that said in the early days of the PS3 that the easiest way to get 50gbs of data into your house is on a bluray, and its still true today.

And besides that, I still just like owning a physical copy.

I will never go full digital and if console makers want to lose customers because they dont have fast internet and high download caps then go ahead and do it.

Besides, I dont think publishers would like it either, these collectors editions with statues and dog tags and art books and everything else have become very popular this gen and they charge extra for them.

With full digital that concept would be gone and whats more customers would demand cheaper prices than the retail copy. At the moment theyre usually more because you cant shop around. I dont see why anyones buying them at all to be honest.
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g-nome  +   500d ago
We can sell disks / swop disks / no download wait it is awesome.
Clarence  +   500d ago
I still rather but physical media. I have no problem with that.
jay2  +   500d ago
Good my net speed us poo about 1.8/2mb
Excited2play  +   500d ago
That's really good. I love the joy of owning and collecting my games.

The smell of a freshly opened case...heaven
SAE  +   500d ago
i don't like the smell but i get you..
Count  +   500d ago
Yes, I like owning the games too. I'm not ready for digital distribution yet.
Adolph Fitler  +   500d ago
"Stuck with", Yeh right, I say "BLESSED WITH PHYSICAL MEDIA.

I mean, I don't mind the digital games I have on the HDD's of my 2 PS3's & 360, in fact, it is great to have games in the system, as it allows you to play on, without wasting time changing game disks.
But, I want physical media for as long as possible, as it is actually possible to get something back for the games I don't plan keeping in my collection, I can sell or trade them, to subsidize my gaming habits.

Unfortunately the fact is that we are getting closer & closer to a day where we won't really be getting anything for our money. I mean, how many countries have the type of internet speeds, that allow for a 20-40gig game download, & how big a HDD will I need. I mean, I have filled my 320gig PS3 up easily & have about 70-80gig left on my 500gig PS3 (& that is being conservative with demo's & such). I have NO movies, music & non-gaming related media on my machines, just game saves, dl games, & installs that a lot of PS3 games require, & after that, my games are predominantly disk based & that goes somewhere in the 100's of disk based games on my PS3.

So, with 80-90 dl based games on my 500gig machine, along with all the memory that my 120+ disk based games take up, & with that, I only have 80gig left, HOW IN GODS NAME WILL I BE ABLE TO OWN SIMILAR COLLECTIONS OF GAMES ON MY PS4 or 720?
I mean, I'm gonna require a 5T HDD for my machine, if the big, disk based games go the way of d/l only.
sway_z  +   500d ago
'Stuck with Discs.....'?

Anyone would think this is a bad thing....physical media is the best option for the consumer IMO.
FarCryLover182  +   500d ago
Digital and physical should coexist forever.
shinobi602  +   500d ago
I like how the title uses the word "stuck", as if having discs were a bad thing. Idiots.
SpinalRemains138  +   500d ago
If HD DVD had won the format war, I wonder if we would be considered to be 'stuck w/ discs', or 'Bathing in its glory'???

Blu-Ray is fine and ideal for physical media this gen and next. It's not the sole choice, as current and next gen offer DL games.

This article really has me confused.

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