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PlayStation 4: Why DriveClub Will Be A Killer Launch Title

"This week gamers are still primarily reeling from Sony’s press conference to announce the PlayStation 4. There will always be hype surrounding new gaming platforms, especially ones to usher in the next-generation of gaming." | Explosion.com (Driveclub, PS4, Sony)

DA_SHREDDER  +   799d ago
Evolution is more than capable of making a good game obviously, Motorstorm Pacific Rift is still the best racer this gen, I just wish there was another next gen Motorstorm
Abash  +   799d ago
As much as I love MotorStorm, I have to say Im very happy they are doing Driveclub. As soon as people get a PS4 they can experience a racer with amazing, realistic graphics and the whole team racing aspect sounds cool
pandaboy  +   799d ago
Yeah but that field of view is horrible. It's like the driver has tunnel vision. They should add in different camera angles.
SHORYUKEN  +   799d ago
DriveClub is a great alternative for GT6. We all know it gonna take some time before we got another GT game.

I will buy DriveClub day one. It looks great and I hope we will get another Motorstorn soon
All the freaking detail they put into that game. Crap most people won't even see unless there's a photo mode. Suede that actually has directional brush maps???? Come on now.

I wonder if "Cars" has that level of detail. That game looks crazy too.
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_-EDMIX-_  +   798d ago
@SHORYUKEN- GT6 will be out a lot sooner then you think. Like next year sooner.

The second GT on PS systems ie (GT2 and GT4) come out a lot faster based on the engine already being made and finished.

GT6 to come out on PS3 probably next year. (if they stick to Sony tradition LOL)

Motorstorm PR was REALLY fun, thats one of my favorite racers this gen, but I'm just a HUGE GT fan. GT5 was my best racer this whole gen, but it didn't take away anything from Motorstorm, it was a good game.

I'm really, really looking forward to Drive Club!
Nightfallen  +   799d ago
As much as I hated Pacific Rift, and definitely personally the worst one from the series (one of my only two games I ever sold back to a retailer, I usually keep games), I certainly agree a next gen Motorstorm to kick things off would have been really great.

Needless to say this game looks really interesting, definitely worthy of a launch title.
Blastoise  +   799d ago
What was wrong with Pacific Rift?

Best in the series for me
Nightfallen  +   799d ago
I guess after playing the first Motorstorm for the amount of time I did I was expecting something much more.

What took away from my fun factor and overall gameplay was the oversensitive physics that made vehicle handling a pain in the ass.

That was years ago though, I do sometimes feel like I should get another copy and try be more patient with it. I really loved the scenery and huge jumps.
Larry L  +   799d ago
Wow.....for me Pacific Rift is the craziest, most fun, most intense, absolute best arcade racer of all time. It's a shame the online was bit unstable, but it was still playable, just hard to find a good race unless you had a private party. But the game was just amazing. And forget being an "arcade" racer, I think it's one of the best racers, full stop. So far this gen only GT5 was better for me.

I loved Monument Valley (Motorstorm 1 for people who don't know) as well, but it was just one environment basically, as amazingly rendered as it was. But it was the definition of BARE BONES. The game had nothing aside from the amazing racing. Pacific Rift had the same intense racing but was just FULL of great content to unlock, it rewarded your efforts...it just made every single thing better from the first game.....not to mention having probably the best and most varied environments ever showcased in a single racing game, and the graphics were GORGEOUS. Also, it's 2 DLC packs for only $10 a piece gave you a whole new campaign, doubled the already huge number of tracks and added lots of other content as well like cars, new modes, etc....

It's a real shame Motorstorm 3 changed so much. Motorstorm was it's own animal so to speak, it was unlike anything else....then 3 just basically turned into Split Second. It was no longer Motorstorm. A to B racing instead of circuit tracks? Too bad because the customization and online features of Apocalypse are pretty cool. The bigger shame is the PSN hack happened durring Apocalypse's launch, so the game got no press on the Blog, and they didn't do an advertising "relaunch" for the game after PSN was back up and running.
BlmThug  +   799d ago
I'm already sold on this title :)
abzdine  +   799d ago
not only Motorstorm is one of the best racing series ever, 3D effect is also one of the best ever seen. 3D Rift is really awesome in 3D!

Drive Club looks gorgeous, and i'm sure it will play well like all Evolution Studios games. Sony are masters of new IP and i cant wait to try Drive Club.
majiebeast  +   799d ago
You need a crazy person to make a good car game and that dude who presented it at the meeting looked plenty crazy.
Cupid_Viper_3  +   799d ago
Haha...Funny comment as I thought he was a bit flamboyant as well. (I don't like to call people crazy)
But yeah, it a sad reality that a lot of people who are really good at something tend to be on the excessive side when it comes to that particular thing.

See Michael Jordan with his crazy competitive nature,
See Kaz with the GT Series
See Tiger woods with hookers....ok maybe that's a bad example.
a_bro  +   799d ago | Funny
first rule of the drive club, never talk about the drive club
jp_footy2  +   799d ago
Second rule of the drive club..
ApolloTheBoss  +   799d ago
...Look at rule one.
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Riderz1337  +   799d ago
Second rule of the Drive Club...Never talk about Gran Turismo.
stuntman_mike  +   799d ago
Gran Tourismo never talks about Drive Club, Because Drive Club never Talks about anything, and nobody's got nothing to say about Nothing...!? err what rule were we on?
LiViNgLeGaCY  +   799d ago
Yes!!!! I agree! I am totally hyped for this game! :D
GiantFriendlyCrab  +   799d ago
i really wanted sandbox motostorm with really dirty mud in ps4 graphics. Maybe this game will have track varieties. But driveclub look really awesome though
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grailly  +   799d ago
I was so dissapointed when I realized evolution was not working on a motorstorm, I hope drive club will have some craziness to it and not just be a driving simulator.
tigertron  +   799d ago
Motorstorm was an excellent launch game, so I have full confidence in Evolution Studios that they will create another awesome launch game.
Virtual_Reality  +   799d ago
It's a simulator or an arcade? If it's an arcade, why people are comparing this to GT Series?
Knight_Crawler  +   799d ago
The graphics...from what was shown it blows GT 5 out of the water.

So it will be interesting to see how PD graphics looks with GT6
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atthemags  +   799d ago
I think we'll see that in 5-6 years. I really liked GT5, but I know they are going to take their time as usual--this game will be able to tide me over.
_-EDMIX-_  +   798d ago
I like how some of the GT noobs thing GT6 will be on PS4 ie take 5 to 6 years. LOL.

Its going to be out on PS3 and mos likely release next year.

And yes, this geme looks better then GT5 and really any racing games I've ever seen.

Can't wait to get this game.
jukins  +   799d ago
I hope its like grid that perfect balance between Sim and arcade tied in with the team concept and social capabilities of the ps4 this might just earn a launch day buy along with kill zone
telekineticmantis  +   799d ago
The way he described it sounds like
it could be very interesting and different or gimmicky nonsense(hope not). but team racing firs person already sounds cool, hope it turns out that way.
grailly  +   799d ago
I'm not sure I totally grasp what team racing adds to the game. Can you describe what gets you exited for it?
telekineticmantis  +   799d ago
OK I'll describe
what makes me excited for it, if you promise to remember where you heard it first in case another game does it lol. Because I spoke about touch screen controls before the WiiU/ Vita and nobody remembers it.

He spoke about
1 "Team racing"
2. Challenges being more important than winning races
3. Being similar to Squad based shooters.
4. I believe he also said asynchronous gameplay.

What this makes me imagine is challenges like relay races, remember 2 fast 2 furious When Tyrese and the other guy(main Character) had a team relay race. I imagine sitting in FP view waiting for my teammate to pass me before I go, creating moments where your team is very dependent on you catching up or keeping the lead for them.

Team wagering on races, players with more money make the sacrifice for your team to be even allowed in a race.

Modes where you have to go pick up money and bring it back to your base over and over, the higher value pick ups being farther away and harder to get to, the team with the most money at the end of the time wins.

Timed slalom competitions where you lose points for hitting Cones

And of course regular team racing where each position has a value ex: 1st place 100 points 2nd 50, so just winning isn't enough you have to count on your team to come in good places also.

This is what I hope for, but I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't.
grailly  +   799d ago
thanks, gave you a helpful bubble. I'm still not sure if I'm interested, though.
I'm more of a solo player, especially when it comes to racing. What you describe makes me think of a very arcady racer, I hope it's the case,I would be really sad to see evolution go the simulator route.

going from there I can imagine "class based" races, where you have the scorers that aim to do as many laps as possible and wreckers who would try to get in the way of the opponents scorers.

I really hope this game will be arcady.
Shadow Man  +   799d ago
i was hoping for another motorstorm like the first one, drivin club sounds like a good game but we already got GT.
jukins  +   799d ago
Well for sure get another motor storm each one has been 1mil+ seller but good to see them try something slightly different. Prob should see a motor storm within 2-3 years (wishful thinking)
StrongMan  +   799d ago
Day one
TooTall19  +   799d ago
PGR is my favorite racing game, and I expect this game to be similar. I'm getting this and Killzone.
C L O U D  +   799d ago
Initial 'She Wants The' D

Will be expected as a team name in DriveClub
delboy  +   799d ago
First I need to see what this game has to offer on single player, or does it have a single player campaign at all?
By the looks of it, it's mmo oriented, so what happens when there are no player's?
When the crowd moves to another game?
Would it be fun to drive alone, without competition?
ip4jwipthjtt  +   799d ago
I was hoping this would a realistic free-roam racer. I've been wanting to cruise in GT5 so bad and it sucks they took it out before its release. Nevertheless, this game sounds amazing, looks amazing, and I can't wait to get my hands on this and a PS4 of course.
Godchild1020  +   799d ago
The fact that it's a FPS racing game has me worried. There was someone on YouTube that said you don't have to play that way, but someone else said that it is.

I love racing games, but I can't play in cockpit (FPS) mode. I love the concept of the game, so I will keep my eyes on it.
brandonb21  +   799d ago
i wonder if it is a free roam like test drive unlimited
solidboss07  +   799d ago
I purchased 4 driving games for PS3, GT Prologue and GT5, Motorstorm, and Dirt. I was not impressed with Dirt, it felt all wrong to me and I traded it the next day. I love GT, well its Gran Turismo, enough said.
And Motorstorm, I remember getting that game home with my 60G PS3 in the small hours and loving it. That launch title visually matched any 360 game and the fun factor was very much there. It succeed at what it was meant to be. Yes the menus were slow, as was getting online to race, but it was the best fun I had had driving since Burnout 2 or the PS1 car rally games.
If Drive Club starts the next gen like Motorstorm did then I will be happy.

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