Creative director Jonathan Morin Talks Watch_Dogs Multiplayer

In a recent interview with kotaku Creative director Jonathan Morin Talked about the Watch Dogs Multiplayer. It seems that the single player demo that was shown at the Sony PS4 reveal conference has everyone wanting to know more about this title.

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shivvy241694d ago

oh god i hope it isnt forced mp like assasins creed

FarCryLover1821694d ago

It more than likely will be.

Sandmano1694d ago

Assassins creed isnt tailored for multiplayer whatchdogs on the other hand is a perfect premise for MP.

3-4-51694d ago

Uhhh AC multiplayer was actually fun...If you found a game of non-roof jumpers it was even better.

TGS1694d ago

I'm pretty sure it wont be.

1694d ago
Acquiescence1694d ago

First I heard about it. Geez, does it even need multiplayer? Strikes me as the kind of game that would be fine without it.

Sandmano1694d ago

Their pushing the everyone is hackable and vulnerable really hard, so multiplayer is a no brainer... if anything more then GTA.

From what I understood you can join someones game and either help or sabotage his mission if that doesnt sound excitingly unique MP I dotn know what is. Think of GTA with Dark souls MP.