PS4: What We Still Don’t Know

Dealspwn writes: Sony’s PS4 reveal event this week gave us lots to look forwards to and get excited for over the coming months. Unlike Nintendo, they revealed the system specs straight away, which in the long run could be a big boost in gaining support from third-party developers at an early stage -the same area that is killing the Wii U right now.

We were always going to have questions left unanswered by the event though. Some for obvious reasons, like Sony themselves not even knowing yet, others a little less clear. We’ll be tapping Uncle Sony on the shoulder for info and leaning heavily on known squealers until launch day, so keep an eye on our news section for all the updates. For now, here’s what I thought were the seven most important items missing from the meeting.

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ilikestuff1697d ago

i have to be honest, i couldnt care less what the ps4 looks like, just play awesome games and do awesome stuff

doublejj1697d ago

you know what your absolutely right in the fact that it really doesn't matter what it looks like on the outside it matters only what the system is packing on the inside and with all that what was said in the specs review the PS4 is going to need one hell of a cooling system to counteract the system being on for a lengthy amount of time. i also care about the games and what they going to look like and how they will run on the system cause if you don't have a cleanly run game then its just another box under the TV.

EbeneezerGoode1697d ago

actually i do care what it looks like, as in I'd prefer it NOT look like a POS sat under my TV but I'm sure Sony won't let us down, even if it's an understated subtle affair that's fine. It really is the games that count (and the controller)

doublejj1697d ago

i also agree with you as to what you stated that i hope its not something that looks like it was put together by Ronald McDonald's retarded friend grimace. it should be a piece of hardware that is affordable and neat and have all of what was said in the specs review. Sony knows what they are doing and i don't think that they will deliver a sub-par system with a less than sub-par hardware functionality platform.

hellvaguy1696d ago

Sony will no doubt put alot of attention into the design. Mainly I hope they dont use that high gloss black plastic finish that is a dust magnet and scratches way too easily.

I wont even buy laptops that have that gloss finish on it because it just not durable at all, but It's quite as big of a deal for a console that isnt being shuffle around to and fro.