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Submitted by bunt-custardly 1080d ago | video

Killzone Shadow Fall - smoke and mirrors, common techniques

A look at the Killzone Shadow Fall imagery and how soft focus effects, light bloom and depth of field are used in conjunction with artistic direction to create cinematic appearances. Drawing comparisons with other games which use similar effects. (Killzone: Shadow Fall, PS4)

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RaidensRising  +   1080d ago | Well said
No matter what way you try to spin it folks. Killzone looks awesome. Why are people so insecure about that beats me. Why cant we all just enjoy great games regardless of power and platform.
ThatXboxGuy   1080d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(24)
LOGICWINS  +   1080d ago
Insecure about what exactly? The guy said the game looked fantastic in the first MINUTE of the video.
Nitrowolf2  +   1080d ago
I guess it's the title that makes it sound otherwise.

These are all common techniques as it suggests, and in fact is very accurate in how we see. If you talking to someone or something is in front of you your focus is on that and everything else is blurred up (lack of focus).
kenshiro100  +   1080d ago
Maybe the person who titled this video and article shouldn't have made it look like flamebait.
LOGICWINS  +   1080d ago
^^Maybe people should actually go beyond a title when they give their opinion on a story. The title isn't flaimbait at all. EVERY developer uses smoke and mirror techniques to make their game look as real as possible. Take draw distances in games like Batman: Arkham City for example. Although you can SEE Gotham City, you can't actually enter it.
TheRealSpy  +   1080d ago
actually, that's not what he says. what he says is that they are using common tricks to make it look good, but many other games use the same tricks. and in some cases, a lot better.

"Maybe the person who titled this video and article shouldn't have made it look like flamebait."

maybe YOU should stop taking any minor criticism of PS so damn seriously.
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kenshiro100  +   1080d ago
Who's taking what seriously? The title sounded like flamebait and I pointed it out.
Ju  +   1080d ago
The comments were pretty unqualified. TBH. Yes, he has praise for the game, but then he mixes up cityscapes of different game which look like day and night and he puts them all in one pot. How can he be taken seriously? That's not an analysis at all. Comparing city skyboxes with actual polygons and failing to see the difference doesn't qualify this guy of being an expert, sorry. I did finish the video; tbh. But from what I saw, he failed to point out any details - in any game, not just KZ.
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IcarusOne  +   1080d ago
That requires the fanboys to read. Who wants to do that when it's easier to just jump in and flame on.
TheGamerDood  +   1080d ago
So the latest rumor making the rounds claims that KZ:SF was only using 1.5GB of VRAM. The fact that they were able to put all that on screen with what seems like such little ram is unfreakin' believable. I can only imagine what PS4 games will look like in a couple of years when they're able to tap all that ram. O.O

I wonder what kind of impact this will have on the final version of the game and if there will be a delay as a result.
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SilentNegotiator  +   1080d ago
"Maybe people should actually go beyond a title when they give their opinion on a story. The title isn't flaimbait at all. EVERY developer uses smoke and mirror techniques to make their game look as real as possible. Take draw distances in games like Batman: Arkham City for example. Although you can SEE Gotham City, you can't actually enter it"

1) No one should need to give an article a hit with a title like that.

2) Yes it is flamebait.

3) You need to adjust your definition of "smoke and mirrors" if you think the horizon of a game being uninteractive is "smoke and mirrors"
MysticStrummer  +   1080d ago
"Maybe the person who titled this video and article shouldn't have made it look like flamebait."

Why? Flamebait is the bread and butter of N4G. It doesn't work on everyone though. When I see a flamebait title I refuse to read the article.
Hicken  +   1080d ago
It's all well and good that he says the game looks great, but let's not be stupid enough to pretend that the title isn't a slight. It's a pretty obvious insult.

Either the author meant it that way, or he's an idiot.
WarThunder  +   1080d ago
First misleading title.
Second this this guy tries really hard to downplay Killzone shadow fall.

There one game that looks as good as KZ:SF its Crysis 3 on PC...
trancefreak  +   1080d ago
Firstly I thought this video was lame. Of course they are going to save resources to put them in areas where you are going to look. Inside of the dome of Crysis 3 if you go to the end of the map and jump up it looks like a carpet rug of grass out there. This is such a weak argument.

Next; I know there are not any final specs of yet on the new NextBox but aren't the specs going to be fairly similar?

Easy to develop for with the same type of chips despite the memory type/os architect structure and allocations.

I think the only thing to be concerned with is how exciting the days ahead are going to be with new tech.

And who knows how far this new Killzone S.F. has been being worked on. I thought it looked amazing and the devs have plenty of time to keep working on the game.

I don't know if this a day 1 launch title but high profile games usually take a back seat until there is an install base. Perhaps Killzone will be that one big launch game but we will see. I just can't wait to play it.

I think both Sony and Microsoft fans will be happy of their perspective new systems.
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dboyc310  +   1080d ago
Title is misleading lol But on topic this game looks really impressive. Was amazed how it was actual game play when I saw it on the Jimmy Fallon show. Even Infamous second son looks impressive. It was said game play was used in some parts of the trailer and if you see where Deslin swings his chain you can tell that's game play base off what we saw in Infamous 2.
adorie  +   1080d ago
Games creation in itself, especially in it's current state is smoke and mirrors anyway.

Just more crap being flung by the monkies who couldn't write valid news articles or opinions without bias.

Game is not even finished yet. I remember reading how Killzone 2 looked bland and was missing details.. when the game in it's final state was revealed, it blew some minds and fanboys went straight to work trying to discredit it for what it was.

You won't catch me in a Microsoft article trying to downplay their games or their upcoming consoles.

I wish both companies the best and the fight for our dollar go to the one who deserves it most.
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popup  +   1080d ago
OMG,it's like a shopping channel salesman trying to sound like he knows what he is talking about!

This is gold.
monkey nuts  +   1080d ago
This. XD
ZBlacktt  +   1080d ago
So this, games not even out yet and they want to try and tear it down. Wait until the PS4 and the game is out in our hands before you judge. But this story is misleading in many ways. Plus the guy kind of rambles on. Then comes back to say KZ is done very well.
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JC_Denton  +   1080d ago
This guy's using images from the wrong games at times. . .
DivineAssault  +   1080d ago
because haters are mad that Sony made a great machine.. The specs speak for themselves so i dont care what people say about what they see now (in early dev stages too).. Just wait until a year or 2 into PS4s life.. The games will be mind blowing.. & its not all about the graphics either.. A small bump in todays graphic engines in 1080/60 can be easily achieved.. Nx gen engines may not be 60fps but with that 8GB GDDR5 RAM, im sure they will run at a locked 30 w/o screen tears & slow down..

Playing all the newest games wont only look better, the experience will be better too.. The PS app (facebook esque) will make playing games really fun.. sharing platinum trophy hunts with your friends & or really rare moments can be edited, saved, & shared with others.. This machine is awesome & it doesnt matter what ppl nit pick about in the graphics..

Tell u one thing, the rumor about ps3 having 8GB of GDDR5 RAM, 8 cores, & running 1.8 tflops was true.. That same exact rumor source stated 720 was going to be similar except use weaker ddr3 ram (still 8GB), have 8 cores, & run 1.2 tflops.. So if theres problems w PS4 games, there will be problems w 720 games.. Im not even going to bother wasting my time mentioning what wii u has..

If companies like Blizzard (& possibly others @ E3 XD) partner with sony uniting PC & PS4 players together, its going to be an awesome generation.. I will continue supporting sony more than ever now.. The PS3 was their worst selling console with many mishaps n problems & still was a smash hit.. This doesnt seem to have anything im concerned with.. Especially since they ditched the complex proprietary hardware..
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insomnium2  +   1080d ago
I don't get it. Is using depth of field using smoke and mirrors? I mean it's quite natural to see something near you in great detail and all other things in the background go all blurry. That's how normal human eyes work right?

I'm really not sure what this guy is trying to say. He's pointing out the obvious imo. They are using depth of field and that's exactly why it all looks so impressive and real lifelike. That's my opinion anyway. Using it doesn't take away anything. The console still has 8 Gigs of good ram and devs are going to make wonders happen with it.

To think if first gen PS4 titles look like this what are games 5 years down the road going to look like?
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LightofDarkness  +   1080d ago
DOF, as seen in games, is more of a camera lens effect. Your eyes already apply DOF when you examine any objects in detail on the screen, there is no need to blur out everything except what game is "expecting" you to focus on. It's just redundant, unnecessary and is really just to make something look more like the movies than real-life, like lens flare. It may also be used to hide detail in some instances (like the distant canopies in Dark Souls around Fire Link Shrine).
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SugarSoSweet  +   1080d ago
I don't think Killzone looks all that great it's not bad but not great
GuyThatPlaysGames  +   1079d ago
This game looks amazing. Somehow the jackass commenting throughout the video can judge the whole game from a few minutes of early gameplay. Seems like the new way to get hits on this site is by bashing everything new that comes out.
BlmThug  +   1079d ago
This site is by far the worst gaming site i've ever come across. To have such delusional love for a piece of machine that literally any human can buy staggers me. I am no fanboy of any console and I have a life outside of gaming so maybe I can't understand the life of these logicless fanboys
nosferatuzodd  +   1079d ago
Its just that some company not going to call any name coughmscough paying trolls to talk smack just like they did with the scroogle add about Google or apple we all know there schemes cant beat em spread propaganda.
ShadesMoolah  +   1080d ago
Looks awesome, especially if this is to be a launch title.
PR_FROM_OHIO  +   1080d ago | Well said
Damn The PS4 an Killzone Shadowfall got a lot of folks scared an butthurt LMFAO!!!!!!!! Shit is hilarious!!
pandaboy  +   1080d ago
Nobody is scared, we are just pissed that it is a last gen game masked as next gen. I'm extremely underwhelmed by the killzone demo. It relies on the pre half life 2 corridor shooter style gameplay and the graphics are just meh since it is so blurry all the time.
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Tundra  +   1080d ago
Last gen couldn't even do 1080p all that often. This is a launch game with native 1080p. There's certainly nothing "last gen" about it.
gta2800  +   1080d ago
You're so full of shit my friend lol.
r21  +   1080d ago
Blurry? Were you watching a 240p. If you want, I can get you 720p and 1080p links from the conference and Jimmy Fallon show.
Muerte2494  +   1080d ago
Two words...
kenshiro100  +   1080d ago
Killzone: SF had me stunned the minute it was announced. I can't wait to play it.
trancefreak  +   1080d ago
Hell ya! I was watching the twitter feed on my home from work. People said it was amazing that were there watching first hand.
ape007  +   1080d ago
while KZ ps4 look unbelievablly amazing i think that the gap between the 360\ps3 and next gen is not as big as ps2 to ps3 i see that bioshock Infinite, GTA V and MGS GZ hold up very well against PS4 gfx, they still look Damn Good IMO, 360\ps3 gfx are nowhere near as outdated against ps4 gfx as (let's say) san andreas to GTA V

in the end we want creative sp games, old school feel, games like RESI 4, like shadow man, timesplitters, turok etc, now with incredible graphical fidelity of the ps4 and hopefully nextbox, dreams can come true, don't get me wrong im a huge military shooter fan but I fed up
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trancefreak  +   1080d ago
Your link doesn't work!
ape007  +   1080d ago
opps , fixed, thanks
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MasterCornholio  +   1080d ago
What you say is true however at least the gap is noticeable unlike the Wii U when compared to the PS3 or the 360.

BTW I'm not trashing the Wii U by calling it a last gen console. I know that the controller is the main selling point of the console but I prefer a more traditional controller design which is why I will probably get a PS4 or a new XBOX.

Motorola RAZR i
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LiViNgLeGaCY  +   1080d ago
I think the reason why we won't see a huge leap in next gen, as much as we did this gen, is because we don't have that jump to HD.

Like what I mean is, games are already in HD, and the HD isn't any better, just the tech in these new consoles. Where as last gen, there was the awesome new tech, PLUS the jump to HD.
#5.3 (Edited 1080d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
sak500  +   1080d ago
You're right but jump from 720p to 1080p is still considerable, i have movies which are 720 and others 1080p and on all of my 42" and above tvs (3 tvs) i notice much sharper image. Also would like to see more normal mapping (bump mapping) and higher rez textures in coming gen consoles. We still see lots of blurred or washed out textures in games due to just few hundred MB ram in current consoles.
Qrphe  +   1080d ago
The leap between PS2, PS3 and PS4 titles is about the same

Games like Resistance and Perfect Dark Zero didn't look significantly better besides resolution than games like Black on PS2.
shivvy24  +   1080d ago
oh GOD i miss Rfom ! didnt have pro graphics but damn i had so much fun !
imt558  +   1080d ago
One small info from Beyond3D :

KZ : Shadow Fall is developed on devkits with only 1.5GB GDDR5 RAM. Look picture several times on link below and try to imagine how it will look with 8GB GDDR5 RAM available in final devkits. Guerilla Games FTW!!!:)

Check this screenshot :
Reverent  +   1080d ago
Real time reflections for actors other than the player... Very, very impressive. I cannot wait to get my hands on a PS4 and this game. It would be so awesome if they bundled them together at launch.
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Kurt Russell  +   1080d ago
Bring on the Bruce Lee hall of mirrors death match level!
SugarSoSweet  +   1080d ago
y the fuck r ppl disagreeing with this guy he's right the gap between ps3 and ps4 isn't as big as ps2 to ps3
ape007  +   1080d ago
stage88  +   1080d ago
I really want to see multiplayer now!
This is most likely going to be my first PS4 game. It will probably come bundled.
young7yang  +   1080d ago
wow! this is stupid!
RELIGHT  +   1080d ago
What's so funny is that people say the leap next gen isn't that great and yet they believe what was shown is not real lol.
SAE  +   1080d ago
No. What is shocking is that they still think this is not a big leap just because they were wrong in the first place..
GiantFriendlyCrab  +   1080d ago
i dont think sony can afford to make the same mistake as they did at E3-05. Watch the Killzone HQ video in HD, you will see its all real time. Only the cutscenes will be more cinematic but ingame, like most video games are nowdays
#9 (Edited 1080d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Killzoner99  +   1080d ago
I expect to see a lot of articles like this in the coming months. It's sad really , all the hate that gets directed at the Playstation brand. Some people just can't except how amazing PS4 games look and that Sony is on top .PC fanboys are starting to join the fight against Sony now because the PS4 looks better than ANY tricked out PC.
SJPFTW  +   1080d ago
maybe you should go watch the video first before jumping on conclusion you noob lol. Heck you dont even have to watch the video as the synopsis on the page is

"In this video we take an analytical look at the Killzone Shadow Fall imagery and how soft focus effects, light bloom and depth of field are used in conjunction with artistic direction to create cinematic appearances. Drawing comparisons with other games which use similar effects."
Studio-YaMi  +   1080d ago
The guy isn't saying Killzone : shadow fall looks bad,he's actually admiring it,he's just saying that some of the elements used in the Killzone : shadow fall trailer was used also in games like battlefield 3,Crysis 2,Perfect dark & Halo 4.

He's not saying that it's not impressive,he's saying that some of the elements aren't new to some(especially to PC gamers),still .. the Killzone : shadow fall gameplay footage was remarkable in a way that you might actually think it was run on a high end PC.

PS4 is gonna be an amazing console ! :D
akaakaaka  +   1080d ago
Gun animation is new, how it change from AF to a SR is epic!
true not many new thing in term of gameplay..
so far we only saw 8min of what I'm guessing was a early alpha demo.. let's wait see and play the game, i bet there are many only possible on next gen features..
GiantFriendlyCrab  +   1080d ago
just look at last of us, and beyond two sould, they already look like next-gen. And people say that ps4 can not have much better looking games, like Deep down, infamous, and killzone?.
InTheLab  +   1080d ago
I fail to see the point of this video...
rezzah  +   1080d ago
To learn how developers present city backgrounds in their games.
InTheLab  +   1080d ago
Ahh. I see. Because for a minute, I thoutht the video was making a comparison of killzone's proprietary engine against Spec ops' this gen Unreal Engine 3....
rezzah  +   1080d ago
Yea Im not sure where you got that from. Especially since in the first 40 seconds the speaker mentions the comparison of the environment across multiple games.

Attention given to the engines when only the games are mentioned. It is interesting when you suggest a comparison of 2 engines when games using other engines are mentioned.
rezzah  +   1080d ago
interesting video, I learnt something today :D

I like the realistic take that BF3 and MoH present in their landscape. I wonder what the KZ games would be like if they were done this way.

When I think back to both KZ2 and 3 the use of blur and focal points is very heavy in this series. I think this is what just makes it "KZ".
rezzah  +   1080d ago
in case if some where thinking this, the fact that KZ background is done a certain way doesn't make it a negative thing.

I have to assume since people don't what to state their reasoning.
FATAL1TY  +   1080d ago
ame22  +   1080d ago
Nothing to see here, move on. The game doesn't even exploit the 8GB of GDDR5 RAM revealed in the meeting and they're already saying it's smoke and mirrors.
ISNeko  +   1080d ago
Killzone games look fantastic, but everyone calling out other gamers who prefer other platforms are no better than the prejudice ones they're judging. Do not drag PC/nintendo/xbox gamers down as a whole by the actions of a few.
majiebeast  +   1080d ago
For a launch title running on probably only 4 gigs of GDDR5 it is damn impressive.
Tundra  +   1080d ago
While it most certainly does looks great, games rarely use over 2gb in normal circumstances.

Depending on how much this thing costs, I may save up and shoot for Day 1 just to have it.
r21  +   1080d ago
Rumors are saying KZSF ran on only 2gb of RAM. Impressive if true.
duplissi  +   1080d ago
well that was a waste of time... hurr durr killzone uses DOF, so do other games.. really! slap me silly, I thought guerilla invented DOF...
thehitman  +   1080d ago
Watched the video and this guy tries really hard to downplay killzone. First off there are usually HUGE differences between console games and PC games. 1 of them is that usually PC developers fail on making a game have a cinematic feel. For example highlighting the character in close up shots is to put the focus mainly on the characters and not on the scenary if u watch any movie they do the same thing has nothing to do with smoke and mirrors or technical design.

Then he starts comparing bf which is suppose to come really close to being more of a real life shooter simulator in terms of details to a game that has a sci-fi concept and design. Then he over states the "blurriness" in kz shots and understates the 1s in bf which showed his biasness (ie tank shot with all that fcking blurriness).

In the end was a good attempt but fail logic/comparison and his downplay of KZ shows he is probably butt hurt over the fact consoles will be able to shoot out the same and greater quality games than his PC can.
abzdine  +   1080d ago
this is the best looking game in gaming history, period! i wonder how games will look on PS4 after 5 years of life cycle!
#21 (Edited 1080d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(9) | Report | Reply
landog  +   1080d ago

crushes killzone shadowfall and everything else shown imo, maybe the fake deep down trailer looked better, a bit....but it was cgi 100%

plus all the games were running on pc anyway, we'll see at console launch after actually playing

im excited for ps4 for sure, i just know if will have nothing on a high end pc from 2011, let alone the cards coming this year
Qrphe  +   1080d ago
It's been confirmed most of the demos were running on PS4 hardware.

Regardless, consoles never have high-end PC anything for the most part, so what's your point?
Reverent  +   1080d ago
I'm sorry but that Witcher 2 video did NOT look as good as the KZ:SF demo.
DigitalSmoke  +   1080d ago
Witcher looks nice, maybe its the best looking PC title yet, but it'll look like nothing compared to one of these optimized custom build PS4 exclusives.
Notice how Uncharted/Got of War/GT5/Killzone look on only 512 total memory.
#21.1.3 (Edited 1080d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(0) | Report
_-EDMIX-_  +   1080d ago
You do understand that a tech demo is actually demoing the real technology?

So...let me get this straight.

^Thats fake and can't be done on PS4

^but this is real and can be done on PS4 (I think QD said they maxed out PS4 100% and not a single wrinkle can be added..yup. Maxed out, can't look anything better then this, NOT even a little.

^This game is clearly not CGI, it looks so ugly compared to Deep Down, at least 45% to 68% uglier...I can tell, I have eyes that can detect CGI like you. LOL

^good, but clearly in Deep Down there faces just can't be done on PS4, I mean this can be done on PS4, but not this

cause this ^ just can't be done on PS4, only this


but god heavens! not this

Cause Deep Down has CGI wrinkles, never seen before...ever. I state this because how epic Squares tech demo is. There is just no way in hell you can say Sqaure's is "real" and Deep Down's Tech demo is "CGI". Theres nothing in it that we haven't already seen that night. I'll be a lot sharper, clear etc. But Its not that for from Squares facial stuff. To say its CGI, is to some how say that there is not a thing that can beat Square's demo (despite them only showing it once on PS4, despite it not looking THAT much different Deep Down etc)

Cause this is too good to be true and real game play

....but this isn't?

LOL...I think some of you are just jumping the gun cause Capcom didn't "pause" or "zoom" in for you. Had Square had shown the trailer and Capcom did the whole "pause and zoom" I'm pretty sure you would be saying Square's is CGI.
_-EDMIX-_  +   1080d ago
??? First, why would Capcom go on stage to take about showing a tech demo for a new engine just to show CG?

Second, this isn't Capcom's system to sell and market...why even show CG?

Third. it didn't look that far from what Square was showing, which has been proven over and over again to be a real time engine.

Fourth, everything on stage was running on a PS4. Not a single developer to my understanding has come out to say otherwise.

I'm sorry, you needed them to zoom in and out to be real? LMFAO! So Square's and Quantic Dreams demos where real time....Capcom's is fake? LMFAO! So its fake cause they didn't pause it for you and zoom out, as if UE4, Quanitc Dreams new engine and Square's new engine just didn't know any of the facial detail like Deep Down did? LOL! Buddy....go back and look at Squares Demo and tell my Deep Down isn't real, but Square's is. It doesn't make sense. Deep Down being fake, means everything on stage was also fake.

I don't understand the whole Idea of Capcom showing CG. It literally makes no sense. They are not a first party, have no need what so ever to help PS4 sales. I'm not really understanding it other then idiots who thing that if they didn't see them "pause" or "zoom" in that its fake.

As if that level of facial and lighting detail was not shown in some form that nignt. I feel if Driveclub had just been a trailer "CGI", if Square NEVER paused or shown there demo at E3 last year and just shown a trailer this year...."CGI".

I feel people are just saying "CGI" because some one hasn't "paused" it to say "oh look we can pause it cause its IN ENGINE AND A REAL GAME". I've noticed this because how amazing Squares demo is...yet no one has said its "CGI" but Capcom shows something REALLY similar....oh its "CGI" now cause it was just a trailer. Why on earth would they show CGI for a new engine and day its a tech demo?
Ritsujun  +   1080d ago
He's mad that publishers troll PC gamers.
DigitalSmoke  +   1079d ago
Good luck with an unoptimized bottlenecked power house of a PC with no games using over 50% of its potential.. .
#21.1.7 (Edited 1079d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report
Hedstrom  +   1080d ago | Well said
I dont understand the point of the video. When you look at something it comes in focus and other thing blurs out? Thats how it works in real life and in all fps games. If you would remove it the game would become flat and wierd.
TheBrownBandito  +   1080d ago
Exactly. Bubbles up.
phozon  +   1080d ago
that video didnt say anything ...
come on all of those screenshots he's talking about are so photoshoped and antialaised that there's no point in comparing them... all those games don't look like that in real time and so does killzone so whats the point
Cyrax4  +   1080d ago
Not impressed. 30 fps? That's just embarrassing.

Will any other series besides Call of Duty offer 60 frames per second next gen?
N311V  +   1080d ago
I've often wondered why some people desire 60fps. Personally I've not noticed any flickering or stuttering at 30fps.

Perhaps it's just biological variation and some people see the world in a higher frame rate. Could you describe to me what it is about 30fps that you dislike so much?
NeoTribe  +   1080d ago
He just likes the fact that its a bigger number.
shivvy24  +   1080d ago
i never had a problem with games with 30fps , if it looks great , thats all it matters to me
Ritsujun  +   1080d ago
There you go.
mushroomwig  +   1080d ago
Your Call Of Duty comparison is pretty silly, those games aren't exactly known for the groundbreaking visuals. The developers of Killzone have made the choice to take those extra resources and put them into the visuals and I completely support them for that.

30 frames per second is fine, the idea that people "need" 60 otherwise the game is unplayable is ridiculous.
#24.2 (Edited 1080d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
papashango  +   1080d ago
So 30fps then huh...that's a shame. Hopefully this isn't the standard. I've gamed at over 75 fps for the past few years on my pc. It's been pretty much the fps standard since 02 for anyone that plays online and enjoys the competitive aspect of gaming.

In fact for awhile LCD monitors were shunned by the fps crowd at first due to being limited to 60 fps. This was almost 10 years ago!!!
stuntman_mike  +   1080d ago
they used a lot of the same character models, if you look at the bald guys talking as they are walking along they are exactly the same faces just with different clothes (could be twins lol) but that's nothing really the game looked stunning.I did notice some texture changes at the bit where he jumps on the rope it all seemed to get shinier.

The Capcom Deep Down looked amazing also, some bits of that looked in game.
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Soldierone  +   1080d ago
Normally its PC players that do it, and its annoying. "but but but it cheated to look good." I don't care how its done, its looks amazing. If they can "trick" you into making it look good on lower specs, who cares? It still looks great, period.
monkey nuts  +   1080d ago
Our brains use smoke and mirrors so to speak when processing images that we view. It takes shortcuts and assumes certain parameters are met when we see a face for example. Google it, I is right. So lets quit ripping on killzone 4 and start ripping on the brain. Atleast we all have experience/ hands on time with the latter. . . . . . .

ironmonkey  +   1080d ago
Actually crysis 3 is maxed out on my pc and yes some areas are highly detailed and some are just awful. Same with witcher 2 from a distance that game looks but zoom up to a tree or a side mountain it looks the same as any other game blurred out.
kung-fu-grip  +   1080d ago
All of this hype with KZ:SF is exactly like the hype during KZ2's release, many PS gamers were comparing the game's renders to damn near everything and suggesting that KZ2's renders were more advanced than Crysis or anything that could be rendered on PC. Console gamers who complain about PC talk, this is where it all started. Now here we are again.
yweiuiqwur   1080d ago | Spam
Anti-Fanboyer  +   1080d ago

I made this comparison picture just for people to realize the impressive draw distance technique. If you look at the city fly over scene in the very beginning of the demo, people would think it's just "a background." The last few minutes of demo when he's flying the through the cityscape, there's more shit going on down there up close than you see from afar. Somehow it suggest a possibility of semi-open world game-play like Dishonored or Deus Ex: HE. But this is just an assumption.
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