The Cursed Checkpoint #202 - Should I Play Black Ops 2?

Two Justins, neither of whom are big Call of Duty fans/players, tried Blacks Ops 2. Gifford finished and is still playing it. Lacey quit. Can Justin convince Justin to give Blops 2 another shot?

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MooseWI1848d ago

Hard to convince most to play Call of Duty again.

hellvaguy1848d ago (Edited 1848d ago )

The facts kinda disagree with your assessment of "most". CoD's are the best selling games of this generation, so its very laughable to claim most arent playing it.

Hufandpuf1848d ago

BLOPS 2 is a decline in the series sales-wise, so it is showing it's age.


somewhat laughable to consider the fortune(s) made and how.
most are likely still playing it or eagerly anticipating the inevitable next installment.
Best selling games of the generation.A disappointing,if not disturbing fact.I would like to disagree but alas...truth is.

RickHiggity1848d ago

Honestly, I played the Black Ops 2 free weekend on steam, and it convinced me to buy it. Not laggy at all on PC, and it seems fairly balanced. I had fun at least. The xbox version on the other hand is not so great when it comes to latency.

Saryk1848d ago

I played it this weekend on Steam, wasn't impressed enough to buy it at a discount.