Gearbox 'embezzled' Aliens: Colonial Marines money

An anonymous writer, who has been regularly spilling details from within SEGA on the blog SEGA Awakens, has addressed the ongoing Aliens: Colonial Marines saga, adding fresh perspective and blaming SEGA, TimeGate, and Gearbox in different ways. Mostly Gearbox, though.

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majiebeast2119d ago (Edited 2119d ago )

Grabbing the popcorn for another episode of Gearbox drama.

Wow if this stuff is true then gearbox is a scumbag developer. The last guys that did something simillair was Sillicon Knights who used the funding of a xmen game for activision on Eternal Darkness 2 preproduction.

Godmars2902119d ago

I'm hearing that something underhanded might have happened with the art of for Borderlands. That they hired the guy who did this animation, fired him before committing him to the project, but used his art style regardless.

zerocrossing2119d ago (Edited 2119d ago )

The out right lies and apparent "swindling" going on with A:CM is borderline criminal activity on Gearbox's part, an apology mite not be enough to fix this mess, IMO.

Right now it's safe to say Gearbox seem worse than Capcom, EA, and Activsion, which is no small thing considering the crap you'd have to pull to even fall level with those three.

What can we really expect from a patch if it even happens? Improved lighting, better looking environments, Aliens mechanics/ AI improvements? Fewer glitches and other bugs?.

Honestly, there's nothing they can do par rebuilding the game from the ground up that can fix this mess as far as Im concerned.

ApolloTheBoss2119d ago (Edited 2119d ago )

Yes. At this point these guys are second ONLY to Hammerpoint Interactve.

g2gshow2118d ago

What can we really expect from a patch if it even happens? Improved lighting, better looking environments, Aliens mechanics/ AI improvements? Fewer glitches and other bugs?.

zero crossing they will be made an example of as a warning to other game studios that gamer's are not suckers an will hold developer accountable as one unified nation pc or console an also give props when it's due then after get back to our bickering about what systems is better that the one thing about gamers i realize will never change the mud slinging lol peace

any company big or small have to answer to the gamers

g2gshow2118d ago

"You can do it! Cut his @#*#* head off!"

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Letros2119d ago (Edited 2119d ago )

That's a big claim, hopefully it all gets revealed

LostDjinn2118d ago

"Update: Just to make it clear, I have been able to corroborate the basic information presented by "Danielson," not his more editorialized opinions. I can't back his claims of "embezzlement" -- likely more an emotional response on his part than anything else. I cannot vouch for the blogger firsthand, only the information I've been able to double check with my trusted sources -- chiefly that Gearbox had at least tried to present SEGA an unfavorable contract, the game was slated for cancellation and later resurrected, and that Gearbox was not fully truthful with the publisher on how much work it was putting into Aliens. Naturally, with no official word, this is all still just off-record stuff until someone can actually explain something publicly.
Read more at " - This is pathetic after writing and publishing the piece prior to any form of investigation. Just let it run to generate traffic until you get called on it. Then update the piece in an attempt to escape any accusation of wrongdoing.

I have to state up front that I think ACM is a disgrace, Randy Pitchford is a douche that'll pay for what he's done and that I'll never look at Gearbox the same way again. Even so, writing a piece accusing someone of illegal activity without a shred of proof solely as a means to generate traffic is truly low.

Strangely it's indicative of the gaming media. The whole "It's a rumor" or "It's opinion" or "We didn't start it" excuse used in an attempt to escape accountability is really wearing thin.

After all, how hypocritical is it to demand accountability for one person/group/entity whilst trying to avoid it yourself?

KillrateOmega2118d ago (Edited 2118d ago )

Embezzling? That's a heavy accusation. We'll have to see some definite proof of illegal activity though.

However, the lack of proof doesn't detract from all the other crap going on with the game and its flaws.

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