Asymmetrical Gameplay and the WII U is Nintendo Onto Something Here?

GamerFitNation: Asymmetrical gameplay is probably nothing new. You know what is new though? The WII U! Nintendo’s new console, allows you to use a gamepad which is similar to a tablet like device in order to play games. You can play games on your TV or transfer it over to the pad so your spouse, family, or friends can use the TV while you game. The console has been available for the past couple of months so most have either bought it or are waiting for a price drop. At this point if you haven’t heard of the system you might be hiding under a rock. This is what we know about the Wii U currently; well let’s speculate on the new type of gameplay experience it is bringing to the table.

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TruthbeTold1847d ago

I'm definitely enjoying it, and think that Nintendo is onto something good.

wiiulee1847d ago

nintendo has built a fantastic unique system in the wiiu, they just need to get those games out quick....i dnt see what new that sony actually offered, of course fanboys will go crazy cause its sony....winner of next generation will be between wiiu and steam....and asymmetrical gameplay and assisted gameplay like implemented in need for speed is great and unique

TruthbeTold1847d ago

Well I liked what I saw from the PS4 reveal. I'll definitely be getting one. I just worry that it will be too expensive for a while. The thing about SOny with the PS3 and PS4 is that they are packing enough power so that they can adapt on the fly according to what consumers desire that they didn't initially pack in. It's a different route than Nintendo, but it's just as important imo.

sknygy1847d ago

"The thing about SOny with the PS3 and PS4 is that they are packing enough power so that they can adapt on the fly according to what consumers desire that they didn't initially pack in."

Interesting... never considered it from that point.

I was still underwhelmed from the PS4 reveal and it made me feel more confident about the Wii U's future. All of the games shown could have been PS3 titles, the asymmetrical gameplay found in NintendoLand (or even Rayman legends) could not be replicated on the Wii.

Ilovetheps41847d ago

Well, the Wii U is just trying to do something different while not using the greatest internal hardware. The PS4 is going a completely opposite route and just trying to make it a powerhouse. They are two completely different systems. I mean the PS4 has a few innovations such as the touch pad. But, the two consoles are just catering to different people, but I will definitely have both consoles. I already have a Wii U. I just wish it had more games for me to play right now.

sknygy1847d ago

I agree with your comment completely, but will wait to see what Microsoft brings before I make my mind up about the PS4.

As for Wii U games, I'm already up to 20 and struggling to find time to play them all. I work in retail and at my busiest Sept-Dec so didn't get to play things like AC3 or Darksiders 2 then. The Wii U has a fantastic line up so early on it its life.

TruthbeTold1847d ago

I think that they are both catering to me. I'm not really a one console kind of guy.

Link0791847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

Please the WiiU just the 70% of the gpgpu that we know of has over 200GB of fast bandwidth RAM,140 GB on the 32MB eDRAM alone,then you have 3MB more edram and lots of SRAM,this gives the gpu even more power ? look it up on any website thats selling ps4 it says the ps4 has 176GB of badwidth for even more power ?

Can i also say the architecture in the wiiu gpgpu is very powerful as it uses a new eDRAM from IBM that is very powerful and allows for any gpu to punch way above its weight,the stock E6760 has 576 gigaflops and it scores higher than a HD4850 on all benchmarks and that chip has 1.2 terraflops same as 720 ? wiiu is said to be using 1 terraflop but on architecture that performs twice the number ie the E6760 with 576 giggaflops scoring higher than the HD4850 with 1.2 terraflops basically demonstrates the wiiu gpu is very powerful.

Ilovetheps41847d ago


As I said, I have a Wii U. I bought it first day. I enjoy the Wii U, but it is not possible to convince me that the Wii U is as powerful as the PS4 or the "720". It isn't. Is it more powerful than the PS3 and 360? Yes, but not the PS4 and "720".

PopRocks3591847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

I don't think the Wii U is on par with the PS4 at all, but I don't think it's as far behind as people will have you believe. I don't think anyone with any sense expected the Wii U to be on par, let alone stronger. But there is some sufficient juice in that machine; I think Criterion managed to prove that with their port of Need for Speed.

EDIT: I wanted to add that I think some games on the PS4 will look astonishing, exclusives especially will look better than what will generally be found on the Wii U. But I don't think the Wii U will be left behind in this regard. The Wii U can produce some nice looking games too; not as good as PS4 in the end, obviously. But nice looking games nonetheless.

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RFornillos41847d ago

nintendo did state that they don't care how "more beefy" the other consoles will be. they preferred to offer a different experience. thus asymmetrical gameplay was their route.

of course, with the sales of Wii in mind, Sony and MS knew that just being a powerhouse machine would not be enough, so as early as now, they've already implemented similar touch capabilities with the controller, streaming and remote play, vita integration. with Microsoft, it's already given how they'll improve on their smartglass technology. so basically, they already never knew never to dismiss Nintendo's way of thinking.

although i admired PS4's reveal for a console, and even plan to get one, as a partner for Wii U, as a PC gamer myself, i've already enjoyed games in better graphics so graphics-wise they didn't really excite me. but i admit that the games they will offer will be far more inviting.

Link0791847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

No Nintendo said they wont be left behind graphically knowing the specs of 720 and ps4 they also said they will make GameEngines to keep up with ps4 ect.

32mb edram plus 2mb edram plus well over 1mb of sram is FREAKING INSANE its simply a hugly powerful custom video-gaming gpgpu to a INTELIGENT AND EDUCATED HUMAN BEING COUGH DIGITAL FOUNDRY...

THE 32MB EDRAM alone has over 140gb bsndwidth that is 4.5 x xbox 360 and its 3.2 x bigger also NOT NEXT GEN LOL xbox 720 edram is rated at 100GB bandwidth LOL AT WIIU WEAK XBOX STRONG SEE MY POINT THEY MAKE IT ALL UP TO SUIT THERE MS AND SONY WORSHIP CLEAR FANBOYING

140 is 40 more than xbox 720 see my point THERE NINTENDO HATING

that is the 32 mb edram alone theres buses to the 2 mb edram and the sram so they also have INSANE BANDWIDTH ALSO that is simply AMAZING ,,,,

THERES LIKE 200 GB BANDWIDTH OF FAST RAM ON THAT GPGPU and this is just the 70% we know of,there is more to this gpgpu who knows what the other 30% is but because its hidden i'm guessing more eDRAM.

AZWification1847d ago

Link, In the end the PS4 will be strongest tho. I am OK with that. I mean they had weak consoles during the PSX and PS2 generations.

smashcrashbash1847d ago

Don't want to bust anyone's bubble here but until Nintendo shows me something that you can do on the pad that you couldn't do on the television it is still just another gimmick. They have to show me they aren't going to do what Nintnedo has done for years and that is make a gimmick and run out of ideas how to use it early and basically forget about it. That is exactly what they did with the Wiimote where they ran out of anything useful to do with it very early on.Staring at a much smaller screen compared to my television just because someone wants to use the television is not enough to convince me.And I can use menus on my television just fine without having to look away from it to access them. So far Nintendo is just making the same games they had for the last systems and with more or the same third party games coming for the PS4 I see no reason to buy a Wii U. It isn't on par with the PS4. It is not as far as the Wii was from the PS3 and 360 but anyone saying everything play and looks the same as the PS4 does needs their eyes checked.

fonger081847d ago

Let me get this straight, you're claiming repetitiveness from Nintendo even though the PS4 showed off (a beautiful) game that is the sixth entry in Killzone? Then talk about gimmicks when the PS4 highlighted touch, motion, and a Kinect knockoff, along with a social media share button? Dude give it the Nintendo gimmick thing a rest, they all do it now.