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TGND- Review - Dead Space 3

Kel gives her thoughts on the final installment in the Dead Space trilogy. (Dead Space 3, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)
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Harkins1721  +   541d ago
Pathetic read. Especially the music part. In the first 2 games the "music score" did the same thing. However in Dead Space 3 there was a time where the music did stop and enemies still came out to attack you. Their was also points in the game where you walked out and you would see a shadow drop behind you. So youd look behind and BAM there were some more necromorphs.
DOOMZ  +   541d ago
The games amazing, 9.0/10!
This review is rubbish...
r21  +   541d ago
Just finished the game and I gotta agree with most of the reviewer's points. The surprise of being attacked by necromorphs was completely gone in this game thanks to music and their obvious spawn points. Crafting system was the probably the only thing that I liked from DS3. Despite that, the game is no way a 4/10, more like a 7 or 8 IMO
MysticStrummer  +   541d ago
Won't bother reading this. I'm not finished with DS3 yet, but it's sure as hell no 4/10. I liked the first two better overall and I think DS3 has some questionable design choices, but I'm enjoying it. 8/10 is my score so far.
nutcrackr  +   541d ago
I thought dead space 1 did music worse, so many times I'd hear the impending doom music before seeing the actual enemy. A rare occurrence in DS3. Not sure what difficulty the reviewer was playing on, but I thought the resources were about fair on Hard.

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