Project Gotham Racing Trademark Gets Renewed! Announcement Incoming?

Microsoft has just renewed the trademark for the PGR series. Does this point at an upcoming announcement?

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ABizzel12037d ago

It's likely a launch title for the Nextbox.

When the team went under half the team went to Evolution Games (Sony's Motorstorm team).

The other half was picked up by MS, so it's probably 100% true.

Nextbox launch titles:

Halo ODST 2
Project Gotham Racing 5
Rare NEW IP / Reboot Franchise
Kinect Games

MikeMyers2037d ago

Halo ODST 2? I seriously doubt it. I don't want to see any Halo announcements this year. Rare needs to get busy and make some real games.

I want to see at least 2 new IP's from Microsoft announced at E3 that are AA titles and hardcore games. Alan Wake 2 is also rumored but I want to see new ip's as well.

WarThunder2037d ago

I played PGR4 at my friends house, Imo it was not good, car sound was terrible, graphics looked so outdated...

I don't know why people are getting exited about this game even NFS was better

Gamer19822037d ago (Edited 2037d ago )

MS own the brand name now but the original team are all but gone Bizarre are now owned by the machine now known as Activision and half the team work for Evolution studios and will be working on drive club. Obviously drive club announcement scared MS into getting this IP back.. Thats good for gamers I guess but what studio can really work on this?? Most studios are not major ones who only really do software or low budget Kinect titles. MS only has a few big budget studios like 343.

PRG wasnt that great anyway back when released it was just an exclusive for one and the first driving game that really took advantage of LIVE games like Forza have far surpassed PGR..

Gildarts2037d ago


so your saying they got scared into making a game in 10 months?

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BlmThug2037d ago

Holy **** I am a massive racing fan and PGR5 would be a dream come true

monkey nuts2037d ago

If you think the pgr series wasn't that good then you truly have my sympathies. They were all phenomenal arcade racers in the purest of forms. Tight handling, great visuals and the multiplayer was solid and a hellova laugh, split screen and online. The fourth game had the best cars and super/motorbike line up to ever grace an arcade racer and it had proper weather/day/night cycles which was a first for console racers i believe. Hopefully evo studos got most of the talent that left bizarre and translate that in to driveclub which I look forward to playing as much as I do PGR5.

Kalowest2037d ago

Hopefully Lucid Games are making it and it's not just a rumor. If they can't, Playground Games would be next in line. Both studios(Playground Games and Lucid Games) are made of former Bizarre Creations developers.

Septic2037d ago

Makes sense. MS giving Forza a break and launching the 720 with PGR like it did with the 360.

BanBrother2037d ago

PGR was the first 'next-gen racer I got to see. Back in 2005 or 2006 I played a demo in my local shop, and was amazed. I picked up a 360 in 2008 but haven't touched the game lol.

If MS have a good reveal, I might just consider getting the 720, as I love racing games. Plus, if I can remember, it had night-time racing? Something unfortunately missing from Forza.

DeadlyFire2037d ago

So they launch with PGR and then we won't see again until Xbox 1440?

Vinc3602037d ago

I really, really hope so. That was my favorite racing series. Make the Forza Horizon people develop this!

IronFistChinMi2037d ago

It won't be them, it's Lighthouse Studios (or something similarly named) developing. They have a few ex Bizarre Creations employees, who worked on the old PGR games.

majiebeast2037d ago (Edited 2037d ago )

Who is gonna make it? Bizzare is dead and the lead on PGR3,4 has joined Evolution studio's together with other members from Bizzare probably working on Driveclub. I guess turn 10 can do it.

Vinc3602037d ago

Maybe some new developer or the Forza Horizon people if they had 2 teams working on games at once... I'm not sure.

Good_Guy_Jamal2037d ago

They outsourced Forza Horizon and that turned out pretty awesome, don't see why they can't get the same team to do PGR 5.
Those guys are still in business right?

coolbeans2037d ago

As it currently stands, Playground Games (the team it was outsourced to) is still in business and currently hiring.


AngelicIceDiamond2037d ago


I'm desperately looking for the source but I read somewhere along time ago that Forza on the 360 will be cross playable on 720 MS is creating some kind of online infrastructure that works with 360 and 720 games. This might take advantage of MS cloud service. And from the sounds of it you might be able to do it with most of the 360 games.

No joke.


nirwanda2037d ago

And the other half of bizzare are now lucid and are multiformat and are making next gen games if you look at the ps4 devs list

IronFistChinMi2037d ago

Not sure why you're getting disagrees, as those are facts.

All signs point to Lucid developing PGR5 according to the article below.

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