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Project Gotham Racing Trademark Gets Renewed! Announcement Incoming?

Microsoft has just renewed the trademark for the PGR series. Does this point at an upcoming announcement? (Microsoft, Next-Gen, Project Gotham Racing 5, Xbox One)

hennessey86  +   855d ago
We can only
MikeMyers  +   855d ago
Same. Awesome series.
ABizzel1  +   855d ago
It's likely a launch title for the Nextbox.

When the team went under half the team went to Evolution Games (Sony's Motorstorm team).

The other half was picked up by MS, so it's probably 100% true.

Nextbox launch titles:

Halo ODST 2
Project Gotham Racing 5
Rare NEW IP / Reboot Franchise
Kinect Games
MikeMyers  +   855d ago
Halo ODST 2? I seriously doubt it. I don't want to see any Halo announcements this year. Rare needs to get busy and make some real games.

I want to see at least 2 new IP's from Microsoft announced at E3 that are AA titles and hardcore games. Alan Wake 2 is also rumored but I want to see new ip's as well.
WarThunder  +   855d ago
I played PGR4 at my friends house, Imo it was not good, car sound was terrible, graphics looked so outdated...

I don't know why people are getting exited about this game even NFS was better
Gamer1982  +   855d ago
MS own the brand name now but the original team are all but gone Bizarre are now owned by the machine now known as Activision and half the team work for Evolution studios and will be working on drive club. Obviously drive club announcement scared MS into getting this IP back.. Thats good for gamers I guess but what studio can really work on this?? Most studios are not major ones who only really do software or low budget Kinect titles. MS only has a few big budget studios like 343.

PRG wasnt that great anyway back when released it was just an exclusive for one and the first driving game that really took advantage of LIVE games like Forza have far surpassed PGR..
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Gildarts  +   855d ago

so your saying they got scared into making a game in 10 months?
BlmThug  +   855d ago
Holy **** I am a massive racing fan and PGR5 would be a dream come true
monkey nuts  +   855d ago
If you think the pgr series wasn't that good then you truly have my sympathies. They were all phenomenal arcade racers in the purest of forms. Tight handling, great visuals and the multiplayer was solid and a hellova laugh, split screen and online. The fourth game had the best cars and super/motorbike line up to ever grace an arcade racer and it had proper weather/day/night cycles which was a first for console racers i believe. Hopefully evo studos got most of the talent that left bizarre and translate that in to driveclub which I look forward to playing as much as I do PGR5.
Kalowest  +   855d ago
Hopefully Lucid Games are making it and it's not just a rumor. If they can't, Playground Games would be next in line. Both studios(Playground Games and Lucid Games) are made of former Bizarre Creations developers.
unworthy15  +   855d ago
Septic  +   855d ago
Makes sense. MS giving Forza a break and launching the 720 with PGR like it did with the 360.
BanBrother  +   855d ago
PGR was the first 'next-gen racer I got to see. Back in 2005 or 2006 I played a demo in my local shop, and was amazed. I picked up a 360 in 2008 but haven't touched the game lol.

If MS have a good reveal, I might just consider getting the 720, as I love racing games. Plus, if I can remember, it had night-time racing? Something unfortunately missing from Forza.
DeadlyFire  +   855d ago
So they launch with PGR and then we won't see again until Xbox 1440?
Vinc360  +   855d ago
I really, really hope so. That was my favorite racing series. Make the Forza Horizon people develop this!
IronFistChinMi  +   855d ago
It won't be them, it's Lighthouse Studios (or something similarly named) developing. They have a few ex Bizarre Creations employees, who worked on the old PGR games.
majiebeast  +   855d ago
Who is gonna make it? Bizzare is dead and the lead on PGR3,4 has joined Evolution studio's together with other members from Bizzare probably working on Driveclub. I guess turn 10 can do it.
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Vinc360  +   855d ago
Maybe some new developer or the Forza Horizon people if they had 2 teams working on games at once... I'm not sure.
Good_Guy_Jamal  +   855d ago
They outsourced Forza Horizon and that turned out pretty awesome, don't see why they can't get the same team to do PGR 5.
Those guys are still in business right?
coolbeans  +   855d ago
As it currently stands, Playground Games (the team it was outsourced to) is still in business and currently hiring.

AngelicIceDiamond  +   855d ago

I'm desperately looking for the source but I read somewhere along time ago that Forza on the 360 will be cross playable on 720 MS is creating some kind of online infrastructure that works with 360 and 720 games. This might take advantage of MS cloud service. And from the sounds of it you might be able to do it with most of the 360 games.

No joke.

nirwanda  +   855d ago
And the other half of bizzare are now lucid and are multiformat and are making next gen games if you look at the ps4 devs list
IronFistChinMi  +   855d ago
Not sure why you're getting disagrees, as those are facts.

All signs point to Lucid developing PGR5 according to the article below.

Good_Guy_Jamal  +   855d ago
Aaaaaaah yeaaaaaah!! Fist pump!!
Kudos to Microsoft. - those that have played PGR will understand that statement.
Vinc360  +   855d ago
I think this is a sign that we're approaching the next Xbox's reveal, what do you guys think?!
BanBrother  +   855d ago
"what do you guys think?!"

To be completely frank?... "No shit"
kingxtreme81  +   855d ago
I wish MS would bring PGR back. For me, it is their premier racing game, not Forza.

PGR still boasts the best weather effects in a console racing game, IMO. Would love to see a new one.
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WarThunder  +   855d ago
Weather effects was nothing special. Other racing game made better weather effect... The only thing that was great in PGR, was the environment, as a Racing game it was average at its best...
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sway_z  +   855d ago

PGR Next Box! ...can't wait to see it at E3!!

Driveclub reminds me of PGR3 360 launch with its shiny visuals (at the time) and attention to detail...

My money is on Driveclub as it's a completely fresh new IP that must prove its place on the racing grid!...Cannot see Driveclub fail since it has some of the industries most respected racing development teams involved.


I firmly believe Sony green lit Driveclub so it competes with GT6 which Polyphony will have to push hard!!

If PGR was indeed trademarked by Microsoft...then I can't see it coming to PS4.

Either way, it's gonna be one hell of a road rage come E3!!!
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GiantFriendlyCrab  +   855d ago
its coming to ps4 also?, nahh im just kidding
Galacticos  +   855d ago
Of course it will.

"In September 2007, after being bought by Activision, Bizarre Creations announced that PGR4 will be the last game produced for Microsoft"
stage88  +   855d ago
Most likely be a multiplat then, I might check this series out but Drive Club is first.
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TechnicianTed  +   855d ago

'Bizarre Creations announced that PGR4 will be the last game produced for Microsoft'

That just meant that it was going to be the last game Bizarre Creations made for MS, before Activision had their wicked way with them.

MS just renewed the trademark for the ip, and you still think it's going to appear on ps4?
Gildarts  +   855d ago
Project Gotham is Microsoft IP obviously since they freaking trademarked it! Its freaking under owned properties on their wiki page.
Seriously you guys must be new gamers or something.
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bunt-custardly  +   855d ago
I remember when Bizarre wowed us all with the game's stunning looks and attention to detail as they mapped out major cities. I can only imagine how good it would look now on next gen hardware.
Cocozero  +   855d ago
Every console launch has a PGR game the 720 should be no different.
danthebios  +   855d ago
Hmmmm,is there a racing games but with super heroes and villains in cars?!example batman car,joker,superman riding cars?!!sounds goofy i know hahaa
urwifeminder  +   855d ago
First getting the arma 3 news about steam community and now this , certainly has me keen put many hours into the series even when it was MSR on dreamcast geometry wars 3 built in maybe.
sjaakiejj  +   855d ago
PGR: Kinect. Time to get excited guys!
PFFT  +   855d ago
There will also be a touch pad edition!!!!! Its Time for you PS peeps to get moist.
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CGI-Quality  +   855d ago
That is great news! I love this series!
CommonSenseGamer  +   855d ago
I would love this plus a new Rallisport Challenge!

One can hope.
Mkai28  +   855d ago
Alan wake 2
Forza 5
Perfect dark 3
Panzer dragoon kinect 2.0
Conkers worst fur day
One can dream right?
ip4jwipthjtt  +   855d ago
Awesome news. Hopefully MS announces some good ips for the next Xbox. I'm hoping to see;

- Alan Wake 2
- Project Gotham Racing
- Killer Insintct
- Banjo-Kazooie

And some new ips. I'm hoping they refrain from announcing another Halo, Forza, and/or Gears.
SDF Repellent  +   855d ago
No doubt Microsoft is bringing the thunder and preeeping for the next box. So here is what is known or being rumored thus far.

1. PGR5 should be in devopement according to this trademark.
2. Alan Wake 2 from Remedy is being rumored.
3. Black Tusk is making a AAA brand new cor IP.
4. Crytek is migrating Ryse over to the X720.
5. Rare has multiple projects and a couple of them might be core titles related, hopefully Perfect Dark and/or Killer Instinct.
6. There are the confirmed 4 new IPs in development from one of the lead guy from Microsoft Studios.
7. Ruffian games, the maker of Crackdown 2 is currently working on secret project http://news.softpedia.com/n...
8. People May Fly are the one the made GOW: Judgement, no doubt Epic is making the next trilogy installment in the Gears of War franchise on the X720 with the unreal engine 4.
9. Fable MMO RPG is what is being rumored over at Lionhead studio.
10. Turn 10 is no doubt hard at work on Forza 5.
11. 343 Studio of course is in the process of making Halo 5
12. And of course there will be more announcements coming soon.

It is an exciting time indeed!
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RogueStatus28  +   855d ago
I know it's supposed to be humorous to say "Xbox just makes apps and Kinect" however would a Turn 10 racer really work solely focused on Kinect? What about the Lionhead MMO because Fable the Journey was pulled off successfully... These studios are currently working on next generation projects. Sony fans have to get over the fact that there's another company out there that has first party developers and makes exclusives.
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nigelp520  +   855d ago
level 360  +   854d ago
Bring Rallisport Challenge as well..
hazardman  +   854d ago
Great news! I still play PGR4 on the regular. I could only imagine what this will look like on Xbox 720!

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