Watch Dogs close up - next gen gaming? (video)

A look at the early footage from Ubisoft's Watch Dogs offering some analysis of how it's been presented. It's got next gen nuances, but as a multiformat release for Xbox 360 and PS3 as well as confirmed for PC and PS4 is it truly next gen gaming?

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RaidensRising1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

Cant wait for this and Ground Zeroes.

Walker1913d ago

An open world MGS from legendary Kojima ! wohaaaaaaaaa

bunfighterii1913d ago

Ground Zeroes will be amazing. That's my most anticipated game.

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1886afc1913d ago

Yea, I guess only because its on next Gen consoles. I really don't see anything special, it actually looks rather stupid to me but that's just my humble opinion. I'll continue waiting for the next civ5 expansion.

HarryMasonHerpderp1913d ago

I don't get all the hype for this game.
Looks good but not as good as the gaming editors have been making it out to be online.
Maybe because it's a multiplat?

stragomccloud1913d ago

I don't really care. It looks damn good and PS4 isn't that big of a leap over PS3 as PS3 was over PS2. That said... The water is sporting some serious tessellation and there's some great HDR lighting. Which is "next gen" enough for me.

I've already preordered my copy~

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