BioShock 2 - Concept Art by Ben Mauro

The artist Ben Mauro has published a few concept artworks for the upcoming sequel to 'Bioshock'.


It's not the real thing -

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BLUR1113937d ago

mygod it is, wow bioshock 2 will be sick.. and it does look like a prequel

Chug3937d ago (Edited 3937d ago )

Although its only concept art, it definitely looks like they're taking it in a different direction...looks intriguing though.

jinn3937d ago

i still think this a weird one player game

Mycococo3936d ago

how many games do you know of that arent weird? really.

anyway. i agree with PERMUTATED below. not only do i feel the game doesnt need a sequel but i cant see how one would work with the good ending. and if it was made it may work with the bad ending but it would be another zombie type game.

maybe its not a sequel but a PREQUEL! how did rapture get into such ruin and etc... you know the game. prequel would deffinatly work!

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The story is too old to be commented.