PlayStation 4 Needs To Learn From Vita’s Mistakes

Analog Addiction Writes: "Handhelds and home consoles: two completely different fish living in harmony within the same pond. They both garner to different audiences, with handhelds appealing to gamers on-the-go and home consoles appealing to the gamer who wants to sit at home in front of their TV and immerse themselves in an amazing experience. In premise, design and physical properties, they are completely different. With that said, how can Sony learn from PlayStation Vita’s launch to hopefully improve the launch of PlayStation 4? Although they are different, the errors made when launching the Vita should give a clear indication to Sony what is required from them when they launch PlayStation 4 this holiday season."

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Kratoscar20081917d ago

It needs BC, i still think the Vita is failing for lack of an UMD port i mean i wont be getting one anytime soon because of this and i wont be paying again to play games i own already.

New consoles are supposed to be an upgrade, i would sell my PSP to save for a Vita but withouth BC i dont care.

And before you come with "I buy a Vita to play Vita games" you must question yourself why the PSP still gets games in Japan when Vita doesnt lack the software to sell, its because of a lot of reasons but i think BC is the biggest one.

PirateThom1917d ago

Yeah, nothing like increasing the cost by sticking in a dead end like the UMD drive. Vita has backwards compatibility with downloaded PSP titles, expecting more is bordering on ridiculous, and the PS4 is the same, the change in architecture means they would basically need to have a PS3 in the PS4 case just to run the games, jacking up the price.

It's a smart choice Sony made with the PS4 (and the Vita).

Kratoscar20081917d ago

Sorry if i dont want to pay for games i already own. Again the PSP is still alive in Japan unlike the Vita and im sticking that the reason is BC.


Sony spectations have been lowered every now and then so its not meeting the espectations they are adapting the spectations as the Vita keeps strugling to sell.

Zuperman1917d ago

What Mistakes? it's only been a year since the VITA been released people.

joeorc1917d ago (Edited 1917d ago )

Agree 100%

I mean I think the real problem was not the memory card Price or the Price of the PSVita system as a whole, or even really the games that have been offered sofar for the PSVita. I think its just the general perception of the PSVita's outlook by People who bought into the PSP and the Support for the PSP in the west about

" no real Support "

If 3rd party has no real reason and strong drive or faith in the PSVita , why should I?

The thing is the PSVita is getting Support though, Just not as fast as many think it should, but on the same token what does people expect the speed of development for a system that can play games with advanced development resources and teams needed to make those type of game's people want to play on Playstation!!.

That is the Thing, This is targeted as a device that

" play your living room console game on the go "

That is and has been Sony's whole main target for the PSP, PSPGo and now the PSVita for a mobile playstation Platform, if you want more pick up and play Quick games you can get those on the PSVita, just that there is already multiple platforms for such software, the 3DS, 3DSXL, Smartphones and Tablets. Sony even made the Playstation Mobile for such type of game's, but again that is not the focus of the PSVita or any PSP for that matter.

Why do that because they Made the PSVita for get this

"Playstation Gamer's"

If you do not feel as a playstation Gamer that the PSVita is not tailor made to your Liking do not get it.

The PS4 is following along the same line's it's made for the Playstation Gamer, that is their Focus!! would Sony like more gamer's to try out playstation and more consumer's you ask for a reason why you need to go with Playstation, well their Game's and software and services are their answer. if that's not enough than i do not know what to tell you. other than maybe Playstation is not your cup of tea!

Anon19741917d ago

I love how the article tries to make a comparison based on the Vita's "mistakes" and then completely ignores the reason that everyone knows is why the Vita has started off slowly. It's the market and the price. No other portable device had to content with half a billion smartphones/tablets that also play videogames. Even the DS didn't have to contend with the rise of smartphones/tablets during it's lifecycle. If kids wanted to play on the go, they needed a DS or PSP. That was the only two options. Now their families can get a cheap tablet, or iPod touch and load them up with games for a buck a piece - and the kids all want em. It's no wonder the 3ds and Vita both got off to slow starts, but pricing will come down and they'll find their markets.

That's what's going on in the mobile marketplace. You can point fingers at marketing and social interactions all you want, the elephant in the room your ignoring is the mobile marketplace isn't the same as it was 5 years ago. Of course, if you admit that you really don't have an article, you just have a blog saying Sony needs to market the PS4. Thanks for offering that, but I think it's a given.

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Irishguy951917d ago

You don't have to give away your Psp to buy a Vita.

KUV19771917d ago

If you have bought digital psp titles you don't have to pay for them again. I Bet you would also not have bought a cd-player because it didn't play the old vinyls you still had, right? In the end both play music.

ziggurcat1917d ago

so keep your PSP and play the UMD-based games on that. problem solved.

i also don't see the point in wanting to play old games over, and over again.

ThanatosDMC1917d ago (Edited 1917d ago )

Apparently, your logic is too much to handle.

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Killzoner991917d ago

The Vita is selling to Sony's expectations in case you haven't HEARD.

MikeMyers1917d ago (Edited 1917d ago )

No, it's not.

"Worldwide, the Vita is pretty much along where we would expect it to be, maybe trending behind in certain territories,"

That was way back in August.

"In 2012, Sony initially forecast that they would sell 10 million PlayStation Vita and 6 million PSP devices, for a total of 16 million, by the end of March 2013. Then, in August, they revised that forecast down to 12 million PSPs and Vitas combined, without specifying an individual figure for each. Later, in November, they revised the forecast a second time, down to 10 million combined."

More info:

Now the question is, why did 3 people so far agree with you?

MikeMyers1917d ago

And now we see everyone disagreeing with me. What, nobody likes the honest truth around here?

Good_Guy_Jamal1917d ago

You know where you are mike, people here likes hearing the truth about Vita sales and they don't take kindly to your backed up and well sourced comments.
Don't be offended, they can't help it, they love SONY that much.

plaZeHD1917d ago

This is N4G my friend, where facts do not matter. It's just a shame. The whole gaming community is a shame.

SDF Repellent1917d ago (Edited 1917d ago )

I gave you all an Agree for fighting this lost cause. Even I was excited about a VITA when it first came out and bought it on the second week of release but ultimately sold it a month later. I, like a lot of people, are more into quick gaming on my smart phones for a cheap thrill and lost the passion for handheld game. That is coming from a guy who used to own gamboys, The Turbo Express(which plays Turbo graphics 16 games), the Gamegear, the Nomad, the DS, and even the Wonderswan. Outside of Japan, I don't think dedicated hand-held system can survive in today's smartphone dominated society.

maniacmayhem1916d ago


I gave you an agree and a bubble just because you owned a Wonderswan. That is some hardcore handheld dedication!

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Qrphe1917d ago (Edited 1917d ago )

It needs games, really


No it hasn't

Mr_cheese1917d ago

I think that the Vita is coming into its prime due to the ps4 and for the same reason believe that it was always part of the game plan.

LtFaku1917d ago

I just think that the Vita needs a lower price, like $50 bucks less, and better advertising for games. Thats all.
The Vita is an excelent machine, and I don't regret the purchase

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