Will Steam Box Kick Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo Out of Gaming?

In Star Wars, Yoda famously said that there were only two Sith Lords -- "No more, no less; a master and an apprentice."

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Kur01756d ago

Nope. It will just make it easier for people to get into PC gaming.

-Superman-1756d ago

Valve told:
The Steam Box’s biggest threat is Apple TV, not next-gen consoles from Sony or Microsoft

MikeMyers1756d ago

The reason why they singled out Apple is because of how much Apple has gotten their products out there. If Apple is serious about Apple TV then they could get into more homes. Both Valve and Apple work in the digital content distribution channel. Steam has been a great service for PC gamers but I'm not sure Apple is interested in big AAA games.

Blackdeath_6631756d ago (Edited 1756d ago )

agreed but to be honest it really isn't that hard to get into pc gaming people have this misconception that it is very complicated but it isnt. you can build your own machine at the same price of the steam box and play steam games on it no problem. while it may not be as small and compact as the piston (steambox) it has more customization and long term longevity. i think the piston is an amazing product not only for gaming but for organisations,school pc,home theatres etc. as you can attach it behind a screen and it is powerful enough to run anything with great storage capabilities. it is however niche and i don't think it will have much impact on gaming even if it is a great gaming device. i see it more like apple TV you attach it to you tv and you have a range of possibilities including a great gaming service as an added bonus. if i ever buy the steam box it wouldn't be as a primary gaming device and the best thing is because its an open platform i can use it for whatever i please without limitations

HaMM4R1756d ago (Edited 1756d ago )

Best way to sum up this post

ATi_Elite1756d ago (Edited 1756d ago )

The Steambox has 2 major Objectives:

1. Make it easier for those looking to get into PC Gaming to have a way to do so without being nervous about building a PC.

2. Provide a way to enjoy PC Gaming without Microsoft as the Steambox will allow ALL PC Games to run Without a Microsoft OS and without DirectX!

*Number 2 has me looking to buy a Steambox as We ALL know Microsoft can at anytime make Gamers have to buy DirtectX and we are already sick of Windows Operating Systems being tied in to specific DirectX updates*

Example: DX10 = Vista, DX11 = Win7, DX11.1 = Win 8
even though any version of DX can work on any Windows version Microsoft is just being Jerks and making you buy their OS and Vista was CRAP therefore not many good DX10 Games were made!

Steambox is not competition for consoles cause Steambox is Geared towards PC Gaming which is a TOTAL different WORLD than console gaming!

Sure we share the same multiplats but that's about it as PC Gaming is geared more towards Games too big for Consoles, Indie Devs, Online Play, MMO's of all Genres, eSports, Streaming Games, Mods, RTS, Moba's, MMORPG's, FPS-RTS games, Simulations, Point n Click Adventures, and total customization of YOUR Gaming experience!

with the PS4PC being x86 we will have more PC games going to Sony and vice versa as Steam has proven to be the DOMINATE force in Digital Content!

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zeal0us1756d ago

Steam box will be more of a niche product like OUYA

Just_The_Truth1756d ago

If its $1000 I doubt it, but best of luck.

finbars751756d ago

yeah I heard it was between $850-1000 so it will only hurt Valve in the long wrong with price tag like that.Plus exclusives will keep consoles around for along time to come.Yes steam is awsome but most of us have great computers and wouldnt spend another $850 on something thats in the same line as a pc.I love consoles alot and have no entrest in getting into another pc related machine.

THC CELL1756d ago

Nope Sony has too many exclusive, might hurt Xbox in long run

Y_51501756d ago

All of the big 3 platforms has their own exclusives. Nintendo and Sony has a lot compare to Microsoft but I think there will be some new stuff for the next Xbox.

darx1756d ago (Edited 1756d ago )

The PC has more and quit frankly better.

MasterCornholio1756d ago

The steam box sounds like an interesting option but i doubt that it will be very affordable in comparison to other next gen consoles.

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