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Submitted by droide 1079d ago | article

Will Steam Box Kick Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo Out of Gaming?

In Star Wars, Yoda famously said that there were only two Sith Lords -- "No more, no less; a master and an apprentice." (Microsoft, Nintendo, PC, PS3, PS4, Sony, Steam, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Kur0  +   1079d ago
Nope. It will just make it easier for people to get into PC gaming.
-Superman-  +   1079d ago
Valve told:
The Steam Box’s biggest threat is Apple TV, not next-gen consoles from Sony or Microsoft
MikeMyers  +   1079d ago
The reason why they singled out Apple is because of how much Apple has gotten their products out there. If Apple is serious about Apple TV then they could get into more homes. Both Valve and Apple work in the digital content distribution channel. Steam has been a great service for PC gamers but I'm not sure Apple is interested in big AAA games.
Blackdeath_663  +   1079d ago
agreed but to be honest it really isn't that hard to get into pc gaming people have this misconception that it is very complicated but it isnt. you can build your own machine at the same price of the steam box and play steam games on it no problem. while it may not be as small and compact as the piston (steambox) it has more customization and long term longevity. i think the piston is an amazing product not only for gaming but for organisations,school pc,home theatres etc. as you can attach it behind a screen and it is powerful enough to run anything with great storage capabilities. it is however niche and i don't think it will have much impact on gaming even if it is a great gaming device. i see it more like apple TV you attach it to you tv and you have a range of possibilities including a great gaming service as an added bonus. if i ever buy the steam box it wouldn't be as a primary gaming device and the best thing is because its an open platform i can use it for whatever i please without limitations
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HaMM4R  +   1079d ago
Best way to sum up this post
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otherZinc  +   1079d ago
Hell No.
ATi_Elite  +   1079d ago
The Glorious PC Gaming Master Race
The Steambox has 2 major Objectives:

1. Make it easier for those looking to get into PC Gaming to have a way to do so without being nervous about building a PC.

2. Provide a way to enjoy PC Gaming without Microsoft as the Steambox will allow ALL PC Games to run Without a Microsoft OS and without DirectX!

*Number 2 has me looking to buy a Steambox as We ALL know Microsoft can at anytime make Gamers have to buy DirtectX and we are already sick of Windows Operating Systems being tied in to specific DirectX updates*

Example: DX10 = Vista, DX11 = Win7, DX11.1 = Win 8
even though any version of DX can work on any Windows version Microsoft is just being Jerks and making you buy their OS and Vista was CRAP therefore not many good DX10 Games were made!

Steambox is not competition for consoles cause Steambox is Geared towards PC Gaming which is a TOTAL different WORLD than console gaming!

Sure we share the same multiplats but that's about it as PC Gaming is geared more towards Games too big for Consoles, Indie Devs, Online Play, MMO's of all Genres, eSports, Streaming Games, Mods, RTS, Moba's, MMORPG's, FPS-RTS games, Simulations, Point n Click Adventures, and total customization of YOUR Gaming experience!

with the PS4PC being x86 we will have more PC games going to Sony and vice versa as Steam has proven to be the DOMINATE force in Digital Content!
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zeal0us  +   1079d ago
Steam box will be more of a niche product like OUYA
Just_The_Truth  +   1079d ago
If its $1000 I doubt it, but best of luck.
finbars75  +   1079d ago
yeah I heard it was between $850-1000 so it will only hurt Valve in the long wrong with price tag like that.Plus exclusives will keep consoles around for along time to come.Yes steam is awsome but most of us have great computers and wouldnt spend another $850 on something thats in the same line as a pc.I love consoles alot and have no entrest in getting into another pc related machine.
THC CELL  +   1079d ago
Nope Sony has too many exclusive, might hurt Xbox in long run
Y_5150  +   1079d ago
All of the big 3 platforms has their own exclusives. Nintendo and Sony has a lot compare to Microsoft but I think there will be some new stuff for the next Xbox.
darx  +   1079d ago
The PC has more and quit frankly better.
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MasterCornholio  +   1079d ago
The steam box sounds like an interesting option but i doubt that it will be very affordable in comparison to other next gen consoles.
danthebios  +   1079d ago
runqvist  +   1079d ago
If it is ever going to kick anyone out of business, it is Sony. They are in a bad financial situation already.
Whitefeather  +   1079d ago
I'm pretty sure most people would agree if anyone has a firm hold on gaming it's Sony.
runqvist  +   1079d ago
If they aren't making any money on it, how do you think that the investors (owners) will react to it?
Dark_Overlord  +   1079d ago

Sonys gaming division is the most profitable aspect of the company, its the TV section (and a few others) that are causing them to lose money. The shareholders would never want them to ditch the gaming division.
Godmars290  +   1079d ago
Actually from what I hear MS stockholders have never been happy with the Xbox brand.
kenshiro100  +   1079d ago
FUD and obvious trolling. Hmmm...
Aceman18  +   1079d ago

this is what you waste your bubbles on? sad, sad person you.
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profgerbik  +   1079d ago
Fuck no, if anything it will end up being a complete waste of resources for Steam. I don't see any PC gamers already having gaming PC's trying to run out and buy a Steambox. Seeing as that only leaves a small market of people who probably care more about console, they won't buy it either, they will be spending their money on the PS4 and 720.

I mean seriously it's basically a mini PC. Why on earth would that even phase console sellers, mini PC's already exist.. you can even build your own Steambox.

I hate playing games through steam anyway, they always have problems with the stupid overlay or just being on steam in general. Logging into steam is just an unnecessary step I would rather not deal with as well.. other than good deals there has never been a good enough reason for me to continue using steam faithfully.
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zerocrossing  +   1079d ago
I don't see that happening, Valve are great devs but they don't have the same brand recognition amongst consumers as Sony, Nintendo and MS do.

Still if they play it smart their Steambox could do very well IMO.
profgerbik  +   1079d ago
wtf double post. sorry
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Godmars290  +   1079d ago
Actually, after going on Steam for the the first time ever, being asked twice to basically give up my rights as a consumer and allow what was likely an evasive monitoring program onto my PC, I really hope this doesn't take off.

I like Valve and all, but Steam itself, especially after WarZ, does not fill me with confidence that its a good product overall. Its more a money pit where you can easily get ripped off and have little to no choice but bend over and take it.
aliengmr  +   1079d ago
Why does Valve always catch hell for something EVERYONE else does?

And what the hell does WarZ have to do with anything? Why blame Valve? They took it down as soon as the realized what was happening.

Admit it, you used Steam just looking for problems and latched on to anything you could find. Common theme among those who claim Steam is trying to take over their PC.
Godmars290  +   1079d ago
If everyone does crap like this then its a same that it was allowed to take hold in the market.

And WarZ is an example of someone putting something fundamentally broken up on Steam, Valve doing no quality control for it, and a great many people being needed to bring attention to the potential rip off. If the game weren't so popular the way their terms of agreement are written someone buying a title off them would just be SOL. Thousands of consumers would simply be screwed whereas the millions effected by WarZ would have damaged Steam's business profile if left undressed.

I tried using Steam last night because they're offering Gratuitous Space Battles for under $5 where its normally $20. Thought otherwise after going through half the maze involved stopping short of paying.

Having to give them information I don't normally have to give when using paypal, then having to download some client/monitoring program besides just wasn't worth it to me. Its rather a pity that the gaming community didn't think so before such became standard.
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PS4isKing_82  +   1079d ago
No but i do feel like the console landscape is about to get more crowded. If valve does well, I could see more companies joining in like apple and Samsung. If not apple, I could definitely see Samsung making a console. After all, they're TVs and smartphones are some of the hottest consumer electronics going.
Kaiou  +   1079d ago
No , for many many reasons , piracy alone is enough to scare many game developers from supporting it . what it is gonna do is that will just give game devs a little more reason to port their games to the PC in general(much like what Steam is doing now).
Adolph Fitler  +   1079d ago
The problem Steambox has, is consumer brand recognition...Simple fact is that 90+% of people & 99% of casuals don't know who the f$#k Valve is, now that is a major, major issue, as Apple, Sony, MS, & other big brands are well known by everyone, so when Sony entered the console marker, they already had a MASSIVE advantage, as EVERYONE knows the Sony brand & for the most part, they are trusted as reliable & at the forefront of technology. Same goes for Apple & MS.
Valve would have been smarter teaming up with say Samsung, or Apple (if a deal could be struck), & that way Valve's console could have a Samsung badge on it, that would give it far greater advantage coming into an already "at capacity" field.

With that said, there is then the next problem, which whilst not equally as important, it is still fairly up there...and that is the multiple sku's that seem as though they will offer different specs, & the upgradeable farce.. 1st flaw with this, is that MOST people buy consoles, as they find pc's to demanding in upgrades & such, & the majority of the market being casuals, do not have a clue for specs & upgrading there gear, they just wanna buy it, & play it. I mean, I am a console gamer through & through, & the reason for this is that I don't enjoy all those aspects of pc that are said to be a staple in Valve's upcoming machine.
If I wanted to play on a pc, I would simply do so, & join the 10's of millions that already do.

Valve have an uphill battle with this machine, as nobody really knows who Valve is in consumer electronics.
Jadedz  +   1079d ago
Lmao xD
Great image header xD.
Smeagol2033  +   1079d ago
stupid articles. let all the consoles come out
DivineAssault  +   1079d ago
Hell no!
OmniSlashPT  +   1079d ago
There are 2 problems with the Steambox. If it's supposed to be like a high end pc with a similar price, then why wouldnt you build a high end pc? And if it's just a midclass pc then why wouldnt you buy a console or stick with your pc?

Valve has to offer more with the SteamBox than power, because PC gamers won't be interest in it, and neither will the console gamers.
Jek_Porkins  +   1079d ago
I don't see how it could, as a life long console gamer I have zero interest in a Steam Box, just like I've had zero interest in Steam itself.

I like physical media and kicking back in my $1200 Lazyboy and playing some games with buddy's. I don't see how a thing that is supposed to cost upwards of $1000 is going to take away from consoles that cost less than half that.
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ElementX  +   1079d ago
Steam Box supposedly runs Linux and a lot of PC games don't run on Linux. Just look at the Steam Store there's only a little over 100 games supported by Linux for sale.
aliengmr  +   1079d ago
No, because its just a mini PC, not a "console".
Father Murder X  +   1079d ago
Its funny because Valve is attempting to control PC gaming. The samething that they hate Microsoft for doing. I think that this will be the downfall of Valve. Too ambitious for their own good. Another thing Windows 8 is nothing but Windows 7 with a new homescreen. These guys love Windows 7 but hate Windows 8 when its the same damn thing.
Picnic  +   1079d ago
PCs will never destroy consoles.

What would destroy consoles is for the console makers to say 'You know what. Forget all this. We've got people pirating our games, they don't help us by buying used instead of new, the market's too up and down, technology will eventually become so advanced that it isn't really about the core 'game' any more, we came in to this business to make games not 'communities'. They don't even remember a small portion of what we've done, that's when they're not accusing us of creating criminals'.
DigitalRaptor  +   1079d ago
PC gaming is as hardcore as it gets, but it's still pretty niche in comparison to consoles which are leaps and bounds above PC in mainstream recognition.

So no, silly media fool, it won't kick anyone out of gaming. There always has to be a fall guy with these idiots... normally it's Sony, now we get a choice??? smh!
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