Tomb Raider Final Hours Edition Leaked Online reports that Tomb Raider has been pirated one week before its official release date.

Apparently the Digital Piracy community has effectively captured and cracked the XBox version of Tomb Raider 2013, this ironically follows the theme of the main game as well. Currently only the XBox version has been captured, but it is expected that before the official release date the PS3 edition will also be released.

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ShugaCane1913d ago

This isn't respecftul towards the persons who worked hard on that game, whether you appreciate it or not.

DarkFireHawk1913d ago

I agree. But something to note here. It was the console version that was leaked and not the PC - this should say something about the main source of the problem. Contrary to popular believe the PC is the problem. this proves that the problem lies elsewhere.

NYC_Gamer1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

Piracy has always existed on every platform...It's not ever going away regardless of how many times MS bans/Sony updates firmware/PC devs use new drm...I don't support this act but that's just the way things are..

MysticStrummer1912d ago

It's hilarious that you got agrees. This proves nothing of the sort. It's one game, from a series that has always primarily been known as a console game. You seriously think there's more piracy on consoles than on pc?

shivvy241913d ago

yea just imagine working on something for years and then being copied

Trenta271913d ago

I'm sorry this happened, Lara. It's okay though, Baby. I paid for you upfront months ago. I wouldn't ever hurt you.

EbeneezerGoode1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

And this is why they need to stop using PC as a scapegoat. Fact is Xbox 360 OFTEN gets pirated versions released in advance of PS3 and PC pirated versions. In fact both consoles appear to get much quicker/easier piracy than PC these days. The number of legitimate buyers just covers it up a bit (but then it would on PC too if devs actually knew what they were doing instead of punishing PC users with DRM and BAD PORTS)

All those devs who jumped ship from the PC blaming Piracy (when in fact they were just greedy mofos cashing in on the console boom) will end up returning to PC games with their tails between their legs, realising that PC gamers WILL buy games if they don't keep including shitty DRM/RootKits/Malware (basically punishing paying customers) AND make sure the game makes full use of the PC's capabilities.. crappy ports need not apply in the next gen thank you.

DarkFireHawk1913d ago

Wow! so true! that was exactly what I had in mind but never could put it in writing. You are right.

The only reason they jumped on Consoles was because most of the audience of Consoles consisted on teenagers and children, and it is easier to cash in on them than on adults.

Of course there are adults buying gams on consoles too - thats why we have n4g - filled with samart console users, but they are not that many. Not compared to the million of other players compared to PC demographics.

am i right?

EbeneezerGoode1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

I never mentioned console gamers? *I* am a console gamer and an intelligent adult thank you.

If that was sarcasm or an attempt to put words in my mouth I'm afraid it didn't work.

PC + PS3 gamer here and I'd buy any console that had exclusives on that I wanted to play.

My post was purely about developers blaming something that wasn't the problem to cover their asses while attempting to cash in like Epic did with gears of war (for example). I think Gears led the charge away from PC, and gave many (like Crytek) the idea that the road to consoles was paved with gold when they were already at their best right on PC (Crysis 1). Now the company has lost it's direction and is going F2P? wtf??

And FTR I had an xbox 360 for a year before it died and played Gears of War a lot online and off, so am completely NON biased towards any console (was a gamecube owner last gen too).

The only thing i AM biased against these days is Nintendo's continued charge towards casual and MS's unreliable hardware that cost me hundreds for nothing... (my Xbox RROD'd outside of warranty BEFORE they admitted it was their fault - so it went in the bin.. true story :( )

DarkFireHawk1913d ago

No, really - no sarcasm.

I merely mentioned why the devs were biased towards PC gamers. I really meant what I said.

My main point is that devs believe that console gamers are naive customers - but that is not true. and they are paying for their mistakes. If they treated everyone equally. PC = PS = Xbox = Nintendo then all would be good, instead of everyone going exlusively toawrds a certain path. That is what is killing the business.

djnforce91905d ago (Edited 1905d ago )

The reason studios still jump on the "PC Piracy" bandwagon is not because console titles are less likely to get cracked releases of their game (Tomb Raider and many other titles before it clearly depicts this fact) but due to the higher volume of people that can "take advantage" of said pirated release on PC.

Consoles require you to have specially modified firmware which either requires a lot of technical know-how (as well as the tools and skills needed to disassemble your console thereby voiding its warranty in the process and introducing the risk of destroying the unit if you mess up) or at least connections to people that do (and given the nature of this service, you don't really have many recourse options if THEY mess up and break your console). However, with PC, it's usually as easy as copying a few files from one directory to another in order to overwrite the game's executable and strip the DRM out allowing you to play it or if there is no DRM, there is nothing stopping people from distributing it to whomever they like.

I strongly agree that DRM still does more harm than good because it can greatly inconvenience legit customers (and often fail to stop pirates) but publishers seem to like that (false) sense of security that their product will take some time to crack and that SOMETHING is being done to mitigate piracy. Other studios just take their chances with consoles only and leave PC behind (which really sucks).

Stoppokingme1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

This is disgraceful, what a kick in the nads to the people who worked tirelessly on this title.

Personally I don't think the perpetrators even deserve to be called pirates, 'thieves' is a more fitting title.

The pirates I'm familiar with sport wooden legs, eye patches and battle scars. The closest these game pirates get to real battle is through PvP.

I say keel haul these land lubbers.

jay21913d ago

Unless theyre using bew DRM. A day not a week for low lives to crack it on pc. Get a job to pay low lives

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