An Appeal To Ubisoft: Connor Kenway And Why He's Not Done Yet

Ubisoft has already announced plans to ditch Assassin's Creed 3's hero, Connor Kenway (or Ratonhnhaké:ton) in Assassin's Creed 4. Fans are forming groups, writing petitions, and taking to social media in order to save Connor. This is my appeal. Heavy Spoiler Alert for both AC3 and The Tyranny of King Washington.

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YoureINMYWay851913d ago

Meh, he was boring, and not well received. I think that's why he's going bye bye

Root1913d ago

I know right

A character didn't work out, the majority of us don't like him, hell most of us couldn't complete or enjoy the game because of him and he was just a pain to watch

It's over...they failed, move on and try again

It's like people want them to do a Square what they do with Lightning

"YOU WILL LOVE LIGHTNING <forces lightning related stuff down your throat>"

Can we just move on and have a new Assassin please.

ohcatrina1913d ago

Just out of curiosity, what did you guys not like about Connor?

Root1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

He was boring

He was so naive

He never listened to anyone

When he got mad and threw a "temper tantrum" killing was the only way to solve a problem for him

He was wreckless and often this cost him in the long run

He had no personality at all

His voice actor did a terrible job at him, he sounded so wooden and bland. Oh and don't give me the "Well thats what native Americans would be like".....Tommy was done so well in Prey

As gamerlive says below he just wasn't as appealing as Ezio...and for me even Altair, I know he wasn't amazing himself but he still was true Assassin who knew he stuff.

Connor was just a bad character and I think instead of doing more games where they will try and to make us like him they should just move on and make a new one to appeal to everyone.

In my opinion

AC3 should of made it so Haytham was the main character and he as a British Assassin was sent over by the England Creed to sort out the Templars like George Washington and Benjamin Franklin (basicaly what Haytham was in AC3 with Charlies Lee and co) to stop them using the war in order to gain power and secure their place for the Templars in controlling America long term.

meeples9991913d ago

He was boring?
I expect you wanted flamboyant, ladies’ man; Ezio Auditore Firenze! Who walks around shopping for clothes and trying to look as flamboyant as possible, while yelling his family name telling everybody exactly who he is.

He was naïve?
C’mon. You see him being sent away from his and trained to become an assassin, and then he’s being told he has to change his name. Learn to lie to people, avoid the guards, who are meant to guard the people? What? He’s wary and doesn't trust people but he has no choice. Samuel Adams and Achilles are the only people he can trust and they know what they’re talking about , and yet they say strange things to Connor; Connor who’s never been to the city and mixed with people other than the native americans.

He never listened to anyone?
Kinda contradicting yourself now. He did listen. He listened a lot near the beginning even though he knew he couldn’t trust anyone and he learned a lot to. He listened to people and was constantly dragged into things that he didn’t want to. He wanted to kill Charles Lee and the rest of his group and wasn’t too fussed and yet he was being dragged and forced to fight in battles he didn’t want to. Multiple times he had to sit and watch as Charles Lee laughs in his face and Connor is told to be patient and wait for a better moment. That leads me onto your next point.

When he got mad and threw a "temper tantrum"…
Eventually enough is enough. You can see him become increasingly frustrated as he is doing things that don’t help him very much at all it seems. He’s fighting other people’s battles and letting chances slip by. Sooner or later you’re going to think “What the hell. I’ve had it with you people who take take take and don’t give.”
Connor gets angry and leaves the homestead as Achilles yells at him to stop being rash and be patient. This coming from a man who was so patient that he let the whole brotherhood in that area fall apart around him. I’d say this is the only point where he genuinely becomes mad and doesn’t care anymore but you quickly see things change when he meets his father and they become very different.

He was reckless?
Like the other assassin’s weren’t? You make it sound like Connor was reckless throughout and he wasn’t. Altair was arrogant and proud. You see him in the beginning jump straight into danger and cause a lot of trouble for everyone. Same for Ezio. I couldn’t stand him for long enough to see him change (which he obviously does) but look at him in the beginning. I don’t think this is a bad thing as it allows you to see them change aswell.

I agree with his voice acting to an extent. I liked him and his personality but I felt that when Connor tried to express joy he seemed a bit wooden. But you can also put that down to Connor not really ever having anything to express joy about. The only times you see him happy really is when he’s at the homestead doing the side missions. He seems more relaxed but you can tell that Connor’s not at ease with being in that state. Maybe they should have made him seem more natural when happy and not holding back like he was. But minor complaint imo. The seriousness suited him and it would be odd for him to be cracking jokes and enjoying himself, savouring his kills and stuff. He’s not doing this because he wants to or enjoys it.

Also I recommend you read Assassin’s creed Forsaken by Oliver Bowden. It tells of Haytham’s story from him at a young age all the way up to the events of AC3. The story is better this way and the way you suggest. That way it’d just be a simple straight forward AC game. This way you get the trust issues and the Templars on both sides of the war. The native american Connor means we have 3 sides of the war, not just british vs colonists.

Psychonaut1912d ago

Yeah you are nothing more then a fanboy with blinders, and its clear by you being ignored by eight people. I love this, you knock a new character. and call him Naive, the very first thing Altiar does is mess up a mission, gets busted, and gets two assassins killed, Ezio first time introduced gets in a school yard fight and has a rock thrown at him. Gtfo with that nonsense. You attempt you personal dislike for a character as PURE FACT that is was by every account a bad choice of character.

Its a good thing people like you don't make games or even get a say, and you dont speak for everyone let alone anyone. by saying making us like him. here is my two personal cents they don't care about your opinion, its their game, their story. Yeah its safe to say this whole sit is nothing but fanboys whinning about games, and characters that they feel they are entitled to. Or its someone writting a flame artical and writting their opinion as absolute fact. this whole sit is a joke. and im writting this cause I only recently signed up but can tell its a joke that bubbles up ignorance and allows stupid articals to pass so everyone can chime in and spread their ignorance as fact, and letting new gamers who want news to be lied to.

p.s "Best part is I could care less about what anyone on this site says. I don't need my ego stroked like I see ALOT on this site."

bluetoto1912d ago

just be honest, you hate america and hate the game because of it took place in america with a non-european character. get over it, you guys lost and have been a nonfactor ever since.

Haytham was nothing but a cruel selfish prick who only cared about money and power and you want think he's a better character?


Psychonaut1913d ago

Connor was not boring at all. They just want to comparing a new character against a previous three title established character. As for the Naive line, EZIO listend to everyone more people pulled fast ones on him, from leaders to religious figures. Connor was already very wary of everyone in his first game.

gamerlive1913d ago

He wasn't as appealing as Ezio.

porkChop1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

Yes, he is done. Connor was one of the most bland and boring characters in recent memory. Why the hell would I want to play as him again?

He was very poorly received. The last thing they want to do is turn customers away by forcing us to play as a character we don't like, again. I say we need a next gen only Assassin's Creed, with a new engine, new era, new setting, new character, and completely redone gameplay.

They need to start fresh next gen. Though I really think they need to take a break from the franchise for a couple years. AC2 was amazing, but since then the series has been steadily dropping in quality. They're going to kill their big money maker at this rate.

TotalHitman1913d ago

Please... no more Connor. I hate the guy.

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