Gran Turismo 6 will be released on the PS3 – Report

Most people are expecting Gran Turismo 6 to be released on the PS4, but that may not be true.

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Abash1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

I hope and think this guy has no clue what he is talking about saying Gran Turismo 6 will be for PS3

LackTrue4K1637d ago

when they displayed GT5GT6 on a 4k tv....was it playing on a ps3? or a pc??
If it was not playing on a ps3, then i really doubt its coming to the ps3.

chazjamie1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

man i hope so, gt 5 was the worst gt i ever played. they need some kind of redemption. it was so disappointing in almost every way.

@Cupid, dude it looked like a playstation 2 game. Meaning all those additions, could not change the fact that was just a rush job. Gran Turismo has always been a benchmark game for playstation, it pushed the console's limits. There is absolutely nothing in that game that demonstrated this.

Cupid_Viper_31637d ago

@ ChazJamie

You couldn't possibly be serious... GT5 the most with the most accurate physics of all the GT games, Night, dynamic weather, rain, Rally, is the worst GT you've played?

Ok... I'm off to up my B-Spec stats, I'm still at level 21.

Larry L1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

1st thing I have to say is "I told ya so".

2nd, the 4K display was GT5, and it was playing on a PS3 array....I don't know what the proper term for it is. I think I read it was 4 strung together or 8. Can't recall specifics. But it was GT5. It was just a tech demo using GT5 not "upscaled" but displaying in 4k.

Back to the I told you so thing lol......

There's SO many reasons it would obviously be a PS3 game...though It's obviously going to be for both PS3 and PS4.

There's no way they were going to pass up PS3's 70+million install base to be a PS4 launch window/year one game with MAYBE a 20 million install base if Sony were luckier than they've ever been with hardware sales. It would more likely be 10 million TOPS.

Also, Kaz is a perfectionist and has something to prove with the PS3 hardware. If you think that sounds may be, but I guarantee he feels that way even if he would never say it.

But most importantly, GT6 HAD to be a PS3 game because of 2 things Kaz said durring and before GT5's launch. 1) Now that they have GT5's engine 100%, the next game would take FAR less time. ANd 2) That work on GT6 began right after GT5 launched.

Well This Fall GT5 will be 3 years old, so GT6 was probably on track for release this Fall or next Spring the latest anyway.

I'm going to be VERY interested to see the difference between GT6 on PS3 and PS4. The differences will likely only be visual aside from PS4 exclusive integrated features. I really hope the two version of all these cross-gen games are able to play online with each other. There's no reason they shouldn't the way graphics scaling works now-a-days. Making these cross-gen games must be SO easy aside from specific features. The way they're all made on PC, I bet it's almost just sliders. Set the sliders "here" to be able to run on PS3 and 360, turn them up to "here" for PS4/720.

This is a WEIRD generation. The new hardware kinda HAS to come, yet at the same time the old hardware still has PLENTY of legs. They can play decent versions of anything. It's not like last gen.....ever play the PS2 version of GRAW? Yea, it was time to move on. On the other hand, the PS3 version of BF3 or Crysis 3 is still pretty damn impressive for what will soon be "last gen".

Larry L1637d ago

And @ the author who said:

"This should be a pretty disappointing thing for people who want to see technological progression, since we have already how Polyphony have struggled on the PS3 when it comes to executing their vision."

You seem to be yet another person (amongst the majority of gamers on the internet who ever mention GT5) who seemingly gives no regard to the fact that GT5 was one of the first, if not THE very first PS3 game in development. It started in early 2005, and the graphics engine was eventually finalized mid 2008 after GT5P released (GT5's graphics were only scaled back at this point). Games like Killzone 2, Uncharted 2....and basically every other Ultra amazing PS3 exclusive that would eventually come out were still well into development. GT5 didn't have the benefit of any of those PS3 coding secrets. Yet GT5 still hold up against graphically against newer racers. Only the newest look better, and even then it's arguable in areas. A game that started development in 2005 and was visually finalized in 2008 I'll remind you.

So did they REALLY struggle with PS3 hardware as much as people say, or is it really that GT5 was just one of the very first PS3 games in development, and it's delays just allowed much younger games with much newer tech to release first so those games made GT5 look less impressive?

knowyourstuff1637d ago

If it comes out for PS3 it had better come out this year, else it will be overshadowed by the PS4, as it will push graphics way better than anything GT6 will be capable on just the PS3.

Also, it doesn't mean it can't be moved to PS4 depending on how far GT6 has been in development. If the design of the game has been done moreso than the actual coding, then a PS4 release may not be so pie in the sky, as you just need to start coding on a new machine with whatever design you came up with previously (along with new design features that take advantage of PS4 tech).

SilentNegotiator1637d ago

The next GT game will be on Ps4, no question.

gta28001637d ago

It would make more sense to make a tittle like this for the's one of Sony's flagship titles...makes more sense to put it on their new console...would be even bigger if it was a launch title!

Dee_911637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

Ive been saying this all along. as a matter of fact


I dont see why people want it to be a ps4 game.It was being developed for ps3 back when gt5 released (year before ps4 dev kit was released) so its not like it wouldve been a "True" ps4 game.It would more than likely be a PS3/PS4 game

inveni01637d ago

They were playing it on multiple PS3s to get the 4k res, I heard.

_-EDMIX-_1637d ago

Sony has always released 2 GT's per PS system. This should be to no surprise to true GT fans.

And at the lame that said GT5 was the worst GT...not sure they're human. Online, Nascar, Rally, damage, over 1000 seems that having more, better and unique features is a really, really bad thing to them. LOL! As a HUGE GT fan....GT5 was easily the best GT game by far.

GT6 on PS3 will be great. and NO its not coming out this year. I really doubt that. GT6 will probably be out fall next year or spring next year.

This is a business and Sony knows it best, not many companys can say they have systems/hardware that sell over 70 million EVERY gen. Nintendo did it 3 times (Wii, DS and GBA), MS once, Sony did it 4 times and I assure you they will do it again with PS4 and PSV.

Sony knowing how to make money will NOT make GT6 for PS4. PS3 has a 70 million install base and Sony intends to cash in. Last Of Us, Beyond 2 Souls, GT6, The Last Guardian and what ever Sony happens come up with. They will keep supporting PS3, cause they have studios to do so.

guitarded771637d ago

@ chazjamie

How do you game if you're blind? GT5 is one of the best looking games of this generation. Sure, it had some pixilated shadows, but otherwise it is beautiful, and runs perfect.

Dee_911637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

oh okay I see why people want it to release on PS4.
Because its a "system seller".
Well speaking as a gamer with limited funds and as someone who knows PS4 will sell regardless,I want gt6 to be on PS3.
Do you all not see the wrong in purposely holding a game off for a more financial release?Thats like capcom and on disc DLC.Its like yall care more about ps4 selling than getting games and thats freaking sad.
When did gamers become pixel counting stock brokers

Awesome_Gamer1637d ago

Grna Turismo 6 will be released for both, PS3 and PS4, guys.

stragomccloud1637d ago

They were running a custom setup by combining 4 PS3s and running them all together.

Ritsujun1637d ago

Gran Turismo 6: Prologue will be released for PS4.
GT6 on PS3? Keep dreaming, brats.

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joab7771637d ago

Why? Why? Why? Why? It makes no sense unless its beung released on both. Is that what drive club is, to satiate those angry at this announcement?

jerethdagryphon1637d ago

no drive club is carporn.

gt6 is crack.

simple as that

HammadTheBeast1637d ago


Not the best analogy.

DriveClub is meant to be a super cool looking first person, team-based, racing game.

Gran Turismo 6, we don't know anything about, except that from what we know of past entries it will be a badass, hyper-realistic, racing game.

_-EDMIX-_1637d ago

@Spoon. No GT6= PS3 selling more units and GT6 selling more units.

First PS4 has no GT engine, it takes PD a long time to make a beast engine. Second, no GT has EVER launched with a PS system...ever.
Third there has been historically 2 GTs on every PS system.

Why should PS3 owners get jipped because a PS4 released? SO if the PS4 version turns out ot eb SOOOO GOOD. If you where a PS4 would if feel if GT7 would release on PS5? Sony is not stupid like Nintendo, Sony very much intends to release 2 GT's and get sales and keep some of those fans happy.

PS4 will get its GT and its time in the sun, its PS3's turn still. LOL.

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FATAL1TY1637d ago

GT4: PS2 (2005)

GT6: PS3

Driveclub: PS4

juandren1637d ago

What does that even mean?

classic2001637d ago


I think he wants to say its always 2 Gt games on each playstation but if this is true then its freaking late and might slow the sales of PS4 for a while. GT is just too big in my opinion to be for PS3 so late near a PS4.

Virtual_Reality1637d ago

Is Driveclub even a Simulator or a Arcade with Sim elements?

iWishTifaWasReal1637d ago

LOL at juandren.

that was exactly what i said. but with a troubled face

hakis861637d ago

The funny thing is, that picture looks like next-gen, but is actually like realtime GT5 on a PS3...
Cannot wait to see what Polyphony squeeze out of the PS4!!

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pain777pas1637d ago

They want GT"7" to be the be all end all of racing games. That is fine. Drive club will suffice to me for a couple years if it is supported and we don't know what other racers will be released. Plus, I still have my PS3!

AngelicIceDiamond1637d ago

Maybe GT6 will be able available on PS4's Gai Kai?

morkendo231637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

like the professor from futurama would say:

hoooooo-whaaa'd???? fall back. coming to ps3??
fall back again hoooooo-whaaa'd???
you mean ps4 right!!!