Make Skyrim look amazing using over 200 mods

It's been over a year since The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was first released, and the modding community has been feverishly working at creating content for this magnificent game. Destructoid already covered Skyrim after it was released, but most of those mods are already outdated. So let's take a look at how awesome we can make the game look now with over 215 mods.

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WeAreLegion1887d ago

Good freakin' luck making 215 mods work at the same time without the game crashing or losing your save game.

You're lucky if you can get 10 working...

Linsolv1887d ago

I've never had any problem getting more than 10 to work.

Although, I can't say I ever got 200. Around half that, I start to lose track of what each one does...

aliengmr1887d ago

That's not true at all.

I have 75 plus and the game runs better.

Eldyraen1887d ago

It all depends on what type of mods you are using.

Naturally some will always conflict but its easy to have hundreds simply by using standalone mods that don't affect any vanilla assets. Its those that change the core game really that can cause the most problems (especially if they overlap with other mods). Scripts and Meshes in particular can cause a lot of ugly side effects.

There are several compilation mods or simply lists of non-conflicting ones though that can remove a lot of the hassle of using mods. Its never going to be perfect (new ones constantly come out, or you may want to try something else) but its just one of those things you have to accept when you decide to go mod route anyways.

aliengmr1887d ago

BOSS and the Nexus Mod manger solve all but the most obvious conflicts.

As long as you know what you are effecting with the mods its pretty easy to avoid conflicts.

Modding Skyrim is stupid easy. There are countless mods that make modding easier.

WeAreLegion1887d ago

@Eldyraen and aliengmr

Thanks for the tips, guys. :) I know what I'm doing. It's just that downloading the mods from the Steam workshop is a bit of a death sentence after you stack enough of them, without changing any of the script.

xPhearR3dx1887d ago


I have around 70 mods installed from the Steam Workshop and around 60 mods installed through Nexus. Including a high performance ENB. I still get a solid 60FPS at 1080p. You just have to read the installation notes on each mod to make sure it compatible. For example. Open City Skyrim doesn't work with any Town/Village Enhancement mods. If you always check and use BOSS with NMM you'll be golden.

Trenta271887d ago

I have 117 running just fine.

Tr10wn1887d ago

wow you must be really bad at modding, i got over 60 mods and my game run flawlessly @ 60fps 1080p.

WeAreLegion1887d ago

Um... Guys. Every single one of my friends plays Skyrim. We are all very experienced PC gamers. Every single one of us has had to uninstall Skyrim multiple times because mods screwed it up.

I can't believe none of you have had to do that... I've been on the Skyrim forums a lot and most people seem to have that same problem. I think you guys are just trying to be cool.

aliengmr1887d ago

And I think you aren't very experienced with computers.

I am a complete tard when it comes to software. Seriously, I'm just a sorry excuse for a computer user, and I NEVER messed up Skyrim because of mods.

I'm also not cool, at all. I'm a complete douche.

akiraburn1887d ago

Sorry to hear you've had so many problems man. I know there have been a few times I've also ran into mods that can screw up your files pretty hard with Bethesda games. I've been there before with New Vegas and Oblivion. In my trials, I've learned of some worthwhile workarounds I could recommend.

The most important suggestions I can give is to run most of your installations through Nexus Mod Manager, and make sure that you run BOSS before playing (as mentioned above). The Steam workshop is fine for any mods that haven't been published on the Nexus but are on the workshop, however I wouldn't recommend using it outside of that. NMM simply makes things easier, and a lot of files come with their own "installer" which has options for many variables that the mod may have. BOSS handles the sorting that your mods needs to take on. One of the things that often causes crashes in your game is the load order of your files.

Now if that still fails, the next best option to get different conflicting mods working together (that I'm aware of) is called "TES5edit". This is a mod-compatibility application that creates a "Merged patch". The merged patch basically contains re-writes for many of the files, preventing conflicts. There is also a New Vegas Editor that does the same. If you need advice on how to use this, feel free to PM me.

I can tell you that it has taken some time to learn the ins and outs of applying mass amounts of mods (and ENBs), but I'm currently running over 170 mods without too much hassle. I've replaced every texture and many models, running 4096 shadows on everything, pushed up my uGrids a bit, and I've got a pretty hardcore ENB running as well (SSIL and Skylighting enabled at max quality). All this is handled at a very steady 60fps by an EVGA GTX 670 FTW (not OCing it for this), with the roughest sections I've seen causing only about a 5 frame dip.

(Btw, as one last side-note, also make sure you download the "SKSE" (Skyrim Script Extender), and even the "ScriptDragon" files. These are needed for many mods out there)

NaiNaiNai1887d ago

Running 240 mods right now.

No problems, you are just terrible with computers.

N0S3LFESTEEM1887d ago

I can't even install enb without the brightness flicker, it's so annoying that I've actually stopped playing it... GTA 4 has never given me problems nor any other game I've modded in the past. I'm at an absolute loss why it does that.

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gamernova1887d ago

Better be packing a Titan graphics card lol

landog1887d ago

i use a gtx 680, i think ihave over 25 graphics mods installed, works perfect, never had an issue, runs at 60 frames

the important thing is to READ to mod notes, they usually call out any incompatabilities with other mods right there, or someone in the comments will

steam workshop is so freaking baddass its not even funny, loving the legend of grimrock mods people have made too

feel like a scrub because i've be playing peoples mods for 10 years and never made a single one

i can build a gaming rig in 20-30 min, but damn if i can code a thing :(

much love and respect to the dudes who actually make those things, cause damn if they aren't fun, and often times they turn an ok game into an amazing one

Eldyraen1887d ago

Got to love all the people that help the PC gaming community thrive and most of them never receive the credit they deserve.

As to modders that make ok games into amazing ones, Skyrim has some of the best (RPGS often do imo, think its because a lot of people that play them are already creative minded to begin with). Skyrim was already a good game but mods have done a phenomenal job in making it look and play like a much more modern game than it was at launch (stupid consoles, grr... j/k, but only just).

Mods are definitely one of the best thing about PC gaming.

N0S3LFESTEEM1887d ago

I'm on your boat XD... 20-30 mins is a little bit exaggerated for a complete build. Upgrading my processor took me 7 hours of tinkering until I found out it wasn't locking down right (CPU LED)... I was almost at the point of RMA'ing my 8350 but after re-seating over and over again it finally worked (suck it Vaas). Not calling you out but just want to point out that there will always be variables. :)

landog1887d ago (Edited 1887d ago )

i just ment sticking the legos together, i.e, seating the mobo, popping in cpu, gpu, ram, psu,hd,reader etc.....and then connecting all the cables and managing them

of course software updates, installing drivers etc...all takes some time, that could add another hour or more

assembling a pc though, 20-30 min

*side note for seating my proc i always use arctic silver thermal compound, never had one not seat properly

N0S3LFESTEEM1887d ago

I use artic silver as well... almost common place in the PC crowd :p. It wasn't the thermal compound but the actual locking mechanism on the MB... after the first attempt and getting the CPU LED, I tore it apart and went to remove the heatsink and the processor pulled up along with it... scary shit.

Publicglutton1887d ago

OMG you spoilt brats ....Skyrim already looks amazing....Thankyou so much

Publicglutton1886d ago

Simple PC can run Skyrim easily with or without mods..:)