The 13 Worst Video Game Endings

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Every video game has an ending. Most have wonderful, memorable conclusions. When the game finally ends, you expect there to be some closure. You hope to see the heroes succeed. You want to learn where they end up, how the world has changed, and what your efforts have done to shape the course of history. If the ending has done its job right, there's an emptiness left in your heart. A void. You might even shed a tear or two. It's over, and you're left to ponder what happens next.

Sadly, some games don't end so well. They leave questions unanswered. Worse still, they have abrupt conclusions that don't shed any light on the events you've grown to care about. That is, if you cared about them at all. They gloss over character arcs, forget key moments, and simply do not care about whether the ending even makes sense, let alone tying up loose ends. Some, like Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II- The Sith Lords, simply ran out of time. Others, like Borderlands, left out major plot elements, and left many unanswered questions lingering.

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pr0t0typeknuckles1757d ago

this is a good list but you shoukld also consider adding any game ending from every ubisoft game starting in 2007-NOW,enslaved,splatterhous e,and vanquish.

Reverent1757d ago

I thought Assassin's Creed 2's ending was awesome. I don't think you should be so hard on Ubisoft.

Trenta271757d ago

AC3 needs to be on here. I literally just finished it. God that was terrible...

NaiNaiNai1757d ago

Oh no, a Personal opinion that you don't agree with.

Better use all your fake accounts to disagree.

pr0t0typeknuckles1757d ago (Edited 1757d ago )

dudeit was a cliifhanger,it just ended abruptly for ezio,and im not being hard on them i have every assassians creed except for 3 and all of the endings are cliffhangers,prince of persia 2008 a cliffhanger with dlc with another cliffhanger,prince of persia forgotten sands just felt so rushed though its not a surprise,splinter cell conviction so anticlimatic, shall i go on.

e-p-ayeaH1757d ago (Edited 1757d ago )

FF7 ending was perfectly self-explanatory the planet was saved from the lifestream.

the 500 years later thing just meant that midgar was never rebuilt after that to provoke another possible future planet life crisis so that people could live happily without Shin-Ra oppression.

Myze1757d ago

Yeah, I though FFVII ending was pretty good. It wasn't FFVI quality, but it was still good.

The problem with this list is that there are thousands of games with pretty much no ending at all. Maybe the list should have been "Most Disappointing Endings," since a short, slightly uninformative ending is better than a flat "The End."

Irishguy951757d ago

It's implied Humans are wiped out and go to the promised land. Which was the whole point of Aerith. Instead of being just wiped out, they get to live on in the promised land. Cloud realizes this just at the end of the game. And the during the whole game Bugenhagen is wondering if Humans will be wiped away by the lifestream or not.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1757d ago

I disagree with that completley.The part where you see Red XIII and his are running to the edge of the cliff to see the ruins of Midgar you hear children laughing at the end implying that humanity is still alive.

x5exotic1757d ago

Mass Effect 3

Skyrim (the whole story was crap and the ending of whatever arc sucked even more). Trying to be cinematic was laughable. Not to mention the dragon boss that had little effect to the actual story and just showed up as the bad guy. Or the Ulfric crap which was basically "alright one battle, a few errands and this whole thing that lasted years is pretty much over"

Assassin's Creed: The part where I quit the game half-way through.
Uncharted 2: Most cliche I've ever seen. And 3 is pretty much a remastered version of 2 so...

cogniveritas1757d ago

Hmm.. I give Skyrim a pass, not really having an ending other than concluding story arc, it's just a big game. Some of the dungeon quests are more interesting than the Civil war & Alduin stories.

Was the Uncharted 2 ending really that cliche? These days that would probably amount to an ending with everyone dead except for Nate, and he becomes a snarling emo as the world comes crashing down around him just as he vows revenge for his losses in the next darker sequel.

x5exotic1757d ago

Yes. Him simply killing the bad guy while lost city #37 crumbles and reuniting with his girl is nothing short of cliche. But then again the entire game was so as well.

Skyrim dungeons? Which one? The one with the golden claw? Or the diamond claw? or the poop claw? They are all the same. Any "plot twist" (if they had the decency to include one) is seen from miles away. 3-4 interesting quests out of hundreds is really bad.

aliengmr1757d ago


Explore more.

Urameshi1757d ago

Jet Force Gemini anyone? Think that's still my most disappointing game ending to date.

MaleManSam1757d ago

Star Wars: The knights of the old republic II
It had a very rushed development and It ran out of time with the whole entirety of the last world. You literally beat the boss and it pans out *cues* music. End. Shame, I really the series though especially the first.

MetalArcade1757d ago

Yep, that one's in the article!

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