Microsoft Will Announce The Xbox 720 Soon, Here’s A Theory About When

GamerFitNation's Gregory Laporte writes about the next Xbox console. "Recent rumors have come to light that Microsoft is set to announce their press event for their future console sometime in April. While this is mostly rumor, there is some evidence to support the claim; however there is nothing concrete. I believe the reveal will be a little bit sooner than that. Read my theory below and see whether or not you agree with my assertion."

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MRMagoo1231916d ago

noone cares about the new xbox

AngelicIceDiamond1916d ago

noone cares about the new Xbox?

Your a selfish person.

BadboyCivic1916d ago

Then why comment if you don't care?
Competition is good.

xxLuckyStrike1916d ago

First off He's a Troll(MissesMagoo123)who scans for any M$ news patrolling submissions and leave ignorant off topic garble. It's Butt Shafts like him that ruin this site. Bubble Down

wastedcells1916d ago

Maybe they will wait for E3

MRMagoo1231915d ago (Edited 1915d ago )


lmao go ahead and find me in one other MS or xbox only news thread I can bet you you wont find me in any and yet i "scan for any MS news" I will just put your comment down to deprivation of air when you where being born, I thought since all we have been getting on this site lately are xbox fantards trolling and negative news because of the strange fear xbox fans have of sony (which is understandable because the new xbox will not be even close to the ps4) I would come in here and do the same eye for an eye so to speak.

Take that as childish or what ever but i dont see you complaining about the xbox retards. And i call them retards because thats what a fan of xbox is.


I cant say competition is good because ever since MS hit the gaming scene we have had nothing but retard console wars and fantards fighting. If MS wasnt around i can bet you this would not of happened because this ego thing about consoles was made in America before a console was made there no one cared whos console was best they just played games.

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3GenGames1916d ago

If that was true, Sony would only have 4GB of GDDR5 RAM in the PS4. Competition is good, and apparently Sony cares about the next Xbox. Everyone should.

scott1821916d ago

Good point, without knowing the competition would have more ram sony may never have upped theirs. Competition is good.

UnholyLight1916d ago

You sir, just hit the nail on the head.

7SBuzzLightyear7S1916d ago

Well this is awkward. Why does N4G have a channel for the 'Xbox 720'?

Anyway, I'm looking forward to it, but I won't hold my breath. The Xbox 360 announcement launch was big for me and I made the transition from Sony and the PS2 over to Microsoft and the Xbox 360. Everything about it was almost perfect at the time (I wasn't familiar with hardware failure rate as I wasn't into gaming news and forums back then, but had I known I would of ditched them a long time ago).

After 2009 and the NXE dashboard, it has become adamant that paying a premium for an online service does not save you from seeing advertisements on your dashboard. While this can be argued and I welcome it, it doesn't make sense when you pay a premium on many websites and you avoid advertising.

They pushed Kinect. They pushed it a LOT!!! They have forgotten about the core gamer and what made the Xbox 360 what it is today and they decided to turn their attention to the casual market, which isn't a bad thing, but when you see casual games overtake core games, you start to wonder where things are going.

If they can start the 'Xbox 720' like they did the Xbox 360 (minus hardware failure) then it is going to reclaim some of those who made the switch to Sony. If they don't, well they are only going to annoy more gamers and lose more fans.

At this very moment, I am leaning more towards the PS4. My PSN Plus subscription just ran out and I am considering renewing that and not my Xbox LIVE subscription.

BigStef711916d ago

Same for me too man. After the exclusives stopped I switched to ps3 for good which I'm glad I did. For next gen I'm definitely getting a ps4 but if Microsoft gets its act together and actually provide new IP exclusives then I will greatly consider getting getting the next Xbox. Pus they need to let RARE make some new installments in their classic franchises'

user39158001916d ago (Edited 1916d ago )

First on line a sony troll lol...

I really dont care who wins what. What I want its innovation and power is a constant variable. I want fun plenty of fun and I think illumiroom, virtual glasses and 3d will do it for me, now mx show us what you got. Its obvious sony dont have a console just numbers lol...

saint_seya1916d ago

another troll, though only mago, but u have to show up :c

3-4-51916d ago

Well c'mon now, I can tell your not fan but you don't have to be so foolish with your comments.

Your opinion now = everyone's ?

How do you even comprehend words ?

MasterCornholio1916d ago

Plenty of people care about the next XBOX more than the Wii U. But what many people dont have is high hopes that Microsoft will focus on the core.

Maybe Microsoft will surprise them?

cleverusername1916d ago

Apart from Xbox owners and non fanboys!

saint_seya1916d ago

I dont care for new xbox, lots of players do #fixed for u

SDF Repellent1915d ago (Edited 1915d ago )

Here is one of MRMagoo123 post,
"we can all just agree ps4 is day one and that is that, im getting excited like a 12 year old school girl seeing justin beiber."

Really??? How can anyone take you serious after that quote. Little girl, Please! LOL

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scott1821916d ago

I think they have to so they can switch momentum to them. I think both will be amazing machines, I know my buddy will get the 720 and i'll get the PS4. Best of both worlds.

lovegames7181916d ago

Bring it. The more options the bettet.

fredolopez1916d ago

i think they will unveil the xbox 720 and live-stream it on xbl during E3. regardless of when they choose to so, i can't wait!

clintagious6501916d ago

I think everyone who knows me knows i prefer my ps3 over my 360 but im definitely anxious to see what ms has in store for their nextbox. I hope they can show more core games because im just not interested in kinect so sorry if im not a kinect fan but im just being honest wit yall. Hopefully ms can change my mind by showing off some new ip's in the making for the nextbox & not be just kinect 2.0 launch titles or i will be disappointed.

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