The Playstation 4 Reveal in a Nutshell

Thomas D. for GUFUyourself writes - "On Wednesday, Sony announced to the world that they aren’t fully dead yet and decided to release the Playstation 4, the long-awaited heir to the Sony throne, in which many hope will rule the gaming landscape once again. For those who missed the showing and don’t want to read through 50 million articles that say the exact same thing or read through a bunch of fanboyish bliss on forums, here’s a quick recap of the event…"

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majiebeast1917d ago

Did i just read a 10 year old's impression of the 2013 meeting?

Waddy1011917d ago

I like how he thinks that the lightbar used for tracking the controller by the new camera is the LED indicator for whether the controller is on and it's so big because Sony think we're all idiots.

greenpowerz1917d ago (Edited 1917d ago )

U mad bro?

Millions seen this reveal like that(the same way) hense the internet buzzing about the odd timing of the reveal with no hardware to show. The reveal was a move to kill possible MSFT buzz and to start their own.

Check out my links in this link

DoesUs1917d ago

Mr Green Powers AKA Power Of Green/Why Dis etc etc, your desperation levels have now reached rock bottom. I'm not sure you can sink any lower. This little vendetta you have with all things Sony is quite mind boggling! You've done nothing but slam them for years and years. You'll be shocked when MS reveal their next console and it matches the leaked specs. Too late to change anything, and I mean anything.

Like the ram situation 8 gig of DDR3. Like the GPU situation, AMD solution 20/30% under the PS4 solution. You can't magically add something without rearranging, and this late into the process would mean a mega delay. Do you even read other websites where this information is widely available, or are you avoiding such sites as they dont sit with your own ideas? VGLeaks is accurate, DF article is accurate, Edge articles are accurate.

Please feel free to bookmark this comment because you my friend, are in for quite a shock. In all honesty I'd do everyone a favour and disappear. On a final note, as a great ambassador for MS, over the past few months, you don't mention the 360 much. Any reason for that?

user39158001917d ago (Edited 1917d ago )

Yawn... PS4 reveaL WAS AND WILL ALWAYS BE THE GREATEST dissapointment REVEAL OF SONY history. Even ps vita was better than this and it was awfull. Sony give us loyal gamer facts, give us first party and stop announcing reveal when the console does not even exist. Great specs for a console thats not even done, ugh...

Let me run away from here before hammad the troll send me more personal emails.

Hicken1917d ago

I can't figure out why you and greenpowerz still have more than one bubble.

Your every comment is trolling, never with anything factual. Either of you. You're not the only ones, either. Hell, I don't claim to be unbiased, but I'm not the troll certain people think I am. I'm DAMN sure not the troll you or even LOGICWINS is.

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Chaostar1917d ago

That was the journalistic equivalent of a child repeating what Sony said in a stupid voice, no thought, no insight, nothing but immature noise.

Linko641917d ago

This reads like someone's twitter timeline...with 2 followers. Not sure if its supposed to be funny or just overaly cynical. The 'donate' PayPal button made me laugh though.

wishingW3L1917d ago

why did people approve this anyway? This is just spam. =/

chcolatesnw1917d ago

actually i found it to be rather accurate. sure the tone was of a critic but you sony fanatics get butthurt so easily. its sad to think how much you praise the ps4 as this all mighty all powerful platform but us pc gamers can't help but laugh at the puny specs. sure 8gb vram is more than decent but its system wide. nothing impressive

raytraceme1917d ago

Tell me how is it puny specs???

The ps4 has enough power to run crysis 3 maxed out at 1080p 30fps on a pc equivalent counterpart.

Now the ps4 can be optimized a bit more than a pc with equivalent specs so how is the ps4 "not impressive"???

Also keep in mind that with 8gb gddr5 memory games can be vastly bigger so pc gamers can't say consoles are holding them back.

Graphics aren't all that. Keep in mind and that physics and bigger worlds are what needed to evolve this generation not graphics which the ps4 conference showed ;)

chcolatesnw1917d ago

"The ps4 has enough power to run crysis 3 maxed out at 1080p 30fps on a pc equivalent counterpart."

all you know is that it's got 8gb gddr5 and 8 core processor. how did you arrive to the conclusion that it can run crysis 3 maxed at 30 fps????
my friends 680+2500k at 4.6ghz and 16gb ddr3 can max out crysis 3 with vsync at 30fps, and without vsync at 40-50fps at 1080p.
there is no way in hell that ps4 cpu equals a 2500k at 4.6ghz and ps4 gpu equals a 680 stock. i can send you screenshots if you want proof
as for the 8 core cpu on ps4, its an amd apu, meaning its a custom laptop cpu. thus, crappy performance for desktop and can barely touch a low end desktop i3.
yet you say that from "supercharged gpu, 8core amd cpu and 8gb gddr5" it can max out c3 at 1080p/30fps. please, you fanbys are a joke, and your dreams are unattainable on the ps4

rezzah1917d ago (Edited 1917d ago )

There was something to say about everything except for Quantic Dreams presentation (why?).


If you disagreed, copy and paste the part where something was said about QD. I'm looking for the answer, not your imagination.

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