Sony responds to free PlayStation Store credits found in inboxes

Tanya Valdez writes: Some of you were lucky enough to check your messages on PSN the other day, only to find $10 PSN Points voucher waiting for you. Since then, we have had numerous asking them how it is determined on who receives these vouchers. I reached out to Sony and to end the head scratching. I received a response from a Sony representative who works on the PSN side of the account

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phantomexe1915d ago

I'm on psn alot compared to most of the people on my psn friends list and i spent alot on psn. I'm thinking they sent them to people who dont make alot of purchases on psn ,to try and get them to look around a bit but thats my opinion. Most family that are on psn dont buy much and they all got it. Its good move on sonys part i supose.

violents1915d ago

Agreed, it gets people that havent used the store a reason to go check it out.

admiralvic1915d ago

Even if that was true (it isn't), I don't think forcing ANYONE to use that new store would result in more sales.

guitarded771915d ago

I want to know what the criteria is... some of my friends messaged me saying they got one, and just assumed I'd get one too since I am on everyday and have 200+ downloadable games and 200+ disc games. $10 would have been nice since I just got $30 from Sony rewards.

Azmatik1915d ago

Im actually VERY dissapointed :( ive been a sony fan for yeaaaars had every system at launch and am a undergroud member since 2006 look me up, i live in canada.... Definatly givin sony a call lol but i cant be mad sony is just great.

jadenkorri1915d ago

yeah but if its targeted towards low end users, its a slap in the face for those that spend money and are on every day.

guitarded771915d ago

@ jadenkorri

I don't think it's geared toward "lower end users". All my friends that reported getting one where trophy lvl 14 - 25, and all have huge game collections. Maybe there were newer users getting the credit, but the ones I heard from are veterans.

kreate1915d ago

I got the 10 bucks. Trophy level 14.
Psn account made in march of 2007.

elmaton981915d ago

I agree, i believe is a move to let people be aware of the psn store and all the great games that are in there.

vikingland11915d ago

Um I use it all the time and I got the voucher. So I guess your theory is wrong. I think it was just a random thing. I've had access to alot of betas also. Is that also because I don't use PSN?

Gorilla_Killa_X1914d ago (Edited 1914d ago )

I have probably spent over $2000 on the psn store not counting plus subscription and I got the voucher. As a matter of fact, I have 3 accounts and only received it on the account I used to make psn purchases.

Edit: I will say I have a Vita on that account as well.

calis1914d ago

It's random people. Jesus.

gtr_loh1914d ago

Pretty sure this was totally random. I have all PlayStation systems and 2 Xperia phones as well as a Bravia TV linked on my Sony Entertainment Account. My trophy level also almost stretches to level 14 and have at least 38 games linked onto my profile.

Dee_911914d ago

all I got was assassin creed 3 dlc message :(

ThanatosDMC1914d ago (Edited 1914d ago )

Well i had a PS3 a couple of months after release... maybe that's why I got one? I think it was my Christmas (2006) present for myself.

violents1914d ago

How is that "forcing" anyone to do anything?

How dumb are people, here Im going to give you ten dollars, in turn this forces you to go to a store.

Your rediculous.

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admiralvic1915d ago

It has nothing to do with purchases or at least little to do with it.

My one friend is constantly buying things on the PSN and he got one.
I haven't bought anything past an avatar or two in the past 9 months and I got one.
Another friend spent 400+ last year on PSN games and received one.
Yet another friend spent around 10 dollars on the PSN last year and didn't get one.
My alternate account that hasn't spent a dime in over 2 years didn't get one.

There was probably another requirement, like "X time online" that decided who got what. I did notice that all my active friends (except 1) got the message, which strongly implies Sony found a good indicator of loyalty or we all got it via random chance. Either or, I've seen both groups (active PSN buyers and inactive PSN buyers) get the voucher.

ABizzel11915d ago

I have to disagree. I'm on PSN often, I'm a PS+ member, and I've downloaded nearly 1,200 items from the Stores since launch, my little brother just got one so he can't have nearly as much content as I've downloaded, and he didn't get it, so I doubt that the reason some got it and some don't.

Whatever it is I want to know.

akiraburn1915d ago

Yeah, I'm a little confused on this myself, as I'm in the same boat. I've also spent hundreds on the PS store, downloaded over 1100 items, have over 4200 trophies (level 21), registered a bunch of products on the Sony site, created my profile including the owned and wanted list on the PS site several years ago, been a PS+ subscriber since day one, and despite all this unfortunately I have not received a code as of yet. I'm not upset, but kind of confused as I'd think that I fit the criteria for it.

dragunrising1915d ago (Edited 1915d ago )

I've spent hundreds of dollars on PSN and got it. I've also been a PlayStation Plus member since its introduction. Maybe its recent purchase history or completely random. Food for thought.

spongeboob1915d ago

I have made a lot of purchases on the PSN through the years and I received the credit email from them.

Thanks Sony, you rock!

Kane221915d ago

actually i spent well over $2000 in my psn account since Ive been on psn for almost 5yrs. personally i think they went by how much you bought there exclusive stuff throughout the time you had your psn account.

evilhasitsway1915d ago

i bought over a $100 worth of stuff this month alone and i got the $10

FFXI1011915d ago

That's not accurate, I bought a lot of games on PSN or at retail store.

I've bought every Sony console or handheld. If what you said was true then I shouldn't receive it but I did.

I was in their reward program too.

FACTUAL evidence1915d ago

Sorry phantomexe, but that whole sending people the 10$ to people who doesn't buy from the store is not accurate at all. I have over 2000$ or purchased content, and I received the 10$ voucher.

slaton241915d ago

i buy alot of things off the psn store and i still got it look up slaton22 if u want to game sometime i have plenty...if that dont work please send measlesonurface an invite or campersonduty

finbars751915d ago

I disagree.I buy stuff all the time along with all my friends and we all got the voucher.Its just a random pick thats all not people who dont spend money in the PS.Its not the first time we have seen this especially with codes to betas and so on.

Good_Guy_Jamal1915d ago

Yes, lets reward those that don't spend money by giving them credits and even less reason to spend money.

Jaces1915d ago

I was skeptical at first but after that $10 credit hit my wallet it was pretty awesome. I thought this was just because my birthday being today.

Guess not but w/e, still wicked cool on Sony's part. :D

morkendo231915d ago (Edited 1915d ago )

im hardly on PSN dont like digital games its like trying to buy AIR you cant see it or feel it.

DizzyDino1914d ago

Sony gave me the money also but I have spent over $1,500 on ps3 games,psn games,themes,add ons, and avatars.

mi_titan271914d ago

i spend alot of money on psn, i get my $10credit as well.

Slapshot821914d ago

I got one and I think it was for people who have purchase either a set amount of money on SEN, or have purchased Full PS4 Games on SEN.

I'm guessing, of course, but I've downloaded numerous Full Games and I got one, but my friends who have not didn't.

andibandit1914d ago

I got 2 vouchers for some reason, but then again my COD:BO2 K:D ratio is almost 3, so maybe its not so strange :)

lilbrat231914d ago

I got this message a few days ago just not sure why I haven't purchased anything in the store in a while. Could be the reason but who knows.

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WeAreLegion1915d ago

It was sent to people who rarely purchase things on the PSN. :)

Redempteur1915d ago

I have psn+ and a large selection of games and rock band dlc ..i buy things regulary and i got one ..

So it's random ..

WeAreLegion1915d ago

That's really weird. All of my friends with Plus didn't get them. All of my old accounts that I haven't used in two years got it and so did my brother's old accounts. Same with friends. I guess that's just a coincidence.

irepbtown1914d ago

Time to check myself, I hope us Brits have got a voucher aswell.

doctorstrange1915d ago

Spoiler: They don't really give a response...

perdie1915d ago

seriously, I don't think any company would start with "thanks for reaching out..."

Insomnia_841915d ago

I spend a lot on PSN and got the $10.

kingmushroom1915d ago

same here, sony has been good to me. fucking love sony