PlayStation 4 Reveal Trailer

Sony attempts to push the boundaries with the recently revealed PS4. Their latest trailer shows off a variety of the games shown at the recent press conference.

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TheGamerDood1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

I've watched it 3 times already and every time it gave me chills. :3

LackTrue4K1641d ago

this video is all over youtube now!!!

gta28001641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

I was gonna say that. I saw it in two videos already lol.

And what was that thing that MediaMolecule showed? Am I the only one who was interested in that? lol. I hope that's a real game!

blackbeld1641d ago Show
Ron_Danger1641d ago

With what MM showed, it seems like players will be able to make Pixar quality movies with the PS4.

nirwanda1640d ago

@ron danger what MM is doing is very clever they are stripping everything most games have and ploughing all the power they have at there disposal into the characters and animation,
No dought they will have some form of theather setting but nothing too complex just like LBP.

Jackobinen1640d ago

@nirwanda: I believe the words you were looking for are "their", "doubt" and "theater" (or maybe "theatre" if you're British...) Oh, and learn to use capital letters in the beginning of a sentence and punctuation at the end of one.

Give it up for the Grammarnazi! I'll be here all week. Thank you!

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BrunoM1641d ago

It's a damn good video to hype you up !!

Quick question ... What's the name of the song used in the video I've heard it around in some "epic" videos any idea ? Thanks

FragMnTagM1641d ago

Two Steps From Hell - Blackheart

LOL_WUT1640d ago

After watching this video from YouTubes main page I had to search up the song. I gotta say Sony did a good job with this and the song goes well with the clip. Too bad it wasn't longer.

just_looken1641d ago

been gaming for over 22years there was 0 omg wow moments in that trailer. 0 innovative games bad ideas bad controller and 0 new ideas. Even th amd hardware is trash nvidia>amd. Maybe microsoft might be someting new/fresh out with good hardware or even valve. right now ps4 is a yawn factor for me.

gta28001641d ago

You're in denial. That game Media Molecule showed has innovative written all over it. It might have just been a concept but I hope they take that concept further.

If PS4 is a yawn factor to you then prepare to fall asleep cause I bet Micro will be all about their Kinect mini game stuff.

blackbeld1641d ago

@Knushwood Butt.

He certainly needs a new hobby! LOL

chaos-lockheart1641d ago


Been reading posts for over 22 years there was 0 OMG wow moments in this comment you made. 0 innovative words, bad ideas, worlds sorriest user name, and 0 new ideas. Even your life is trash. Maybe Microsoft might be able to make the worlds stupidest and gayest console for you to play. Right now your post is a yawn factor for me.

Fil1011641d ago

You don't deserve to be a gamer with that attitude.

VonBraunschweigg1641d ago

I had the same feeling, except for a few sequences this just as well could have been a promo for the PS3.

I know most of it was alpha footage, but there was really nothing new to be seen, nothing with a Wow! factor.

I've seen a million object falling a million times, 2010's GT5 looks far better than Drive Club, and when I see a next-gen 3D world I don't expect to see that much 'fog'. KillZone looks ok though, but at the same time the gameplay they showed was boooring, a farcry from the raw in-your-face action that was KillZone 2.

As said, alpha footage, so nothing yet to worry about. The specs are great and the devs seem to like it, but to say somebody needs a new hobby just because he isn't that easily knocked of his feet anymore as the years go by? Have some dignity...

grailly1641d ago

I'll agree there were no wow moments in the conference, but I feel like they checked all the boxes they needed to check and laid a great foundation for what's to come, so they can wow us in the future.

great hardware, a very versatile controller, heavy developer support and cloud features the competition can't match really were the only things the PS4 needed.

the lack of a wow factor is also because we've been spoiled by pc gaming, this console update is coming so late in the life cycle that we've already seen equivalent graphics from the pc.

zeee1641d ago

Then yawn away my friend.

ratcop221641d ago

What's the word im looking for... OH! TROLL

Boody-Bandit1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

I've been gaming since it's inception (the 70's) and this is the most excited I've been for new hardware. Sonys event, keeping in mind they are saving A LOT for E3, wowed me. I am already on 3 different alert list for pre-orders.

just_lookens hobby isn't gaming.
It's trolling.

finbars751641d ago

Its funny I have been gaming since the beggining with the vic20 and I can tell you if you dont see any revolution in that trailer and the way gaming has been going for the last years until now then you my friend have no sweet clue of what you are talking about.Everything that gaming stands for to date is what gets people more excited about whats to come.I think both next gen consoles are going to be exceptional.

kenshiro1001641d ago

And we're supposed to believe that?

punisher991641d ago

"Maybe microsoft might be someting new/fresh out with good hardware or even valve. right now ps4 is a yawn factor for me."

lol When has M$ ever had any new fresh games or even good hardware???

XIIIWARRIOR411641d ago

@ (just_looken) Your either a MS fanboy or your just simply hating.

juggulator1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

You seem to be missing Sony's marketing strategy for the past 7 years which is core gaming and killer exclusives. You have a point that there were not really any new innovative games shown as they are bringing existing franchises to the PS4 but there's no denying the hardware is great for a console. Nvidia > AMD ,true but I think AMD may be comfortable on a console and you should know that MS is using the exact same set up as they will be using AMD hardware also. This means that that multiplats will look a lot close on both consoles ,and of course the PC will still be the best looking. You still have to hand it to Sony for doing exactly what devs told them to do which was make a console that has an architecture similar to a PC in as many ways as possible. Sony did that and devs are happy. The next gen looks promising, can't wait.

strickers1640d ago

22 years? Is that all?
Were all 22 spent as a troll? or are you a masochist?

brave27heart1640d ago

Just looken?

Keep walking.

And pick up a dictionary while you're at it.

imt5581640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

@ VonBraunschweigg

KZ : Shadow Fall is developed on devkits with only 1.5GB GDDR5 RAM. Look picture several times on link below and try to imagine how it will look with 8GB GDDR5 RAM available in final devkits. Guerilla Games FTW!!!:)

Check this screenshot :

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DonFreezer1640d ago

Maybe you need a new hobby as they said.If someone doesn't worship Sony to their death he needs a new hobby.

RealtorMDandDC1640d ago

I've been playing longer than 22yrs... and I was impressed.

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AKS1641d ago

Sony is doing a great job impressing early. These are games projected for the launch window. I can only imagine what PS4 games will look like in a few years from now.

RealtorMDandDC1640d ago

What is in store for the mind can't fathom.

morkendo231641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

only thing out of that video interest me was KNACK the robot and DRIVERS club 2 NEW ip.......

rest same ol same ol boring dried as hell first person shooter games you see year after year up graded to ps4. it maybe new tilte no matter what it is called but basicly it is the same worn out first person shooter game CALL OF DUTY.