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Sony's PlayStation 4 Reveal - Did It Meet Our Expectations? - Push Square

Push Square: "Just moments before Wednesday’s big PlayStation 4 press conference, we rounded up as many Push Square staff members as we could get our hands on, in order to discuss our hopes, dreams, and fears for Sony’s next generation platform. Now, with the console blown wide open, we’ve repeated the more-challenging-than-it-sound s task, herding up a familiar roster of names for a good old chinwag about the impending system and its coming out party." (PS4)

JoGam  +   419d ago
It met mine. That's all that matter to me. Its my money and Sony is getting it. If its wrong, then I don't wanna be right. Sheeeet.
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shivvy24  +   419d ago
Gaikai , GDDR5 , Controller with amazing features , awesome new interface and Awesome exclusives ! ITS A WIN !!!
morkendo23  +   419d ago
"did Sony ps4 meet my expectations?"

IMO my only!!! expectations is games,games,games
bluray movies. all the rest not interested dont play online,not interested in someone taking over my gameplay by remote,not interested in showing my game play online nor "share" it with anyone online. nor am I interested in social networking.
so did ps4 meet my expectation?? gaming/movies wise YES!!

those of you under the age of 50 might not understand where im coming from with not wanting to socialize online (privacy). all those features not really necessary rather have a ps2 with ps3 graphic's
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unchartedxplorer  +   419d ago
It surpassed my expectations. I was only expecting them to announce it. But the new controller, more online features and the explaining of the specs not to mention the awesome-looking KZ Shadow fall gameplay really impressed me.
Irishguy95  +   418d ago
It was a good show but...I don't get why so many people go on about the Ram. Look, Ram is important. But it's not THAT important. It's important when you don't have enough. Having 8GB's means they have enough to support the features they are implementing. 4GB's to 8 GB's does not improve the CPU and GPU. Obviously 4Gb's was enough for them or Sony wouldn't have put 4 in it in the first place. Sony through it up to 8 just to outdo MS.

In fact, you often hear people with a lack of knowledge on Tech quoting the amount of Ram it has. If I ask them what CPU or GPU they have they won't have a clue. It's the same for PC's labtops and Consoles. I actually had a friend come up and tell me "I got a new laptop and it has an Nvidia graphics card" with a look of amazement on his face....I was like..."Do you know which one?" He replied " An Nvidia one!"...... Yeah...probably a shit one that you bought without knowing it was actually shit
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Nicaragua  +   418d ago
It's because we are at a stage in technology where there isn't a vast difference between gaming cpu's, so there isn't much to discuss.

Kill zone on the ps4 isn't going to require vastly more CPU than KZ3 did on the ps3 - the AI and physics are going to be pretty similar.

The large amount of RAM though allows for bigger levels and better textures,and those are what is going to get noticed.
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r1sh12  +   418d ago
RAM is important, because it allows the CPU to access data quickly in any order the CPU prioritises.
The higher the ram the more can be stored and in turn the more can be accessed quickly by the CPU.
Not only that, the speed of the RAM is just as important.
So yes RAM will improve CPU performance (in being able to access the data and process it).

RAM and graphics cards are the first things to become a drawback of consoles. The CPU's these days can process insane amounts of data.

Im 100% sure the current processor in the PS3 will work just as good as the PS4 processor (To a point) before it would need to be 'upgraded'.

Try this, build a PC slam the most powerful I7 processor in it, and only allow the PC to have 2Gb ram or something and run a very resource heavy piece of software/game (whatever).
Then do the same with 4Gb ram and let me know the difference.


Just saw @Nicaragua comment, 100% correct. Lets not forget actual CPU processing will reduce thanks to cloud (one day).

Its not about Sony outdoing MS by having more ram.

personally I would have loved it both Sony and MS give us something like 16Gb ram, that would be pretty great (IMO).
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kikizoo  +   418d ago
guys,ram is obviously important, but don't forget texture streaming ! (uncharted, etc)
PS4isKing_82  +   419d ago
Sony hit it out of the park. But this E3 will be a grand slam of epic proportions. Console reveal, price, release date and a ton of new games!!!!

No, it didn't meet my expectations, it destroyed them!
StrongMan  +   419d ago
No, it didn't meet my expectations..........
At this point I can care less what xbox does.. Features aside sony is bringing the games! I am pretty sure sony has enough features to satisfy. What else could people want?
The_Infected  +   419d ago
It surpassed my expectations with:

8Gb DDR5 ram "more than the 4gb i was expecting"

Games "looked better than i imagined"

Gaikai "amazing features"

Controller "very nice"

Social "very integrated"

It was all just amazing! Can't wait to see more!!
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Smeagol2033  +   419d ago
no it was a waste of my precious time. $ony, the ps2 days are over. What a shoddy show
BanBrother  +   419d ago
Who is going to believe a 500 and something year old lunatic that lives in a cave anyway, whose only social interaction is with his even more deranged and psychotic split personality, which is all the more insane as the love triangle that exists is fulfilled by a RING!!!.
Smeagol2033   419d ago | Personal attack | show
unchartedxplorer  +   419d ago
I really hope you are sarcastic.
stage88  +   419d ago
"Smeagol2033 joined N4G 3 hours ago"

Ah, now it makes sense.
finbars75  +   419d ago
wow I was going to say the same for your comment except that you nust butthurt withought the Sony fanboy part.
BanBrother  +   418d ago
"your public hair"

No, I am pretty sure my hair is private.....
ApolloTheBoss  +   419d ago
I swear I keep seeing the same articles getting posted.
MYSTERIO360  +   419d ago
Theres one thing i learned and that is no matter what Sony does to good, people will still be unimpressed.
kevnb  +   419d ago
They didn't really tell us much, we know it has 8 gigs ddr5 shared ram. The games looked good, but I'm not sure about anything else. 8 core CPU with GPU on chip doesn't really tell me if it meets my expectations.
I feel like they focused on ram because people are always ragging on the ps3 not having enough.
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GribbleGrunger  +   419d ago
Jesus, when you watch a great film can't you enjoy it until they tell you exactly what make and which model they used to project it with. Perhaps they could even tell you what weave of fabric they used on the seats too so that you can feel comfortable.
kevnb  +   419d ago
lol, but its a piece of tech and im a tech geek. I probably wouldnt care nearly as much if they didnt go into very vague specs. They played right into peoples general lack of knowledge. You know, the people who say their computer is awesome because of all the cores and the amount of ram it has, but have no idea what processor or video cards they have. But they did show some good game footage to make it all worthwhile.
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GribbleGrunger  +   419d ago
Good to see you took that in good spirit. Kudos to you. I'm not a tech head by any stretch of the imagination, but I can see from what I saw on stage what to expect from the PS4 in terms of graphic capability and processing power. That's all I need really. I don't care if it's made from string, springs and blue tac, it bloody impressed the hell out of me.
danthebios  +   419d ago
r21  +   419d ago
I had no expectations for the conference. Honestly, i was expecting vita news. I was extremely blown away by each reveal.
Gamesgbkiller  +   419d ago
MasterCornholio  +   419d ago
They exceeded my expectations especially with the sudden increase of ram from 4GB to 8GB. I was expecting the conference to be like the PS3s unveiling which was filled with a ton of tech demos but fortunately that didnt happen.

Out of the 2 next gen systems (the PS4 and Wii U) the PS4s unveiling has impressed me the most.

@Samus HD
"considering to buy one"

Wow wasnt expecting this from a Nintendo fanboy.
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Tundra  +   419d ago
The controller is probably my favorite part of the conference. It looks awesome.
Samus HD  +   419d ago
I didn´t know what to expect!
so I´m impressed, it surprised me in a good way
considering to buy one
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JBSleek  +   419d ago
Yes except my digital purchases won't carry over. I find that so crazy. All these digital cool indie games that I bought seem to be a waste. Sure I can still play them on my PS3 but that just seems silly. I'm okay without the physical games but no digital is crucial.

Also I want Watch Dogs so bad!!!
bunfighterii  +   419d ago
PS4 will be the hottest product of 2013. Can't wait to see what MS come up with in reply.
sway_z  +   419d ago
It really doesn't matter how undeniably amazing the PS4 event turned out because the negative.com gamers will find something to hate...

Sad little people, with sad little lives :/


Pre-ordering mine after E3...
vikingland1  +   419d ago
I didn't read the article because this question has been asked in soooo many other articles. But to answer the headline ,yes it did for me. I am a console gamer how could I not be happy about a new better console? That is the true question no one asks.
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airshiraz  +   419d ago
a big NOO
1-it doesnt have something like amd eyefinity why??
2-no 60 fps im sure of that
3-no big innovation
4-i expected a better gpu
WhatchaTalkinBout  +   418d ago
My self i was impressed, for what they was allowed to show it got me very very interested in this console to the point i dont see myself buying both consoles next-gen, sony has alot of interesting things going for it in this console cant wait to see E3..
brandonb21  +   418d ago
i like the ps4 only thing i dont like is the ui i find it very clutter but its not a final product yet, so i will wait and see. not matter what i still will be getting a ps4
miacosa  +   418d ago
This appetizer was okay but once we get to the main course at E3 we'll know for sure. While the specs are not the bleeding edge they are great for a home console running games at 1080p @ 60fps. Anyone expecting high end PC specs was being a little foolish has this piece of kit needs to come in at a price point of around $399 hopefully.
kinetic100  +   418d ago
one thing I have heard nothing of is the hard drive. I assume I will be able to transfer my existing 500gb into the PS4.
gamepard  +   418d ago
No ....with games like Diablo 3(at least go with torchlight 2 it is a fair game) , and a killzone that looks like Black Ops 2 ..NO...Fortunately it was Capcom there to save the situation a little bit..to show what next gen means
justlikeme  +   418d ago
I honestly didn't think they were going to reveal the PS4. They just released the super slim white PS3 here in Canada for $299.99. Not to mention Kaz saying in an interview that they weren't going reveal it b/c it'll give the competition a chance to build a better one.

That being said, when they announced the PS4 with 8GB GDDR5 ram, Shadow Fall, Second Son - I was like " Bring on next gen baby!".

I was really hoping for them to say "Oh yeah, btw, it's totaly backwards compatible with all PS, PS2, and PS3 games.". Maybe they'll announce something you can add on to the PS4 that will give it total backwards compatibility at E3. Here's hoping!! Fingers X.

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