Halo 4: Welcome to Skyline

Skyline is a two-base, two-level symmetrical map that features a central structure, which is accessible from multiple locations.

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pompombrum1913d ago

Too little too late for me.. it took them far too long to bring out more smaller maps. As I still have my collectors edition, I'll give it a try but tbh, I can't see it bringing me back to playing the game regularly.

Shadonic1913d ago

You try team throwdown or did yo ever play the community forgemaps playlist theyve been really pushing for what people were aksing for really and those maps were great. Besides you want good small maps notjust small maps it takes time to make those and evn morefor testing and tweaking and stuff.

BanBrother1913d ago

Hey shadow. I only played Halo 4 MP for the first 2 weeks. I stopped playing because I got tired of the very limited amount of maps, and the constant lag (no dedicated servers?? WTF is this 2001?).

The community forge maps ruined Halo Reach MP. Absolute uninspired trash for the most part. All this from one of the biggest Halo fans. Halo 4 is one of my favourite games, I'm just disappointed I couldn't enjoy the MP like everyone else.

pompombrum1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

Didn't team throwdown come out like a week or so ago? And nope, not tried the community forge maps, they also only had a playlist in the last month. I got bored of the same 5 maps over and over again before Janauary and have barely touched the game since then. I've been meaning to try both team throwdown and the forge maps however I've moved onto other games and struggling to find the time.

I think quite a few halo fans are in the same boat as me too. I pumped so much hours into halo 3 and never got bored however within my first two hours of owning Halo 4, it was blatantly obvious the game didn't have enough maps. Three to four months is just too long to resolve this issue when there is so many great games out. 343 could have easily chose some of the most well known forge map creators, gave them access to the game under NDA after it went gold and then have at least a few good forge maps ready to include into the playlist from the first month.

3-4-51913d ago

Might have to pick this game up finally. I've been wanting to but something about it doesn't make me have to have it. That new map looks better than most of the other ones though.

Mainsqueeze1912d ago

Disappointing that 343 is just now making acceptable competitive arena maps. I probably would still have the game if they had these at launch.

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aviator1891913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

majestic looks awesome, can't wait. \\

and team just super fun.

Shadonic1912d ago (Edited 1912d ago )

@Everyne who replied

Well we could definatly use you guys suggestions on Halowaypoint on how you would make the gametypes better. Boredom has kind of went away from me I got bored after the first week then i just kept playing and joined the forums and stuff started getting a bit more involved meeting people on the forums learning tips and tricks and just stopped getting bored. Dude forge playlist was really freaking fun I agree there wasent many aww inspering forge maps mostly remakes and stuff but they were good I had a lot of close matches in it same for throwdown sadly thats kind of failing because of a lot of quitters which could be resolved with a good quit penalty system and a ranking system ( even though i have met some people really competative that still rage quit when the enemyteams like 2 points ahead). We could use all the suggestions we can get because at the moment even with the Boltshot nerf everyone just shifted to the next weapon DMR.

If youd like to still play but need some help add me
message for GT