Two Worlds II Downloadable Content Massive Sale on Xbox Live Until February 26th

Sneakily Xbox Live have slashed prices of Two Worlds II content with major reductions some content seeing a reduction of a whopping 83%. The offers dont seem to have well publicised hence short notice but anybody who sees this in time be sure to take advantage of the offers! Prices are expected to return to normal February 26th. Act Fast
Prices seem to have been reduced across all territories!

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dazzrazz1912d ago

WHOOPING 83% WHOOPING reduction ! Yet Amazon offers it for $9...

Top Cat1911d ago

No Amazon does NOT offer the Expansion for $9 you idiot.

sdozzo1912d ago

Bought this on PSN a little while ago on sale... Under ten bucks. Nice title if you like rpg

rawshack1912d ago

Its a under rated game .its not the best rpg but its all right game .really big world to play in

Skate-AK1912d ago (Edited 1912d ago )

I thought it was pretty good. I got the game and all the DLC on PSN for $5.