E3 2013 predictions and winner of the show

Gadget Mill: The E3 2013 expo is only a few months away now and will be held on June 11-13 at the Los Angelas Convention Center. Now with Sony playing their cards early before the E3 event I think it is a great time to make a prediction on what to expect including the ‘winner of the show’.

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )

We haven't even seen what naughty dog has cookin. Yeah Seeing how sony won about 4 e3's in a row I will give them high five.

Blackdeath_6631430d ago

how i would love an open world crash bandicoot game in a similar style to the recently announced knack for the ps4 but more adventure orientated or a jak and daxter game in a similar style mentioned above but with the authentic art style

NukaCola1429d ago (Edited 1429d ago )

My opinion on the Wii U is that the system will have a ton of great IPs to show. I always thought the Wii U jumped out the door early to get those 360-like sales but it's lack of software hindered that. I think this E3 will consist of all those IPs that we wanted but didn't get because they werent ready yet. And although I have played it a billion times, yes I can't wait to see Wind Waker in HD.

With MS. I really expect to see a half assed E3 show. I think they are going to jump the gun and try to church up their system as best as they can but I really worry about what they have to show. I hope it's not elephants and pop stars demoing casual crap. Halo 4 came out so I only expect a trailer for Halo 5. Maybe Epic will have a new IP but I just can't think of anything that really pops with MS now. I really fear that in the end, they will come out and tell us that along with Outlook email being available on LIVE for Xboxers for example, another COD is coming and Kinect 2.0. It's lack luster. But in the end, MS has great marketeers and they may blow minds.

Sony will do what Sony does best and that is game focus. I think E3 will be the big demo showing for the system and their new SEN/PSN and what the UI is all about. I expect playable demos and a few more huge surprises. Maybe, just maybe....if we are good enough and the stars align, Final Fantasy VII will be there for all to enjoy since PS4 FF is coming at E3. I do expect them to reveal a formal price drop for the Vita and show us the new firmware for the Vita to coincide with the PS4 launch. I am pretty excited all around.

For 3rd Party...I am grinding to see the Fallout 4 reveal and confirmation that GTA V is next gen.

EDIT: Wall of Text...I

Spookshow1429d ago

Sony won 4 E3´s? LOL, don't be such an obvious troll/fanboy!

did they win with the 599 USD annnouncement or the Ridge Racer one?

Hey everyone it's Riiiiiiiiiidge Raceeer!


ABizzel11429d ago

Winner gamers. This should be the best E3 ever. New powerful consoles coming out swinging, and Nintendo trying to appease the core again.

I'm excited for all 3. I want to see Sony's first party games updated since now we know developers were building their launch games on old original devkits. Expect to see more footage of killzone, infamous, drive club (although I wanted an arcade racer), beyond, naughty dog, polyphony digital, sce japan / eu, Santa Monica, and the final details regarding the ps4.

I want to see exactly what the nextbox is capable of and has to offer, and how they're going to evolve the xbox brand.

I want to see os improvements from Nintendo and nothing but first party game announcements.

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onyoursistersback1430d ago

i agree, if both the Ps4 and the new Xbox come out on E3!!!
lol..... Nintendo will be in the shadows,
"alll eyes will be on next gen consols!!!!"

donman11429d ago

His prediction of the Xbox720 being more powerful than the PS4 and also costing $400 is so not going to happen. If...and I am mean if by some chance its more powerful, it will cost more than $400.

At the end of the day its all about the games, social media and new/improved services all three will bring to the table this E3 that will determine victory.

TheSurg1429d ago

MS can afford selling next xbox for lower price. They got the money to do that, they did the same with 360 they can do it again. Sony on the other hand can't do that. Eventho ps3 was succesful as a console they still didn't make profits, just huge losses. I'm not saying it will happen but ff MS somehow will jumpin with better spes and cool features like illumiroom kinect that will be actually good for core + some good games, sony will be in trouble.

majiebeast1429d ago (Edited 1429d ago )

Ill say this its gonna be a good E3 for gamers.

Will come out guns blazing trying to convince people that the WiiU is the system to own instead of Ps4 and 720 so expect Retro games to be there.
Im gonna be honest i wouldnt know but im hoping on new IP's less media crap or kinect 2.0 certainly no dumbass celebrity like Usher.
Is gonna show off the power of their first party studio's and show off more of Gaikai's capabilities.
More Steambox info but im not betting on Half life 3.
Same old same old and BF4
Next AC,2 new IP's,Watchdogs,Beyond good and evil 2(If Ancel doesnt leave Ubi)
The laughs we need more Tak Fuji!

chadboban1429d ago

Yeah man I agree with you on Microsoft. They're a real mystery right now compared to Sony and Nintendo.

Also, if we actually get a Half Life 3 announcement at this year's E3 I can guarantee the internet will explode.

And Tak Fuji. God I really hope Konami goes for a live press conference this year because they still haven't topped their E3 2010 press conference. Best. Conference. EVER!

WiiUsauce1428d ago

man, this E3 is gonna be THE best E3 EVER!!!!!! After last years lack luster E3 where Ubisoft of all companies had the best conference, I told myself I wouldn't let myself get hyped for E3 ever agian. But holy shit, I didn't keep that promise, because I'm SO GODAMN excited for this year's E3. There are gonna be way too many face melting game announcements and I am SUPER HYPED Microsoft's and Nintendo's press conferences. Even though I'm not a Sony fan, it will still be interesting to see what they have to show off and see if they can convince me to buy a PS4 (an exclusive MGS game would automatically seal the deal for me. it's the main reason why I own a PS3).

alousow1429d ago Show
WiiUsauce1429d ago

nothing can stand up to the all-mighty Super Smash Bros. franchise and the next gen entry will be at E3, so Nintendo already wins based off of that alone lol. Plus Retro Studios is unveiling their new game, unannounced IP's, Bayonetta 2 footage, next gen 3D successor to Super Mario Galaxy (NEWS FLASH, BITCHES: Super Mario Galaxy is THE highest rated game of all time), next gen Mario Kart, more on Monolith's EPIC ASS Xeno-sequel, possible Wii U ware games announcements on eShop, countless new 3DS software from 1st and 3rd party, ect. ect.

This E3 will hands down go to Nintendo, and it will melt your faces off. Cannot wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Prodigy-X1428d ago

Nintendo press conference will suck just like the past 4-5 E3's.

g2gshow1428d ago

you hear the one about the fat lady sings?? ill wait an see

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mushroomwig1430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )

'UK early 2014'

Oh god please not again.

Some of these "predictions" are truly awful;

Bluray on the next Xbox? Not a chance.

More powerful than PS4? Unlikely.

New Xbox price $400? Nope.

New Xbox launch date late 2013 worldwide? Unlikely

deadlydragon1211430d ago

I'm sorry for having an opinion... What makes you think the next Xbox will not have Blu-Ray? Where is your evidence to back it up.

Dark_Overlord1428d ago

He could be right in a way.

Blu-Ray is the product of the BDA (Blu-ray disc association) and as such the name is the property of it

However just because it doesn't use the name doesn't mean they can't use discs pretty much the same.

Blu-Ray and HD-DVD were able to achieve their high capacities through the use of Blue Lasers (405nm Wavelength) so pretty much the same apart from the way they were manufactured (and specs if you want to be picky :P)

Nintendo has used their own version of a disc based around a Blue Laser, but it isn't called Blu-Ray though it has virtually the same capacity as Dual Layer Blu-Rays (50GB).

Microsoft could employ a variation of this themselves for the next Xbox to avoid paying the BDA fees. It would be virtually the same as a Blu Ray capacity wise, but would lack the specifics of the Blu-Ray format (Each company provided different thing like codecs etc)

However IMO if Microsoft are as focused around creating a home media hub as they say, then I believe they will use Blu-Rays as it would be silly not to have the physical media based support (I.E They couldn't play Blu-Ray discs without infringing on patents).

Blackdeath_6631430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )

it is already been reliably confirmed although not official that the next xbox will have 50GB optical disks whether that is blu ray or not nobody knows but it would only makes sense to go with bluray creating another format doesn't benefit anyone.
the price and release date are possible though considering that every unit ships with a kinect2.0 then it may be a little higher. i don't think MS will miss the chance and release next year it has to be holiday 2013

JeffGUNZ1429d ago

Why don't you think the system will be more powerful? Who knows?

PopRocks3591430d ago

Okay, this entire concept is stupid.

There is no winner. It's not a goddamn contest. It's just a show to impress viewers and shareholders. You can argue who you felt had the best or worst showcase, but no one's really "winning" anything outside of attention.

You can't really predict anything because there is no way to know what will be shown. Expectations were high for Nintendo last year and most people concede that they blew it. Ubisoft was generally seen as the victor that year and I doubt anyone expected that.

Finally, can't we just wait for the show to actually come? I'd rather approach every part of the show objectively BEFORE generating some sort of personal assessment.

Game journalism folks. Let's jump the gun faster than we've jumped the shark.

deadlydragon1211430d ago

"You can't really predict anything because there is no way to know what will be shown."

Leaks, Rumors, History, Research.

PopRocks3591430d ago

Which are always susceptible to be completely false. I cite Metroid x Star Fox as an example. Rumors/leaks/etc. also suggested Nintendo would be bringing big core games like Retro and Monolith's new games to E3 last year and neither happened.

I'm not saying such things are completely irrelevant or can never be trusted, but there are times where they can lead the internet astray to the point of expecting far too much or too little.

gamer421430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )

wait since when did nintendo show statistics in their conference, what kind of statistics?

kirbyu1429d ago

Remember last year, Reggie was all like "Oh yeah, the eShop is good blah blah blah people buy more games then they wanted too".

gamer421428d ago (Edited 1428d ago )

yeah but that was once, if they did it multiple times I'd call it a problem, even then it's not like he showed us graphs and made it more boring than it had to be. He made it sound like they do this kind of thing every year.

BigStef711430d ago

This will probably be the best E3 since 2009 when all three companies had a great showing

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