Watch Dogs box art leaving us guessing

The game's Box Art is leaving us in suspence that what the game title is showing us.Watch Dog's character is a criminal,or a recuer. What is he upto and many more things going up in head.

Watch Dogs is set to realeas on PS3,PS4,Xbox 360, Wii U and PC somwhere in 2013 which is not yet finalized

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Nightfallen1731d ago

That is quite a half assed written article. If we can call it that.

JP13691731d ago

So bad that I even felt the need to insult the guy. Poor little feller.

Reborn1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

Well, seems his first language isn't English (which I'm not attacking). However, this shouldn't have gotten past pending. It's barely an opinion piece.

Brian1rr1731d ago

Why is his finger on the trigger?