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The War Has Begun - Your Move Microsoft

It seems like we’ve been on the verge of it for a while now, and in fairness to Nintendo, it has already begun. But with Sony’s announcements this week, it feels like the Next Gen of consoles is really, finally on its way. Nintendo have got off to a reasonable, if slightly understated start. The Wii U has performed well enough, but apart from its first party efforts, games are based on the current gen. It seems like developers have been waiting for Sony and Microsoft to make their moves before announcing their intentions for new games, so perhaps soon the U will start to pick up pace, and potentially build up a steady fan base before the other contenders enter the ring. (PS4, Wii U, Xbox One)

ichimaru  +   1006d ago
Lets hope this gen for all platforms focus is on the games, and the gamers. Not the sales, the gimmicks, the or even the over abundance of social features. To sort of bring back that Magic where developers and even companies enjoyed making a product that customers love, even if for a moment. For the need for innovation to take seniority over ensuring the product sells like ice water in hell. I know by now its futile not to ask for a console "war" with the level of fanaticism here (I've guilty). however this time around lets have a clean fight. here's to us, the gamers

*Ding Ding*
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gamer42  +   1006d ago
With the whole kinect thing I'm pretty sure MS are going to attempt to capture the casual crowd like the wii did. I hope I'm wrong.
MikeMyers  +   1006d ago
They could but I hope you're wrong as well. They need to wow people and show us something that blows us away. They can't keep going after the Playstation crowd, they need their own identity like this article suggests. The original Kinect failed to materialize into anything other than a gimmick with a huge marketing campaign. It didn't support the slogan "better with Kinect".

Perhaps the next Kinect will but whatever they do they have to make it so people will want to use it, not be forced to. Microsoft also needs to get serious when it comes to ip's. They won't be able to simply sit back and hope the others make mistakes this time. Sony by the looks of things have rectified their issues. The PS4 won't be constrained by start-up times. No more waiting to start playing. It also won't get inferior ports due to developers not willing to work with the architecture. By all accounts the PS4 is a developers wish list. They also got the indie gamers onboard, something Microsoft has gotten bad press about.

Xbox Live is also losing its appeal thanks to Miiverse and Steam and Playstation Plus and with Gaikai being integrated into the PS4. There is simply more competition that has been making Xbox Live seem less valuable. Microsoft needs to address that by either coming out with a better service or offering a free alternative.

Microsoft also can't put constraints and limits on publishers. They will be less likely to sign deals with Microsoft like the rumors that games must have a simultaneous release. I think publishers are getting sick of Microsoft using it's money to hurt the competition. There needs to be less focus on timed exclusives and start becoming their own leaders when it comes to gaming.

I have hopes the next Xbox will get me excited but I also have reservations that Microsoft still won't listen and think they know best.
egidem  +   1006d ago
Gamers can wish...
But let's not forget how much money Ninty made from the Wii - and Microsoft was eyeballing them as the green rolled in.

You can be 100% sure Microsoft won't sit down and do nothing with this casual crowd the Wii had. Yes, Kinect was a bit late in the game, but now that a new gen is about to start, be sure Kinect making a comeback.

Also from what I've seen in the Sony event, they are focused on one thing that makes me happy - GAMES! Microsoft during the past few years has been focusing on making the Xbox more of a multimedia device. I just hope they won't continue going too far down this road in this new gen.

All we have to do is sit, wait and watch.
nukeitall  +   1006d ago
I think MS does exceptionally well at targeting their market and focusing on pushing out a product for success and not leaving it hanging.

MS been very successful at doing what it needs to do to succeed. Just look at Xbox, then Kinect and the entertainment direction.

MS knows early in the generation, it is the gamers that buy these expensive hardware.
egidem  +   1006d ago
"MS knows early in the generation, it is the gamers that buy these expensive hardware."

Something Microsoft needs to know is to never alienate, in any way, their core fanbase who made them who they are today. If it weren't for these guys and girls who decided to buy the Xbox from the day it was released, MS wouldn't be in the games business.

Yes, the casuals have high potential for lots of cash but this audience also moves quite a lot in terms of interest and are not a good source of cash for long term means. This is why Wii U is targeted more towards the core.

Just because MS has had success with the Xbox 360 this gen doesn't necessarily mean they'll do it again next gen. This is precisely what happened with Sony during the PS3 launch period. There is a chance MS could fail this coming gen, but until they've unveiled their 720 and the gen has truly started, it's too early to start speculating! :D
nukeitall  +   1006d ago

"Something Microsoft needs to know is to never alienate, in any way, their core fanbase who made them who they are today."

That is the thing, I don't think the core fanbase thinks MS alienated them. In fact, it is most likely only the fanboys saying that to further their agenda.

"Just because MS has had success with the Xbox 360 this gen doesn't necessarily mean they'll do it again next gen. This is precisely what happened with Sony during the PS3 launch period. There is a chance MS could fail this coming gen, but until they've unveiled their 720 and the gen has truly started, it's too early to start speculating! :D"

Exactly! In the end it has more to do with the ongoing management than just what is right in front of us being unveiled.

This has been shown time and time again, with PS Vita/3Ds and Wii/Xbox 360/PS3! What is interresting though is the 2 for 2 market adoption of the casual device first, but we will see.
user3915800  +   1006d ago
Starting this new gen in 2013, so far we have nintendo wii-u dead, a sony PS4 with no console to speak off, but numbers and a 720 mising.

I think this gen, last one to the party will be a jugernaut, everyone will look and said, thats the wow factor I always wanted.

Im dissapointed with wii and ps4 so far, lets see if Ms comes to play or just become one of them.

Nintendo my recomendation is simple, stop the horse where there is deep water and let it drown, then do a do over cause your wiiu stink.

Sony needs to get their head out of their @s and understand that a reveal means exactly that, dont show me a remote and say here its johny... Im interested on first party games sony, not on third party, so learn to commute, then tell the sony trolls on N4G to shut the pie hole.
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etownone  +   1006d ago
I don't own a Ps3, and wasn't planning on buying a Ps4....

But how can you not be impressed by the Ps4 specs??
I might actually switch to P's next gen if:

Xbox has to always be connected to Internet, ps4 doesn't.

Xbox will block used games, ps4 wont

Xbox charges for Live, ps4 doesn't. (as of now)

Rumored xbox specs aren't as powerful as ps4

And xbox has to be connected to Kinect 2.0, coming from someone that likes to own multiple Xbox's, I only need and want Kinect for the living room
The_Infected  +   1006d ago
Lets make it simple focus on games first everything else next. That should be your strategy MS just like Sony's.
ichimaru  +   1006d ago
couldn't have said it any better.
egidem  +   1006d ago
Completely agree
This would be a solid strategy, but knowing Microsoft they are going to start thinking in terms of money and this could cause their focus to shift from games to casuals. (Think social apps, media features etc).

I truly hope I'm wrong! Anyway, I can't wait to see what they're going to reveal to us.
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BigBoss1964  +   1006d ago
Has everyone forgotten the Wii U even exists?
PS4isKing_82  +   1006d ago
Why don't u ask Nintendo and 3rd party devs that? Over 3 months since launch and no new games have come out. It's not our fault Nintendo released a new console and didn't have any games scheduled for its first year on the market. Who wants to buy a $350 console when the only games for it are launch games from last year and most were poor 3rd party ports??? Wow we got a HD version of a wii game with monster hunter 3, and a port of last year's Spider-Man game and need for speed. LAME.

I'm sorry but after the ps4 reveal, wiiU is dead without a chance.
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Shadow Flare  +   1006d ago
All Wii U has to rely on now are it's 1st party games. That's it.

It's selling point was the tablet. And the fact you can play on it if someone's using the tv. Well PS4 and Vita do it and do it far better. You can play any game on PlayStation ever, including ps4 games on Vita, anywhere in the world, as long as you have wifi.

Sonys taken nintendos selling point and given it steroids. Not to mention the ps4 itself is on steroids, it makes Wii u look a generation behind. Which it is.

Nintendos got to hope that shafting out yet more mario, mario kart, super mario, mario party, paper mario, is going to sell consoles. You can already list the games that will be on Wii U. No new IPs
truechainz  +   1005d ago
Cool! So you know what new games are being worked on by miyamoto and retro? Please tell me since you can already list the games coming out! Nevermind the fact that I haven't used a TV remote in weeks because the Wii U is so easily integrated with my tv and online services. It seems to me like you ride on Nintendo in an attempt to make Sony look better, and I guarantee you they need no help in that area. I will be enjoying what both Sony and Nintendo have to offer, but then again I am a gamer soo...
ichimaru  +   1005d ago
tbh I did for a while. I remeber reading about it and said "wait, that already released, wow" hope nintendo floors me this e3 though, they have too much potential with thier hardware innovation and not enough support
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MasterCornholio  +   1006d ago
Since Nintendo is concentrating on the casuals both Microsoft and Sony should fight over the core. That way due to the fierce competition between Microsoft and Sony the consumers will benefit from it.

I cant wait to see what Microsoft will do with the 720.


Yeah the Wii U exists but no one really cares about it at the moment due to its poor library of games, high price and questionable controller design.

Once Nintendo releases several good first party games and justify s the tablet controller as a vital addition to gameplay then we will see them start to sell and if they drop the price sales should pick up even more.
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SDF Repellent  +   1006d ago
People tend to forget for expensive consoles that are launching, the first group of people that will be buying them are the core group; thus, I have no doubt core titles will be available from Microsoft just like the release of its previous consoles.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   1006d ago
"I have no doubt core titles will be available from Microsoft just like the release of its previous consoles."

Exactly? As far I'm concerned MS probably has a whole line up of core exclusives just waiting to be revealed. But fanboys are to stupid to see that.
DOMination-  +   1006d ago
Probably? MS have almost double the amount of studios as Sony with 22. Every single one is working on next generation titles.Al the large ones have been split into multiple teams.

Of course everyone i mention this N4Gs predictable response is they are all casual ir direct studios... WRONG! Out of 22 first party studios, six of them appear to be casual. That leaves 16 core studios. Most of which are working on new IP. That's still four more than Sony.

Of course we have no idea how these projects will turn out. Some will inevitably suck. But N4G shouldn't write MS off so quickly without knowing the full details.
Hicken  +   1005d ago
I think it's more that people are hoping Microsoft hasn't forgotten that.

It'd be nice if Microsoft keeps in mind that core gamers are the ones who don't- generally- abandon them, and act accordingly with their next system. But a lot of people, and I admit I'm one of them, look at their recent practices and can't help but be skeptical.
rawshack  +   1006d ago
If the xbox can play 360 games then im buying it
esemce  +   1006d ago
Dear Microsoft,

Please can we have some exclusive IP's other than Gears, Fable, Forza, Halo and unpolished Kinect shovelware.

Can you give us simple multiplayer for free like EVERY other gaming device?

I want the Nextbox to do well as real competition is what the industry needs and we as gamers can only profit from this.

As a PC and multi console gamer I'm not bias or suffer from any brand loyalty nonsense, I buy consoles for their quality exclusive games and if you Microsoft do not bring them then it will make going with the PC/PS4 an obvious choice.
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shivvy24  +   1006d ago
Ms just released halo and are about to release gears so really ms 2 big guns wont be a launch title, sony really has an advantage since killzone and infamous are launch titles , by the time the ps4 comes out Naughty dogs uncharted team would have had over 2 years of development of what im guessing is uncharted 4 ! If ms dont come out big , then things will really get interesting
runqvist  +   1006d ago
Why do you say that Wii U is a contender? It already failed miserably.
shivvy24  +   1006d ago
Wait does that thing still exist ?
runqvist  +   1006d ago
I have seen a lot of units at stores. They can't be missed. Just take a look at the biggest pile and there are your unsold wii u's.
NaiNaiNai  +   1006d ago
I'll be sticking with the side that always wins.


Don't need the generic "exclusives" any of the consoles have.

Would be nice actually if there was anything worth having on console. but again all generic garbage.

*Edit Below*
Uncharted, I'd rather not play another really generic Platforming action game
Halo/Killzone, I'll stick with better shooters that aren't filled with 10 year olds.
Gears, There isn't even one good thing about this series.

And as for the other exclusives such as Forza/GT, both are pathetic compared to iRacing/rFactor/PCars/RRE
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shivvy24  +   1006d ago
Uncharted , halo, killzone , gears , tlou ! Man ur missing out on many great titles
BlaqMagiq24  +   1006d ago
And PC has better games? Don't make me laugh.
profgerbik  +   1005d ago
I don't know where you have been. I love PC don't get me wrong but most PC's games now are just games that are also on consoles..

Other than free to play games there really aren't many PC only games that truly stand out anymore, I can somewhat understand your sentiment but PC now game wise is not so hot anymore.

Every huge franchise on consoles practically started on PC's for the most part anyway but sadly there are way more crappy games available for PC than a console.

Sure PC will always win tech wise but it has been baron in terms of games now, developers just don't care about PC like they used to.

Not to say one is really better than the other I am just saying developers focus for platforms has changed where as everything you knew at one point to be an epic game, could only be on PC.

I mean PC gaming used to be way bigger than it is now, you really can't deny that, you could walk into Game stores and there would be an entire section for PC games just as big as any other section or even at stores like Target, Walmart and Bestbuy..

You really don't see that anymore and if anything you just find all the PC games shoved into some bargain bin somewhere in a corner. It is obvious there is not a huge market for them at all, you can't even trade PC games into game stores anymore which started happening years ago. They won't even give you in store credit for them that is how poorly they sell.

PC will always be around and so will games for it but it has changed greatly over the years and PC just doesn't see as many PC only games as it used to, if they are PC only they are usually fairly crappy.. I mean Steam alone is filled with crappy PC games.. sure there are gems but mainly bunch of crappy games.

Sure there are even really awesome free-to-play games on PC also but there are way more crappy ones.
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FrigidDARKNESS  +   1006d ago
MS needs a few eoxclusiveJRPG change to 16gb of GDdr5 w/x86 and go from Dx-11 to Dx-12.
PimpDaddy  +   1006d ago
This site is pure entertainemnt to me. I can't help but laugh at everybody that has automatically assumed that Microsoft's next console will be underpowered in comparison to the PS4 because of some rumored specs being leaked. Or how those same people assume that Microsoft is releasing a casual gamer focused multimedia device and won't have any games for the so-called "core" gamer.

How about we all just wait till the facts are revealed at Microsoft's conference for their next console? That is what I am doing. I see no need to make assumptions or speculate at this point.

I will say this though. I watched Sony's conference and I was impressed. Looks like they finally made a developer friendly console. Plus going with 8GB of RAM instead of 4GB was a great decision. Looks like Sony really learned from past mistakes as far as making custom hardware that is hard to program for and expensive to manufacture. Now we just need to see price points, launch date, and more info about thier online service and other functions.
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MYSTERIO360  +   1006d ago
MS will have to do a lot more then dazzle us with a guest celebrity appearance i can tell you that.
LastXeno  +   1006d ago
For their conference I think they'll do fine if they include:

Metal Gear Ground Zeroes gameplay w/ Kojima w/ exclusive content
Black Tusk Studios' new IP
Turn 10 next generation racer
LionHead next generation MMO
Bethesda gameplay w/ exclusive content
and EA partnership w/ next generation IP
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LastXeno  +   1006d ago
If Microsft had a Next Xbox conference, here would be my predictions lineup:

At Microsoft's Next Xbox conference I think they're going to show-off Bethesda's new game (likely Fallout 4) with exclusive content.

Kojima productions is going to be the shocker with Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes like Bungie was w/ Destiny @ the PS4's conference.

Black Tusk Studios' new IP. Graphically will look impressive, likely a shooter. Microsoft's next big IP.
Crytek's RYSE
LionHead MMO-like new IP
Turn 10's next generation racer
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Indo  +   1006d ago
Microsoft seem to be in a limbo with their NextBox. They want to please everyone at once but in doing so will only hurt the gamer themselves. MS should just stick with their main intention since the first XBOX. Please the GAMER!!! And Sony is doing a great job at that so far.
wAnxTa  +   1006d ago
I swear if I had a dollar for everytime I saw the phrase "your move microsoft"
PygmelionHunter  +   1006d ago
Get ready, blind fanboys, I'll be enjoying your funny comments.
wiiulee  +   1006d ago
lol microsoft better bring something unique cause to me sony did not behind that whole love customer thing sounding like a miiverse rip-off....i expect sony and microsoft to fight for last place this next generation, watch and remember i said it...nintendo has a unique system just need games and im sure steam will have to be unique too...so between wiiu vs steam for winner of next generation..
profgerbik  +   1006d ago
Just the fact you think the Steambox is that great, shows no one probably cares about anything that comes out of your mouth.

Even saying the Steambox could win this generation even over the Wii U is ridiculous.

The Steambox is nothing but a PC, get over it. Everything it will do can be done on a PC already through the Steam client no doubt.. The Steambox will just make Steam more accessible, to who? I have no idea it's already easily accessible for PC users..

I see no point in the Steambox other than possibly trying to get more people who have never owned a PC in their life into Steam, which good luck finding that person in this day and age most those people already have computers.
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Smeagol2033   1005d ago | Trolling | show
stragomccloud  +   1005d ago
Can't wait to see what Microsoft presents~
1upgamer99  +   1005d ago
I will not buy 720...I Have Wii U, and LOVE it. I will buy PS4. As far as I am concerned, 360 had GREAT ports and also timed exclusive downloads. Uh that's about it. I had a 360 for 3 years, and people complained about Nintendo Wii? Really????? First party games on Wii were killer (most fanboys have not even played them but bash Nintendo anyway)!!! Sure Xbox360 games looked better the past 3 years(and thats about it). Most of the games on Xbox I could play on PC/PS3. Yeah Xbox had SOME great first party games, but compared to Nintendo and Sony FAIL, and LEAVE HALO OUT (Great game, but I mean really its been done more than Marios Mom). At this point in time for me it comes down to how much time I have to play....I am sorry, BUT if you have enough time for PC, xbox, PS4, and Wii u first party games, you may want to see a shrink, and decide why you have NO LIFE. Also decide which system PLAYS the best, oh and a quit paying $20 a month for something that is pretty much free on other systems. Graphics by the way do NOT = PLAYS best.
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stragomccloud  +   1005d ago
I'm waiting to see what they plan to offer. Who knows, they might bring something interesting.

However, for the time being, I kind of see my gaming PC/Wii U providing me with everything I need. I'll be getting a PS4 eventually though.

Oh and glad to see another gamer who recognizes how awesome the Wii exclusives were. Good times.

That said, I thought that the game "Lost Odyssey" for 360 totally justified my purchase.
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1upgamer99  +   1005d ago
Gosh, my comment was drunk one. It is funny to read what I typed. You are right though about Lost Odyssey. I have not played it, but it does look like a good game.

I hope the PS4 is around $399 because I would really like to pick one up at launch, but I don't want to drop more than that on it. Bummer it is not backwards compatible.

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