Pach-Man Chews Up Nintendo and Spits Them Out Again

A news piece about Michael Pachter's latest negative remarks about the Wii U and how its failing.

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chadboban1887d ago

I dunno, Pachter just seems to like to cover his ground because he has made both positive and negative comments about Nintendo. So should Nintendo fail he can say "See, I was right, look it up, I said it" and if they succeed he can say "Yeah I said they'd be fine, look it up I said it"

ApolloTheBoss1887d ago (Edited 1887d ago )

This guy is just a complete hypocrite. If you're gonna make a comment be it positive or negative about a product, you should stand behind your opinion the first time. Don't change it just cause you were wrong. Suck it up and admit you made a mistake. I'm still trying to figure out how he got his job. Looks like even a monkey could do it.

MikeMyers1887d ago

What exactly did he change? He still thinks the Wii U is going to fail to meet expectations and so far he's right. He is explaining how it's not personal, what he says about Nintendo isn't out of spite. The community can and have been extremely vocal about his comments and take them personal. He sees Nintendo from a business perspective, we see it as a gamers perspective.

Theyellowflash301887d ago

Its not out of Spite but its money related. He's told investors to stay away from Nintendo. So he'll never say anything positive about Nintendo at this moment. Even the 3DS that is a huge success, he won't even give Nintendo credit for that.

He completely ignores the Japanese market. Had nothing to say about Animal Crossing selling 3 million units in Japan with about 1 million of those sales fro digital. Ignores the successes of Fire Emblem or anything positive about Nintendo.

Meanwhile he ignored the fact Sony had to sell their US headquartes for 1.1 billion, or how they constantly have to sell shares to pay off debts. Or the fact Sony's game division has been losing money left and right.

Its not in spite, but it is personal. He's got a lot of peoples money on it.

XboxInnovation1887d ago

Yeah he hedges his bets all the time

360ICE1887d ago

In fairness, he's generally been pretty negative on the Wii U.

chadboban1887d ago

Well he's actually been flip flopping a lot when it comes to his opinion of Nintendo (although he has been mostly negative lately). I don't really like using console fansites for reference but this article pretty much puts all the times he's changed his tune on Nintendo and the Wii U in the past couple of months

360ICE1887d ago

Yup, that was kind of a remarkably stupid article, all right. He's pretty much negative against the Wii U every step along the way, but making small changes in his personal opinion of the console and of how the Wii U will perform short-term.

user39158001887d ago

Patchter its a great analyst just like trolls are here great (Sonys winnning the troll war in N4G). Simple the Wiiu lacks next gen hardware, therefore it sucks. No sugar coating, the wiiu its dead. Welcome to 2013 the year of next gen gaming.

3-4-51887d ago

Games aren't like regular business and people like Pachter try to analyze things as if this was wall street.

Games are different and that they rely on creativity and you can't predict creativity at all.

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mulder16171887d ago

LOL! That is so true man. Yep, they are good at covering their backs.

Dark_Overlord1887d ago

I'm curious as to who's mouth flaps more, pach-man or pac-man :D

PopRocks3591887d ago

I find it interesting that only on Nintendo related articles do I ever see people agreeing with this guy. Everything else people are usually bashing the crap out of him.

cyguration1887d ago

Didn't you know? N4G hates Nintendo.

Root1887d ago

No...people like you THINK this site hates Nintendo

If you want to see real hate look at how much Sony gets treat like crap since they released the PS3 back in 2006

Seriously Nintendo doesn't get that much hate....people question them and their reasons on things but thats it. I mean Nintendo have been making some mistakes latley, it's not the Wii age anymore with their massive sales and their biggest selling gimmick, they are having a hard time topping that and you can see they are in a little bit of trouble. Are they "doomed"...not really but they are finding it hard to find their place again, it's just a shame they think the casual market is still the answer

PopRocks3591887d ago (Edited 1887d ago )


I call bull. This community typically lambastes Pachter and very few actually side with him. So why is it people only start agreeing with him on Nintendo related Pachter articles? Not a lot of it in this one in particular, but in some of the previous ones I've seen multiple accounts of it.

Now if you want to try to say the hatred is stronger toward Sony, look no further than every single PS4 article released where almost every comment is embellished praise. The rare negative ones are generally trolls. NOTE: Not even saying this is a bad thing, it's just an observation and you should take it as such.

And on top of this, here's another detail I noticed. You and others got on my case for defending Nintendo for how they handled the VC upgrades for the Wii U, claiming that Nintendo was greedy and in one comment I was deemed a "delusional fanboy".

Here comes Sony with the PS4 where you have ZERO backwards compatibility or transfers whatsoever and the only way you can play said games is through Gaikai, potentially having to purchase those titles all over again.

So at the very least read the two paragraphs above this sentence and explain to me what the ever loving hell is up with that.

chadboban1887d ago


Not disagreeing with you or anything man, but what has Nintendo done lately that indicates they "think the casual market is still the answer"?.

Other than the tablet controller and that their system is underpowered compared to the competition, I don't see how Nintendo has exactly been pandering to casuals lately. I can tell this is gonna be a really though image for Nintendo to shed(honestly, no matter how hard they try, they probably never will).

Other than Wii U Fit and that Wii Party sequel thing the games they have lined up for Wii U don't really scream "casual" to me. Bayonetta 2, Monolith Soft's game, Yoshi, Pikmin 3, The Wonderful 101, Game and Wario, Lego City and Wind Waker HD aren't exactly games the casual market rushes out to pick up (Lego city maybe but who knows). Not to mention 3DS's lineup for the year is lookin pretty sweet to me so far. They have a ways to go before they can compare to what Sony has when it comes to "hardcore" games but from what I'm seeing, I think for the most part, they're headed in the right direction. Hopefully E3 will help give a better picture as to where not only Nintendo, but Sony and Microsoft are headed as well.

Root1887d ago


"Here comes Sony with the PS4 where you have ZERO backwards compatibility or transfers whatsoever and the only way you can play said games is through Gaikai, potentially having to purchase those titles all over again."

Well first of all we don't actually know the full story...not untill E3 so I'll wait till then before I say anything about this

"Now if you want to try to say the hatred is stronger toward Sony, look no further than every single PS4 article released where almost every comment is embellished praise"

Well yeah because they've learnt from their mistakes and they gave us most of the details of the PS4 the first time they revealed it....remember when the Wii U first was announced they didn't even bother to reveal it properly, it took them two E3s and an Nintendo drect to actually get through to us everything about the Wii U

Anyway where not talking about the PS4 getting hate I was talking about the PS3 getting hated on....and it did .....A LOT this gen. We'll see what happens with the PS4 when it comes out and the Nextbox is revealed.

"So why is it people only start agreeing with him on Nintendo related Pachter articles?"

Oh for the love of dosen't matter what article Pachters in, he still gets called worse then s***.


Quite simple really...the console it's self

In no way shape or form is it going to stand up to the PS4 and the Nextbox. It was made to aim it's self still at the casual market....why do you think they made the controler tablet like.

chadboban1887d ago


Yes, thanks for repeating what I said in paragraph 2 of my response. But you're forgetting the point I've already made. The first and foremost way to tell what audience a console is aiming for is it's games lineup, not necessarily it's hardware. So I'll ask again, where in their first party games lineup other than the Wii Fit and party stuff does it scream "We want the casual audience"?

Now I can see why you'd use PS4 as an example as we now have solid facts about where Sony is going with it, but then you mention the next Xbox which we only have rumors of, rumors which seem to indicate *cough*.. mandatory Kinect integration...*cough cough* that they may very well be going for the casual audience as well. However we won't know that for sure until we see the console and what it's going to offer for ourselves, so maybe you should keep that out of your arguments for now.

P.S. I know you're probably tired bro and I hate to be a grammar Nazi but using "it's self" is a terrible mistake that I tried really hard to overlook but I just couldn't lol. No hard feelings right.

Also you used it twice man, TWICE. lol.

dragunrising1887d ago

N4G doesn't hate Nintendo. You will find bias everywhere and anytime you decide to look for it. Only the fanboys of competing platforms hate Nintendo. N4G as a whole loves Nintendo because Nintendo along with the other big players in gaming are what keep our hobby alive. Also, competition is good regardless of whether you game on Nintendo hardware or not.

MasterCornholio1887d ago (Edited 1887d ago )

This site is merely a site that provides news to gamers and as such isnt a human entity thats capable of hating on a certain company.

This is a case of fanboy paranoia.

But i do agree with you that there are certain groups of people who loath Nintendos decisions in the market but in no way do they represent all of the posters at N4G.

Otherwise i could use the argument that Wii U Lee represents the majority of Nintendo fanboys. And im pretty sure Nintendo fans are embarrassed by the attitude of those types of users. Isnt that right Pop?

Hey look WiiULee made a comment

"mark my words the winner this next generation will be between wiiu and steam.....and once nintendo's games comes out and wiiu takes off for good, thats the battle that will play while sony and microsoft battle for last place...with most likely sony going out of business in videogames after this next generation"


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stage881887d ago

I don't care what console he's talking about I've just had enough of him.
Please someone get him fired and put him into a job that's more suited to him.

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