Gaming: It's Not Like It Used to Be

Lets all take a trip backwards in time, shall we. All the way back to the first time we ever played a video game...

Well, I don't know about you guys, but some of those memories are the fondest that I have. I can remember my dad and I bringing out the good old Nintendo Entertainment System and playing "Sesame Street The Game". I two years old when I started playing it, and I don't think my dad realized what he had done with just this one simple game.

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hennessey861913d ago

For over 20 years and yes it's nice to look back on the classics and memories you have, but gaming is definitely getting better with each year that passes and I hope that trend never ends.

Root1912d ago

I don't know I've felt it's gotten worse

Yeah we have better games, and the tec we have now is amazing but the feeling off certain games just isn't what it was like when you booted up your N64 and played on Banjo, the feeling when you got three Aku Aku masks in Crash Bandicoot or when you completed your first game on the SNES.

DLC, Cut content, high DLC prices, developers ruining games for a bigger audience, developers screwing over their loyal fans, developers lying to us, horrible PR stunts, bad games like COD selling millions while good worth while games get left in the dark, developers going after COD like sales, all this casual crap and how "anyone" can be a gamer when it's a load of rubbish

I could go on

I just felt gaming back then was a lot more isolated and developers knew who there target audience was...there wasn't this whole "please everyone" crap

ape0071912d ago (Edited 1912d ago )

games are getting better in gfx, polish and immersion but when it comes to single player experience, past games are definitely better but there are still great SP games coming, GTA V, Watch Dogs, bioshock infinite, KZ ps4 and MGS GZ

BTW, i see that bioshock, GTA V and MGS GZ hold up very well against PS4 gfx, they still look Damn Good IMO, 360\ps3 gfx are nowhere near as outdated against ps4 gfx as (let's say) san andreas to GTA V

hiredhelp1912d ago

Ok well i love the retro days i think many like us retro gamers do if i was to play a ocean game thats right kids OCEAN back then they were making AAA games along with codemasters,activision. I know i couldnt possibly complete a game right off the bat like we possibly could today's gaming.

Now i love todays gaming i mean wow 8bit to 16bit,32bit,64,128bit,and so on we no longer in 2D scroller land we in world today of evolving landscapes open world physix lighting true to life animation.

Now even thoe all that is amazing stuff the gameing industry is changing just like the world but in a bad way as well as good.
DLC cool but at a price huh locked content.... ? Whatever happened to the reward system play game complete unlock stuff make game replayable. Its all to do with easy money.

But hey its not all bad...?

hellvaguy1911d ago (Edited 1911d ago )

Its just blind nostalgia. Games are 10 times better than before. Ive watched everyone of my friends claim gaming used to be so great, but then when we fire up the old NES, they either get bored or frustrated because of the difficulty/save points within 10 minutes flat. Never fails.

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BootHammer1912d ago

I love the advances with newer tech and get psyched for each every new platform launch but the era of old school Nintendo and Sega will always be my favorite.

angelsx1912d ago

I just wana see how will look the games after 10-15 years . . .

profgerbik1912d ago

You said it brother.. I agree with Root, gaming seems to be getting worse and as more markets are open for games to be on it's only become more competitive which will only make it worse as well.

Also games now just aren't as good in a creative sense. Back in the day there were so many new games and they all were doing new things but now everyone is mainly doing the same things being less and less creative each time around.

Just not as many good games being made in mass, as there used to be in my opinion.

Gaming community has changed greatly also since back in the days, people have become extremely spoiled which isn't helping developers at all and limiting their creativity because people only want what they have had, most just seem so afraid of new change.

Fateful_Knight1912d ago

I've been gaming for 33 years approx., so i know exactly how it feels, that sense of wonder and excitement. It still exists every time i start up a new game. The trick it to explore different genres, not just shooters. If there is a game coming out that has a unique hook to it, that makes it stand out from the pack, then pick it up. Realism that comes with advancing tech is a good thing. Gameplay that comes along with that new tech should also be advancing as well. If you primarily do MP then you're going to get less and less of that wonder and exploration excitement. SP is where you'll find it.

Gaming has always been wonderful and will continue to be so. Just choose your games wisely and have fun.

Goodfella781912d ago

ive been gaming around 30 years and to this day i always start and finish a single player campaign before even looking at the online side of the game,to me thats old school habits,and for me that will always be the way,and in my opinion the graphics,physics,speed improves,but you dont seem to find much innovation in gameplay to get really excited about these days......

hellvaguy1911d ago

In 30 years not much innovation? So all games are still 2D side scrollers and no1 plays on the internet huh?

What rock have you been living under?

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