PS4, Enticing Enough For A Year One Buy?

Analog Addiction Writes: "We all already know about the PS4 announcements, heck we practically were at the conference. From the new DualShock 4, to the “Share” feature, to the specs, to the “Eye”, to the no backwards compatibility, to the everything else! The Playstation 4 has intrigued many gamers even with how little we know; heck we don’t even know what the console looks like!

But, as we all are coming around to the next generation of gaming let’s not forget Nintendo already has their foot out the door with their system out and running, the Wii U. It is practically a fact that many people do not own a Wii U (evidenced by the 55,000 sales over the past month) but does this mean anything right now? No, is the answer, in case you were wondering, to the previous question. The Wii U, while out for about three months now, has massive potential as do all the other new consoles, but you know what makes the Wii U different? Games…well for now."

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HammadTheBeast1946d ago

Well, not even E3 yet, and they've pulled out some great looking and feeling games, Infamous:Second Son, and Killzone Shadowfall will easily sell consoles, while DriveClub and the rest will cater to their particular genres.

Blastoise1946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

People underestimate driving games. They're quite big in Europe

As for the PS4 I'm super hyped, definitely gonna be picking one up

PeaSFor1946d ago

im getting it day one, no doubt about that.

im curious to see what MS will bring to the table other than the Surface integration and kinect2.0(i guess)

pikey1946d ago

i have no opinion either way, but im curious how you know how a game feels having never played them?

joab7771946d ago

Day 1 ... Everyone is ripping on it. We r spolief. This gen has been amazing. Even if next gen is only a little better, it will still be a little better than amazing for me. So, 1.

Moonman1946d ago

I agree, DAY FREAKIN' ONE! Is the author serious?

Eddie201011946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

I may be standing in line at midnight to get this one.

just-joe1946d ago

If it's like the PS3 midnight launch, no thank you. I don't need to get stabbed.

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Abash1946d ago

Killzone: Shadow Fall and Driveclub being launch titles make it a "Hell yeah" for me getting it at launch. If Knack isn't a launch title it'll probably release a few months later, and inFamous: Second Son will most likely be a Spring 2014 game.

So those games make it well worth getting one this holiday

mp12891946d ago

liking that controller

PopRocks3591946d ago

We'll see. I'm not entirely sold yet, but I am interested. I think the base is a little vague right now, but they have some neat ideas to keep an eye on. Price range and launch games are also something I would like to see.

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The story is too old to be commented.