The Creators of Super Meat Boy Talk About their New Game Mu-Genics | The Super Meat Boy Team has finally announced some details about the gameplay of their next title, Mew-Genics.


*title should read "Mew-Genics".

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OhMyGandhi1853d ago

anything by the creators of Super Meat Boy has my interest.

grailly1852d ago

yeah, weird that this didn't attract more attention on this site, I thought we had quite a few pc gamers around... I know it was on 360 too, but meat boy had more success on pc and edmund worked on the binding of isaac which has its cult following.

OhMyGandhi1852d ago

I agree, I had no idea that I'd be the only one to comment on this article for such a long period of time. SMB definitely was a rock solid platformer, a "twitch" platformer of trial and error that I played on my 360 and absolutely loved. It also garnered rave reviews and was universally praised for it's simplistic aesthetic, but incredibly challenging level design.
The best part about the above sentimental is that I was not paid to say any of it. It's game worthy of much more attention...

grailly1852d ago

it did get a lot of attention, there a freakin' movie about it lol